Parents often find it hard to come across unique birthday ideas. That’s why thousands of ‘birthday party planning’ related searches are made by parents and partners around the globe.

To simplify the task of planning an amazing birthday party for kids, we decided to write this detailed guide loaded with ideas. Read on to discover unique birthday themes and games ideas to plan a memorable birthday bash for your kiddo.

Let’s begin with our first birthday planning theme!

Drive-through birthday party 

Drive-through birthday gained huge popularity during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since children across the globe loved this concept, we decided to add this birthday theme on the first spot in our list. Planning a drive-through birthday party is not that complicated but making it entertaining requires a little effort for your side. These are things you need to plan if you are going for this birthday idea. 

  • Decide time for the birthday drive-through parade.
  • Decorate your house from outside.
  • Ask friends and family to decorate their cars with ribbon and balloons.
  • Set up a table or place for gifts and return gifts.
  • Plan a meal box for every kid who comes through.

Arrange a speaker and mic for the birthday kid to express their gratitude and love for everyone attending the drive through party. This is a great way to make the birthday entertaining and fun while maintaining social distancing norms.

Circus or carnival party 

Children love carnival and it’s not that difficult to imagine how much fun they will have in a birthday party based on a carnival theme. Take special care of the decoration both inside and outside of the house to justify the theme of the birthday. 

All items on the menu like cake,  candy, and goodies should go with the theme of the party. Plan a circus-themed photo booth to capture everlasting memories. Hiring a magician for the party will make the party even more exciting. Planning a half-hour magic show will make your kid’s special day unforgettable. Browse our vendors to hire top decoration experts in your city.

Do not forget the return gifts! It will be great if you can plan these gifts according to the theme of the party. 

Circus themed birthday party ideas for kids

Outdoor movie night

Movie night with kids is an amazing idea for celebrating the birthday during the pandemic. Arrange a projector and projector screen (check out this 120-inch projector screen) for the movie night. 

Select a superhero or animation movie on the basis of your kid’s favorite character to make the birthday party more fun. If you have garden space, then, putting up separate tents for each guest is a good idea to enhance the movie experience. 

Popcorn and cold drinks are must for any movie night. Burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches can also be added to the party snacks list. If movie night is not the kind of birthday party you are looking for, you will love the next birthday theme!


Loved in India as well as abroad, camping is one of the unique themes for planning and celebrating a kids birthday. Plan a camping night in your own lawn or take the kids to a camping location nearby. 

A bonfire is a must on a camping night. To make it more entertaining for the kids, you can read stories, sing songs, dance, play games or simply look at the amazing stars! Renting a telescope will make the birthday party an unforgettable experience for all children. 

Try not to pack too much food and clothes for a night. Make sure you have all the necessary items like a torch, lights, battery, fire extinguisher, camera, water, speakers for music, storybooks, serving plates, snacks, and of course birthday cake.

Birthday ideas for kids

Superhero party

Superhero birthday party is a very popular birthday celebration idea among modern parents. Superheroes are loved by most children and that’s the reason we have mentioned this idea in our birthday planning list. 

Either arrange the costumes for the kids at the party or ask them to wear their own superhero costumes. Plan a superhero quiz to make the children get in the party mood and ask fun questions like what special superpowers they would like to have. 

Hire entertainers who can wear superhero costumes and perform at the party. Don’t forget to reward the kid with the best costume!

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Pool party

If your kiddo’s birthday falls in the summers, then, this is probably the best birthday bash idea for you! Since kids love playing with water, organizing a pool party makes perfect sense. To plan a pool party, you can either buy or rent an artificial pool. If you already have a pool at your home, then, you are sorted!

Plan water games like water gun tag, slip ‘n slide, water balloon toss, and water volleyball to keep it entertaining. Make sure you do all the necessary safety arrangements for the pool party. Plan a separate area for food and music. Food items like burgers, hot dogs, panner tikka, kebabs, and grilled meats go well with the pool parties. Discover the best caterers in your city to source food. 

Don’t let kids a lot of spend time in the pool. Entertain and engage kids in games other than water games so that they don’t fall sick.


Unique birthday ideas for kids

Karaoke competition 

Kids love singing and what’s more entertaining than adding karaoke to the birthday celebration. To involve the children in the fun, ask them to write their favorite songs on the chits and place the chits in the bowl. Kids will pick chits from the bowl one by one and sing the song that they picked! To give the game a little twist, ask them to guess the name of the singer. 

Select the best performer and reward with a special gift. Want a quiet birthday party instead? Don’t worry, we have plenty of interesting birthday ideas lined up for you!

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Dance competition

A dance competition on a birthday will make the birthday party entertaining not only for the kids but also for the parents. Kids can perform on their favorite songs while others can vote based on the performance. 

Arrange dance video games like Just Dance 2020 Nintendo, Dance Dance Revolution and Step Up Revolution to keep kids engaged. Organizing a dance competition requires a fair amount of space. If you have a limited space at home, you can move on to the next birthday party idea.

Children birthday party ideas

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt – also known as scavenger hunt – is one of the most creative and engaging birthday ideas for kids. You can buy the game online but we recommend that you should make your own game! In this way, you can limit the game area and even use outdoor spaces. 

Here are some clue ideas for you if you planning to make your own treasure hunt game-

 “I hold all the words you need to know.
Use me to make your vocabulary grow.” 

(Answer- Dictionary)

“I have hands but no arms and also a face.
And my hands always move at the same steady pace.” 

(Answer – Clock)

Board games

Kids love playing board games. Arrange 8-10 board games so that there are enough games for everyone to play. Since kids get bored easily, make sure that the board games you pick are new, interesting, popular, and relevant to the kids’ age group at the party. Here are some of the popular board game suggestions for you:

  • Carrom board.
  • Snake and ladder.
  • Chess.
  • Checkers.
  • Ludo.
  • Scrabble.
  • Monopoly.
  • Twister.
Birthday ideas for kids

Musical statues

Musical statues game is extremely popular among kids in 2020. There is no need to make extra arrangements for this game. You can play this game even in a small space. The rules of the game are simple, easy to understand, and can be played with kids of any age group.

Just play the music and kids will start dancing or moving on the songs. When the music stops, everyone must stand still like a statue. Those found moving after the music stops will be eliminated. You can also play musical chairs in case you have a large space and want to include the parents in the party too.

Above mentioned unique birthday themes and games will surely make your kids’ birthday talk of the town. If you have any unique birthday ideas for kids, let us know in the comment box down below and we will surely consider the best suggestions in our main blog!

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