Gone are those days when grooms came to pick their bride on a mare to the wedding venue. Nowadays, Indian grooms are preferring a well decorated car instead of a mare. This is the reason why unique wedding car decoration these days is experiencing such great demand.

In earlier times, after the “Bedai Ceremony”, brides were sent in dolis which were decorated with fresh flowers and petals. Probably this is the reason why wedding cars are primarily decorated with fresh flowers. Well, ignoring flowers is an impossible task especially when it is an Indian wedding.

To help you decide how to decorate your wedding car,Team Eventswedo have listed below 6 wedding car decoration tips and concepts for Indian weddings.

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Match v/s Contrast

Just like match-making! Matching your wedding car’s decoration to your wedding theme is the latest trend in town. Want to take it a step forward? Matching your wedding decorations with the wedding day outfits and flower garlands with your wedding car decor will totally rock the scene. It is even better if you create a striking contrast between the colour of flowers and your car.

This is just the beginning of wedding car’s decoration ideas. A lot excitement is yet to come.

wedding car decoration ideas

The Window Clings

Majority of the couples nowadays want their wedding car decorations to be pretty minimalistic. If you are one of those couples, then, window clings are definitely your thing. A window cling is a high-quality material that is printed on the glass These are self-adhesive and mostly made of waterproof vinyl and are easily available in both online as well as the physical stores. Get them customised as per your couple goals and you will stand out!

This wedding car decoration idea will surely make your wedding car look unique and set #weddinggoals for young attendees in your baraat.

A Floral Affair

When it comes to weddings, we Indians love it to go grand. Therefore, our weddings are known as the great Indian weddings. A simple car at a grand occasion won’t work. Heavy floral decorations like the ones we have seen in old times will work like magic.  Are you ready to ride towards your “sasural genda phool” in a bride like dressed car?

wedding car decoration with flowers

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Posters Say it all

Now by posters, did we sound like coloured A4 sheets? Well, if we did, that wasn’t our goal. We mean actual posters that can be pasted anywhere on your car. Sounds creative, doesn’t it? Posters that says it all! Either pick up a cheesy quote or simply a ‘Just Married’ poster. But do you know what will look super cool? A customised poster! When it comes to dressing up your marriage ride, dress it like a ‘doli’ in which you will be bringing back your wife.

Net & Satin

Not a big fan of grand and heavy decorations? Well, the good news is that it isn’t mandatory. For an elegant and classy look, satin ribbons are simply the best. You can decorate your wedding car in numerous ways using them. Either tie them all over your car or make small roses out of them and place them at different spots for a classy look. One can even opt for different fabrics like zari ghotta and bandhani to give it a more ethnic look.

Elegant Bow

Looking for a western touch in your big desi Indian wedding? Here’s an idea! Switch your floral decor to simple yet elegant bow. The bow can be of any size depending upon your taste. But simple yet oversized bows looks the best. Teaming up an oversized bow with a bunch of flowers of your choice will give it a lively look instantly. This is something quite famous amongst metro couples. So, give it a try!

wedding car decoration

Wrapping Up!

Whether you rent a car or use your own, you’ll always want to arrive in style. Wedding car decoration – with flowers or without – will make your car truly stand out.  With Eventswedo’s fabulous wedding car decoration concepts and ideas, you are almost ready to adorn your wedding car in a unique style. Most of us imagine our wedding day as a special occasion. Thus, investing time and money on your marriage car decorations is totally worth it.

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