Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth. But the fruition can be a real pain in the neck. A complete wedding checklist can be useful for couples who don’t have an army of relatives to plan everything on their behalf. To help you get started in the right direction, Team Eventswedo has come up with this detailed wedding checklist!

Below is the detailed Indian wedding guide that will help you square up whether the things for the big day are advancing on the right track or not.

Save the date

Wedding date is the alpha to be decided keeping in mind certain things, including- mutual consent of would-be bride and groom, season of your preference, and astronomical calendars. Below are the points and ideas that matter the most when it comes to deciding your wedding date:

1. If you believe in horoscopes, consult your pundit to find the perfect day according to the planets and cosmos. Your wedding checklist has to begin with this if you believe in horoscopes!

2. Don’t be too hasty in deciding the wedding date. Make sure that you have enough days (or may be months) in hand to plan everything to perfection.

3. Remember how you cried as a kid when your exam dates clashed with wedding of your favorite cousin? So, make sure that your wedding dates don’t clash with school or college exams dates. This will make your cousins really happy!

Schedule serious discussion

Just in case yours is an interfaith marriage, it is recommendable that both the bride and the groom’s families discuss about the customs beforehand in order to avoid the “hamare yahan aisa nahi hota’ situation later. Talk and agree on the rites and rituals to be performed.

Wedding Checklist guide

Nowadays, couples taking on inter religious marriages choose to take vows by keeping in mind both the faiths. It presents a good example of secularism and also triggers your cousins and friends to mug up the courage to follow their hearts. (They may thank you later :D)

Make your guest list

Guest list preparation should be one of the first things on your wedding checklist. It will not only help you maintain a record of guests to be invited but also help in deciding other things as well, like estimated number of wedding cards, banquet hall to be booked, catering, etc.

Below points will come handy while creating a wedding guest list:

1. Segregate the guests on the basis of how much chance they have of dropping by.

2. Make sure you check off relatives, friends, office colleagues, neighbours, parent’s friends, and sibling’s friends.

3. Segregate the ones who will require help with accommodation.

Watch your budget

Make sure that you are backed up with expedient funds, for weddings in India call for a generous amount of money. Act smartly and not copiously. Pay heed to below budget tips from our complete wedding checklist to not end up spending way too much:

1. Maintain a record of the amount you intend to spend on everything. This will stop you from going beyond your bank balance.

2. Maintain a diary with segregated record of money to be invested on the events, venues, gifts, costumes, bookings and everything else.

3. Plan with your guest list in mind. If inviting 300 people to your wedding bash, don’t go overboard on venue and catering. The wise ones say that one should make place for some extra 30-50 people!

Wedding Checklist guide

Call your gang

Holler out to all the reliable friends and family members (cousins in specific). Cousins are our very first friends. We all have at least one who has been with us through thick and thin and know us inside out. The same goes for friends we grow up with. So, keep them by your side while you are planning the mega wedding bash.

Discuss the tasks at hand with them and put them to work according to their ability. Team Eventswedo recommends creating a team of 2-3 people together for different chores. Keep going through our amazing wedding guide for more tips and hacks!

Book the venue

According to a BBC Report, there are over 10 million weddings in India every year. So, it will be smart to make venue and banquet bookings in advance to avoid the hassle later.

If you are planning on a destination wedding, which is an advancing trend, choose the destination wisely. Make an elaborate checklist of considerable places, keeping in mind points like:

1. Climatic conditions of the destination.

2. Accessibility by family and friends.

3. Available banquet and wedding hall options.

4. Make sure a pundit accustomed to your traditions goes with you. Sometimes, venue vendors don’t provide the same.

Sometimes, venue vendors don’t provide the same.


Wedding Checklist India

Don’t forget the compare prices from different venue vendors to get the best deal!

Start shopping spree

Take all your problems and rip ’em apart, carry them off in a shopping cart! Make sure you lay aside an ample amount of time (and money obviously) for shopping in the earlier days to avoid muddle in the end. Make a distinguished list of items you need to buy including

1. Clothes for all functions

2. Footwear for all functions

3. Accessories for all functions

4. jewellery for all functions

5. Makeup

6. Skincare essentials

This is the time when your emotions are at a rush, and you might be tempted to shopping more than you need. So, mind your wallet please.

Book the camera guy & DJ

Capturing memories is as important as making them. And when it comes to weddings, then, there are plenty to be caught. So, book the photographer and videographer on time. There are plenty of talented photographers who can be approached online. Start doing your research and find the best photographers in your region. We also have amazing pre-wedding photographers and wedding videographers for you! Check them out.

If you have preference for a certain type of genre or music to be played on a specific event or ritual, discuss it with the DJ beforehand. As children, we always wondered how the background music in the movies always suited the situation. Well it’s your turn now! Set the music according to your mood, ceremony and rituals, just woo the DJ bhaiya a little.

Master the invitation

From selecting designs, to getting the wedding cards printed and finally mailing them, this work should be done and completed at least a month prior to the wedding. You can walk-in to a local printing store or can also get customized wedding cards online.

Wedding Checklist India

Wedding card gift box is a new concept in vogue nowadays, wherein you send a gift box along with the wedding invitation card. Box content may vary from assorted sweets to customized accessories. So, take your pick and create the best invitation card ever. Tired of reading? Have a glass of water because our best wedding planning guide has more to tell!

Think about décor

They say “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy”. Weddings in India demand divergent decoration because nobody wants to catch people saying things like “shaadi toh fiki thi”. Talk to your vendors about the kind of theme you desire.

Below are few décor tips and ideas for your wedding appetite:

1. There is huge variety in décor these days, varying from floral, rustic, vintage, preppy and a lot more. Take your pick!

2. Don’t forget to discuss décor with your would-be for second opinions.

3. Some venues or banquet halls cover the décor in their fee. Confirm the same while hiring.

Wedding Checklist India

Apply for leaves

If you are working in a professional setting, you need to notify the management about the holidays that you would be taking. Apply for leaves in month or two in advance so that your employer can arrange for cover-up.

Do not keep any important appointments, meetings, assignment or project pending/due. Work extra hard to finish up the tasks queued in your work list. Pack your laptop bag and bid them a fugacious goodbye to start a new journey.

Plan the big day attire

A fortnight to a month is the best time to get your costume customized, just to make sure you don’t gain or lose too much to feel clumsy and uncomfortable on the big day and to avoid unsuitable modifications.

If you have planned a destination wedding, make a choice of clothes and fabric in accordance with the climate of that place. Moreover, talk to your would-be, both of you can choose the costumes in a way that they compliment each other.

Need some wedding attire tips to our wedding planning guide!

1. Think about the pros and cons of rentals and buying.

2. Keep your budget in mind while buying that Sabyasachi lehenga or Armani suit.

3. Select the fabric in accordance with the weather and your penchant for the fabric.

Decode the special dance  

Fun, laughter and Indian weddings go hand in hand. And a wedding without dance performances is a washed out affair. If you are planning to flaunt your moves with your squad, be it your besties or cousins, plan it beforehand. Join a dance class, hire a choreographer, or pick an acquaintance who can choreograph your performance.

Wedding Checklist India

The bride sitting in a veil is a stale scene, go ahead and surprise everyone with your lachke and thumke. You can keep the costumes theme-based if you like! Eventswedo recommends conspiring this with your special one.

Plan the pre-wedding  

Pre-wedding video and photo-shoots is a trending concept that depicts the chemistry of the couple at its stretch. The couple needs to dig into their interests, theme for these pictures/videos and then work together to decide how they want the pre-wedding shoots done.

Indian celebrities have put forth beautiful ideas for us in this context. Do some research as a couple and we guarantee you will come across amazing examples to follow. You can experiment from within your lawn or head to the mighty Himalayas for this purpose. Plough ahead, gather all the hashtags and make everyone go awww over your amorous clicks and clips.

Pamper yourself rotten

If all the planning and work is going at good place, find time to relax and cosset yourself. Make appointments for that inevitable glow for your unforgettable wedding. Not sure where to begin? Here are some tips and ideas to manage everything:

1. Book a salon and mehndi artist, separate from rest of the missies and ladies in the house.

2. Book your pre bridal beauty package and get bridal consultation of all sorts.

3. Eat healthy and take good care of yourself, inside and out.

4. Ask your favorite maasi, bua or diva cousins about home remedies and natural skincare tips.

Wedding Checklist India

he thing is why should girls have all the fun?

Gone are the days when men’s grooming was limited to neatly combed hair and well-ironed formals. Now we have a whole lot of men grooming kits because men require grooming as much as women do. Men too, should invest the last few days before the wedding on their aesthetic self, deciding on the kind of hairdo they want or if they want to rock a stubble and chaffy look or go for a clean one.

Stay with us; our amazing Indian wedding guide just have few points left!

Track of your cycle

No girl wants to crib and cry over the monthly cramps followed by acne breakouts, mood swings and a constant fear of getting her lavish costume stained on a significant occasion like wedding, the bride in particular. Over the counter pills are available with the druggists to delay the periods, but it is not recommendable to take them without consulting the doctor.

Talk to your gynecologist about prescription drugs to post or prepone your periods. But make sure you start taking them a few months before your wedding otherwise they won’t work.

Plan couple things

There are certain things the would-be couple can plan together, like:

1. Selecting the wedding rings together because you are going to wear them for life.

2. It’s more fun if the couple takes on their honeymoon planning together and shares the expenses if they like.

3. If it’s an overseas honeymoon trip, make all the necessary arrangements in time, especially the passports.

4. If one is taking a major responsibility, the other should come ahead and offer a helping hand. After all, marriage is a union of two people and both are obligated to its responsibilities equally.

Keep talking

Last but not the least, keep having conversations with your would-be from time to time. It will not only help you further strengthen your relationship but also prevent the quirky feeling and slackens off the bafflement that comes along with life-time commitment. Talk and reassure each other that you are in this together.

Wedding Checklist India

This wraps up our detailed wedding checklist to help you plan an unforgettable wedding!

End note but a happy one

This marriage planning checklist will help you get rid of much fretting and fuss in the last few days of your wedding. Since we can’t keep a check on every single detail, wedding planners exist and can be consider for outsourcing some of the stress that comes with weddings. Email us at to connect with top wedding and event planners of India.

Do you think Team Eventswedo missed out on some crucial detail? If yes, please share the same in the comments section and we consider it for inclusion in our detailed Indian wedding guide!