Do you know that catering occupies nearly 25% of the total wedding budget in India? Catering plays a cardinal role in determining the success of your wedding celebration. Its cost is a crucial factor and affects your total wedding budget. Even the style and standard of serving will up overall catering cost.

Be it a big fat wedding or a subtle marriage ceremony, catering service is a must-have to finish off the event. There are various factors that determine the costs you pay for catering at your wedding. Eventswedo is here to share insights from our catering experts so that you can make a smart food decisions!

Wedding catering costs

Below are the wedding scale and current catering costs in India along with expert insights from reputed caterers of India & also couples:

Wedding catering costs in India

# A big fat Indian wedding may accommodate a budget around 30-60 lac INR. You can expect your catering cost to range between 8-10 lacs INR.

# A mid-size or an average wedding that is quite in trend acquires budget nearly 25 lacs. Catering here alone will occupy nearly 4-6 lac INR.

# When it comes to a small scale wedding that costs nearly 5-10 lacs rupees, you will pay nearly 2 lac INR for catering services.

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Below are the factors that affect catering prices and how you can cut expenses with proper planning. Here is the list:

Scale of wedding

Most Caterers charge per plate. Whether you invite 100, 200 or 500 guests, they will charge you the same. While hiring a caterer, it will be wiser to note down the expected number of guests that you are going to invite. By create a exhaustive list, you will get to know near-about data about number of wedding guests. Order the caterer to prepare food according to your guest numbers while keeping a wiggle room for 20-30 guests.

Unexpected guests

This occurs mostly in Indian weddings. Sometimes, your guest’s friends or relatives might accompany them at wedding. Not to forget, there are uninvited wedding crashers that tend to increase the food consumption. You cannot avoid the former situation but can deal with the latter by requesting your guests to bring their invitations along at your wedding.

Catering price variation

You will come across several wedding caterers while scrutinizing the best for your wedding. If you want to manage your budget efficiently, make your calculations in advance and calculate the average fund you need to allocate for the catering. While choosing the wedding caterer, select the one which fits your budget.

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Improper planning

Precise planning is the secret of a successful wedding function and improper management leads to blunders on the other hand. At your wedding, food will be in the limelight. Ask your caterer to make sure it soothes the taste buds of most guests. Consider to plan your food menu well before you finalize a caterer and discuss in advance about preparation time, presentation and serving.

Wastage of resources

Lack of planning and management results in food wastage at a wedding. We even see that lots of food is left unserved at weddings. Food wastage should be avoided wherever possible because there are many who even fail to afford a day’s meal. Make sure that your caterer orders raw material according to need. It will save your food as well as money by avoiding unnecessary wastage.

Location factor

The venue plays a critical role in determining the catering cost. If your wedding location is far from the caterer you chose, the cost will definitely rise. Eventswedo can help you come out of the situation. Try to scroll through online vendor discovery platforms. There are several other caterers that can deliver top services  at reasonable costs.

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Quality of caterer

Quality should never be compromised when it comes to wedding. Choose the best wedding caterer to serves your guests quality food and service. Keep one thing in mind, quality is not to be confused with high costs. A good wedding caterer will always  deliver you the best service within your budget. While planning your wedding, chose the caterer who can give you the best within less price.

Recommendations from friends and family can greatly help you connect with tried-and-tested caterers in your vicinity.

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Last but not the least…

Don’t forget to bargain with your caterer about the per plate costing. There is a fair chance that you will be quoted a price which will be higher. Because Indians are hard bargains, service providers often pump up their price from the beginning itself. So, don’t forget to get quotes from multiple caterers and bargain with all of them to get the best deal.

If caterer doesn’t budge in price, then, bargain to add few additional food stalls or dishes!

Summing up

Above were the most crucial factors that will determine the cost of your wedding caterer. If you plan well and spend smart, you can cut your catering costs by 15-20%.

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