Wedding invitation ideas in India have evolved a lot over the past few decades. Be it a simple wedding card with the Ganpati logo or a modern embroidered box wedding invitation, every invitation idea carries the same motive of setting up the wedding tone for your guests.

In this blog, Eventswedo will share unique wedding invitation ideas & cards inspiration that will leave a great impression on the minds of your guests, be it 2020 or later! Below are the unique wedding invitation ideas:

Laser-cut wedding invitations 

Laser-cut wedding invitations are going to be perfect for those who are looking for something unique and delightful. These cards are made with advanced precision technology of laser that offers distinctive designs creatively made in flawless patterns. The convoluted patterns combined with lace designs look splendid enough to impress Indian wedding guests.

Besides using them as a wedding invitation, laser-cut cards can also be used for fashion events, engagement parties, cocktail parties, anniversaries, and even for birthdays. This alone makes this card design one of the most unique invitation ideas in 2020. 

wedding invitation ideas

Geometric invitations

If you fancy something contemporary and trendy for your Indian baraat, consider sending geometric wedding invitation cards to your guests. These wedding cards are made in the form of geometrical shapes such as hexagon or pentagon which makes them look modern and wow-worthy for 2020. This wedding card design is going to be best for those who are tight on budget. 

Geometric invitation cards can be designed by overlapping diamond patterns on the envelope liners and can be decorated with golden glitters which enhances the overall look of the card. This wedding invitation idea is surprisingly versatile and wildly impressive. 

unique wedding invitation ideas

Wooden invitations

Are you bored with old paper card designs and want to try something different? Wooden invitation cards are going to be worth it for you! Printed using the latest techniques, these invitation cards will make your guests drop their jaws on the floor. Wooden cards are made using cherry wood that is produced on a thin veneer sheet. Young Indian couples are totally loving it!

By combining two sheets of cherry veneer and carving designs on the top, wooden invitation cards will not only look good but feels royale as well. Using white ink on your card will make your card stand out with brilliant contrast. This is the reason why this card is going to trend next year.

wedding invitation ideas

Handkerchief map invitations

Soulmates that live in different Indian states and have to cover a long distance to meet each other can use this uncommon invitation idea of using handkerchief map cards. Being one of the best invitation trends of 2020, this invitation will depict your long-distance relationship with your guests. Moreover, those couples who love to travel can also use this imposing idea of using a handkerchief as invitations. 

Handkerchief map invitations can be made using good quality bandana crafted with the elements and icons of your choice. Crafting a colorful map on the handkerchief with both bride and groom home destinations will also add uniqueness to your Indian wedding invitation.

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Handmade calligraphy cards

Handmade calligraphy cards are one of the evergreen wedding invitations ideas which are going to carry its impact in 2020 without any doubt! Designing such a wedding card is going to be perfect for those who don’t want to spend their money on printing their wedding cards. Handmade calligraphy cards can be made either on high-quality A4 paper or recycled sheets. 

Handmade calligraphy cards can be designed and decorated by sitting at home with a stylographic pen or markers. Adding love quotes to your calligraphy cards will be cherry on the top. Just make sure to watch guides on YouTube to learn about the latest ideas and designs for Indian audience. 

unique wedding invitation ideas

Geeky wedding invitations cards

Couples that are looking to add a little geeky appeal to their wedding day can start right with a custom made geeky design for their invitations. Execute this wonderful idea by printing your customized text in a dialog box. If both the bride and groom love to play games, they can simply use their favorite game title as a template and add text using photoshop. 

Surprise your guests by using unique geeky ideas such as choosing the gaming template of Mario, Pac Man or you can simply write your wedding date, venue and time in the form of code. Just make sure not to use complicated code as this may baffle your guests! 

wedding invitation ideas

Vinyl record invitations

Ever wondered how to use a vinyl record as your invitation card? If no, this unique idea is already banging the doors for coming into our list of unique Indian wedding invitation ideas for 2020! You can use one side of a vinyl record for adding your names plus date and location details. The other side vinyl can be used for adding details about the wedding venue. Isn’t this idea awesome? 

In addition, you can add famous romantic Bollywood tracks of the aughts to this vintage looking Bollywood vinyl record. Don’t forget to put this awesome record in a beautifully designed cover. 

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Digital wedding invitation cards

Do you know what kind of wedding invitation is going to get famous in India? It’s none other than digital wedding invitation cards! Using these types of cards is the latest method of inviting your guests in this modern era. Using tools like Canva allows you to design your wedding card with many unique ideas and themes. 

Digital wedding invitation cards can be sent via emails, social media platforms and applications like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to your guests. Just make select the name of your beloved guests and send them invitations in one click. 

Digital wedding invitation cards

Above are the most unique wedding invitation ideas that are going to be trendy in 2020. Using these exclusive invitation ideas will leave a great impression on the minds of your guests. Just make sure to discuss your ideas with your hired wedding card designer in India. 

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