Wedding Mandap Designs has changed a lot over the past decades. Nowadays, Indian dulhas and dulhans don’t want the good old mandap designs that we see in almost every second wedding. They are always in search of something unique that not only matches their venue decor but also fits in their budget!

In this blog, Eventswedo will share the list of best wedding mandap designs to help you discover the perfect decor for pheras. Here is our exclusive list!

Marigold mandap design

Let’s start our list with one of the most famous mandap designs. Marigold mandap designs have always remained as first preference for budget middle-class weddings. Despite using them in mandaps, marigolds are known for adding a touch of color to the venue. These flowers symbolize creativity, passion, brightness, positivity, and happiness bestowed on the newlywed.

The rich and bright shades of yellow and orange marigold flowers are believed to radiate plenty of good positive energy around the mandap. These humble sweet-smelling flowers also signify prosperity and wisdom in the Hindu scriptures.

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A rustic mandap design

If you ask us how a modern wedding mandap should look like, we will tell you about rustic mandap with wooden branches and white flowers on the top! Nothing can beat using this mandap design if you have chosen the wedding venue near the lake. Rustic mandap design blends a royal feel with a traditional Indian wedding.

Rustic mandaps can also be decorated with pink flowers which will give a beautiful look to the mandap. This wedding mandap design is not only famous in India but also has its great influence abroad.

mandap decoration ideas

Colorful mandap decors 

Those who want to make their wedding mandap vibrant can go for colorful mandap design. With the combination of beautiful bright colors, this mandap design can be used in both royal and budget-oriented weddings. Pillars in the mandap can be beautified with small mirrors and glitter.

Adding crystal chandelier above the top of the havan kund will enhance the overall look of your wedding mandap. Be prepared to see the surprised reactions of your guests with this awesome colorful mandap decoration idea!

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Beach wedding mandap design

Are you planning to get married near the blue sea under the blue sky with your soulmate? That’s great! Your wedding day will become more awesome if your shade mandap is on point! You can use soft and cool color curtains while decorating your wedding platform. Using cool colors like baby pink and peach will intensify the beauty of your beach wedding mandap.

If you are planning to get married in the American style, then, decorating wedding mandap with ivory and peach roses will win the whole wedding scene. In addition, you can use white chairs around your wedding mandap!

mandap decoration ideas

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Royal Style mandap Decor

Royal style wedding mandap design will be a perfect choice for those who are planning their marriage to be held in the massive wedding venue. This mandap is huge with an onion-shaped dome which can be decorated with golden borders. You can also use royal chairs just like the one used in the king’s court. Isn’t it an awesome idea?

Royals style Mandaps can also be decorated with the white rose flowers but using artificial golden roses will be a real deal for your royal wedding.

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Purple themed Mandap Design

Thinking about decoration ideas for your royal wedding? Then purple-themed mandap designs are made for you. This mandap design gives an elegant look to the overall wedding venue. The purple-themed mandap is one of the best ideas for those wedding couples who are planning to get married outdoors!

By combining the different shades of purple with white color roof and small chandeliers, you can make your wedding mandap attractive and eye-pleasing.

wedding mandap designs

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Temple wedding Mandap decors

Remember the time when both the bride and groom used to take ‘saat phere’ under the holy roof of the temple? We bet you remember that time! Have you ever heard about temple wedding mandaps? These mandaps are the latest trends for weddings in India. The whole mandap is either painted with golden color or covered with the silver color.

The temple wedding mandap pillars and roof are carved beautifully with Hindu gods and goddess which signifies that they have blessings on both the bride and groom.

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South Indian wedding mandap decor

South Indian wedding mandaps are famous all over India. The mandap is designed most elegantly. The pillars are beautifully crafted in the shape of golden pots which gives a unique look to the overall mandap. The whole mandap is made of brass and can be decorated with white flowers if necessary!

wedding mandap designs

Above is the list of best wedding mandap designs which will help you to increase the whole beauty of your wedding venue. Using these mandap decoration & inspiration will not only delight your guests but will also add positivity and colors to the whole celebration.

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