Wedding season has arrived and 2019 is ready to slay with the latest fashion and style. But let’s agree that wedding cost in India is skyrocketing. Average middle class indian wedding cost has already gone above 10 lakhs. In such a scenario, it’s important to make your wedding cost calculations right so that you don’t end up borrowing from friends, family, and – god forbid – a bank.

To help you make the correct Indian wedding cost estimations, Eventswedo is here with wedding expense breakdown checklist. Also sharing best budget cutting tips and ideas that help you plan your wedding in your budget, like a pro.

Just stop Googling ‘how much does an average indian wedding costs’ and read on!

Wedding in India – Cost breakdown

To break down your Indian wedding cost, let’s go through the most important wedding consideration, your wedding budget. Almost all the Indian weddings falls in below three groups:

wedding cost in india

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The big fat Indian wedding

A grand scale Indian wedding budget can consume 50-80 lac INR and also easily go more than this. Out of the total wedding budget, vendors will take away amount of money. Take a look at the average price list below:

1. Venue – 4 lac INR

2. Photographer & Videographer – 3 lac INR

3. Tent house & DJ- 5 lac INR

4. Catering- 20 lac INR

5. Bridal dress -5 lac INR

6. Groom’s attire – 3 lac INR

7. Invitations – 2 lac INR

8. Transportation – 3 lac INR

9. Makeup artist- 5 lac INR

If hired, a wedding planner will charge you nearly 5 lac INR as a fee separately. Yes, lavish weddings in India are costly!

Middle class indian wedding cost

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Medium scale Indian wedding

Coming to the most popular wedding style, the all-in-one package show for middle and upper middle class Indians. Here, you will mostly be spending 20-30 lac INR on your big day. Below is the average cost breakdown for various vendor services:

1. Venue – 1.5 lac INR

2. Photographer & videographer – 1 lac INR

3. Tent house & DJ- 3 lac INR

4. Catering- 10 lac INR

5. Bridal dress -50k – 1 lac INR

6. Groom’s attire – 50k – 1 lac INR

7. Invitations – 1 lac INR

8. Transportation – 1 lac INR

9. Makeup artist- 50000 INR

Here, the wedding planner will charge you nearly 1 lac INR on an average. This is how much an average indian wedding costs.

Food is the highlight of every wedding. Check out what determines wedding catering cost in India.

How much does an average indian wedding costs

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Budget Indian weddings (our favorite)

Apart from the above two, this is the budget package wedding for Indians who fall in the lower middle income class group. Here, the entire wedding will cost around 10 lac INR.

1. Venue – 50000  INR

2. Photographer & videographer – 25000 INR

3. Tent house & DJ- 25000 INR

4. Catering- 2 lac INR

5. Bridal dress -25000 INR

6. Groom’s attire – 20000 INR

7. Invitations – 25000 INR

8. Transportation – 25000 INR

9. Makeup artist- 20000 INR

Now you know how much middle class Indian wedding costs!ndian-wedding-cost-breakdown-

If you want to enjoy your wedding to the fullest and don’t want to worry about the hundred tasks that come with getting married, never hesitate to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planning team will take away all your stress and worries, and plan an unforgettable wedding celebration for you.

Indian wedding cost saving ideas for 2019

Weddings in India are a costly affair but there are some ways that can help you save more and create the best possible budget for your wedding. Eventswedo shares with you pro-tips to get best budget wedding in 2019.

ndian-wedding-cost-breakdown-Here is our quick list to save money during your wedding:

1.The invitations: Go paperless. Invite your loved ones via video messages and e-gift cards. It adds a personal touch, saves money, and also is an eco-friendly & cheaper way of delivering wedding invites for your big day.

2.The wedding dress: Rent rather than purchase! Save thousands of bucks by taking your wedding dress on rent rather than buying  it. You won’t be wearing your wedding dress ever again. Think smart!

3.The buffet: Keep it simple. Select the most popular dishes in the food menu. Don’t compromise quality over quantity. It is better to serve limited dishes rather than confuse your guests to choose what to eat. Simple wedding cost saving idea but very effective.

4.Multiple ceremonies: Avoid different dates for different ceremonies. If possible, perform as many as you can perform within a couple of days. It serves two purposes – it saves time and it saves money. We assure you that your Indian wedding will cost much less by implementing this tip!

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5.Accessories: Traditional gold and diamond jewellery cost a fortune. Save money by wearing your ancestral jewelry for your wedding. It will look classy and get the job done in fewer spend. Also consider going for artificial jewelry since who can tell the difference nowadays!

6.Alcoholic beverage: Have a simple drink menu. Select a brand that is popular and commonly consumed. Purchase in advance and in bulk. Also look out for discount offers. In some Indian states, alcohol sells cheap in March!

7.Negotiation: We Indians are great at it. Don’t hesitate to ask negotiation on everything. Every wedding planner has links with vendors in his network, and might be able to reduce 10-15% of the expense.

8.The photographer: Opt for a digital album rather than choosing a physical one. Avoiding prints can save you 15-25k INR. It is also a go-green attempt towards saving trees.

Hiring a professional wedding photographer? Check out a guide on wedding photography cost in India.

Above tips will definitely help you plan your wedding like a pro and rock it in style. Don’t forget to check out our other interesting posts to gain more event planning insights.

Outsource your wedding woes

Whether you are planning a middle class Indian wedding or a big fat one, planning your own wedding can be a tough job. Either you can attend your guests or take care of the wedding arrangements. Hire a wedding planner is a nice option to relax and outsource most of the heavy lifting.

A wedding planner will take away the burden from your head to their shoulders and help you plan your wedding in the best manner. Planning your wedding and not sure where to begin? Connect with top rated wedding vendors of India at Eventswedo and make your wedding a dream come true.

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