Fundraising for Indian corporates has been changed dramatically over the years. Fundraising is basically done for charity and corporates. Although the goal is same, there is stark difference in the techniques used. According to a global survey, nearly 80% believe it’s essential for people to come together in person to promote positive change.

Whether you are raising money for your corporate social responsibility, reputation, profit or public relations, we have got you covered. Have a look at these unique corporate fundraising event ideas & head to the right path.

Wine or beer tasting

Hosting a relaxing wine or beer tasting event on a casual evening  is a remarkable event. Everyone can host a wine tasting event, and your donors would love to participate in this experience. All you need to host a wine tasting event is collaboration with a nearby winery or brewery with best discounts or a sponsor for your event if you can. Charge a small admission fee and accept contributions throughout event. The event will surely bring good amount of donations.

Partner dancing event

Be it India or any other part of the world, employees love to dance. So, you can totally hold a partner dancing event for your organisation on weekends. Dancing events can create comfort among co-workers and is proven to be a fun way to exercise, promoting positivity and wellness. Charge a small ticket fee at the entrance. Offering drinks and paid snacks is yet another way to contribute towards your charity.

Hilarious Balloon Popping

Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! That’s what we should keep in mind while organising any event. Balloon pop-off is one of the simplest yet fun events to organise for your staff and their families. You can charge a small amount from your employees either as an entry fee or cost per ballon basis. Stuffing alternate balloons with goodies will serve as icing on the cake.

fundraising event ideas

Not sure what drinks to add in the menu. Check out the cocktail party planning checklist!

Refreshing Bingo Nights

It’s fun to experience your childhood days again by jumping into a bingo battle. Organising a bingo event with a small entry fee can prove as a great corporate fundraising option, while giving your employees a break from their office life. The best part is that planning a bingo night is super cost effective and won’t cost you a bomb like some of other options in our list of corporate funding ideas.

Are you ready to get your employees into a bingo battle!

Humor Photo Contest

Organise a photo booth with some hilarious props and pin the photos in the cafeteria with a collection box under each one of them. Rest can vote the most funny photo according to them to make it a winner. Moreover, updating the audience with current ranking will keep them motivated to donate more to make their favourite one win. Don’t forget to give some amazing prizes to the winner, after all they have done a lot!

Sporting Tournaments

Bowling tournaments can be organised to motivate the employees to donate as per their wish. You can let the employees set two bowling teams and have a healthy competition. Provide certificates and trophy for the winning team and can even get their team photos published in. This will keep your employees motivated to participate in such events in future.

Musical Saga

If you have talented employees in your company, then there’s nothing wrong in utilising their skills. Organising unique fundraising events like a musical saga is highly recommended to collect charity and giving your employees an exposure. Invite the families of the employees to make it more happening. Charge a small fee for the entry passes and promote the charity event in your corporation. Let everyone know that the fee will be used for a good cause.

Therapeutic Company Picnic

You cannot deny that your co-workers becomes your second family with the passing time.  So, hosting a family picnic for your employees’ first and second family followed by signing, dancing and tasting food altogether is a fantastic idea. The family members can buy raffle during the picnic to win exciting prizes or goodies.

fundraising event ideas

Competitive Events

Organise a poll on the company page and list few popular competitive games and then choose the one loved by the majority of the employees for your next corporate fundraising event in India. A healthy competition among the employees is an imperative part of any organisation and such competitive events serves the purpose pretty well.

Silent Auctions

If you can manage to host a bigger event, silent auctions hosted at fantastic venues is a nice corporate fundraising event idea to rely on. Though silent auctions aren’t fun for everyone, they are definitely an interesting one for the interested audience. To organise a silent auction, you need a large team of volunteers and of course some really interesting items to auction off while making the event more lively

T-Shirts Sales

Uniting the people to come together in person to promote positive change is the first step in towards fundraising. If you are looking for easy and not so complicated corporate fundraising event ideas, selling t-shirts with your brand name is what you were probably waiting all this while. Partner with a wholesaler and ask your promoters and donors to wear the T-shirts.

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer grant programs is widely known  as “Dollars for Doers” program. In Volunteer grant or corporate giving programs,  companies provide monetary grants to organizations where employees volunteer regularly. These events are created to encourage volunteerism in communities where employees live and work. Not very popular in India but can be considered an option if you have tried everything else.

fundraising event ideas

Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct mail fundraising is a form of direct marketing. It is commonly used by nonprofit organizations in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia-Pacific to acquire new donors. Via direct mail fundraising programme, corporates retain the level of their contributions as part of a fundraising program.

Early-morning walkathon

Organising a walkathon is an active and exciting fundraiser programme.  Early morning walkathons are healthy and involve your entire community. Plan your walkathon on a holiday and probably near a lake or park to avoid extreme heat and don’t forget to plan the route. Charge an admission fee for the participants and attract donors for your events by letting them promote their brand products at the marathon. I.e., healthy drinks.

Ready to reach your fundraising goals with the above fundraising ideas? Get started for your next event.

Charities and corporations in India vary in many ways when it comes to fundraising. Where charities on one side typically want positive publicity, the corporations on the other hand may want to host marketing campaigns to attract the attention of general public. Corporations receive at least 50 letters a week from charities that want help. To be in the long haul, you need to justify your reasons, why the corporation you want money from would want to support your organisation and determine your unique selling point.

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