Apart from their extravagant decor and grandeur celebration, Indian weddings are known for their succulent food. Innovative wedding food trends are always on the go to make sure that the guests feel more welcomed and don’t get even the slightest chance to whinge about the food.

We have enlisted some frugal, not cheap, wedding food ideas on a budget to help you create a low-cost menu that will satisfy and please every stomach. Look into these wedding food trends before crafting your wedding menu.


Indian wedding feast usually begin with appetizers, which are basically a small dish served before the main course. The appetizers consist of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes to cater to all guest. We all know how boring it gets as a guest to wait for the bride and groom to arrive on the right time, a mandatory delay in Indian weddings. That’s the time when guests need to be engage with something. While doing the wedding food planning make sure you curate some good appetizers the guests can relish on while you make your way to the wedding aisle.

Have a look at these selected appetizers:

1. Kebabs

2. Tikki & Chaats

3. Soups

4. Soya chaap

5. Tikka

6. Spring rolls

7. Dry manchurian

8. Cheese rolls/balls

Alcoholic Drinks

Most of the Indian weddings today have alcohol at least at one or more events. However some people refrain from serving alcohol at their wedding, there are plenty who consider it a rather important aspect. Basic wedding bars and their limiting options can be an an happy place for alcohol lovers. While planning the wedding food menu, make an estimate of average amount of beverage that can be consumed. Make sure you buy alcohol from a place who would not mind to take back the unused bottles. Following the 2018 Wedding food trends, we have listed some signature drinks to serve at your weddings.

1. Whisky

2. Vodka

3. Beer

4. Brandy & Rum (in winter)

5. Vermouth

6. Gin

wedding food menu

Non-alcoholic Drinks

There will be ample of glasses of wine and frosty beers if you are serving alcohol, but guests would be delighted with some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, specially the kids. Talk to your caterer about particular mocktails that they can serve at your wedding, depending on the weather.

Go through this list of non-alcoholic beverages that you can choose from:

1. Coolers

1. Fresh fruit juices

2. Lemonade

3. Jaljeera

4. Shakes & Smoothies

5. Lassi & Buttermilk

2. Hot Beverages

1. Chai (obviously)

2. Exotic Chai- Like Kahwa

3. Coffee

4. Hot Chocolate

5. Almond-Kesar Milk


Salads have been a part of Indian weddings since forever. And no, we are not talking about the cucumbers, zig-zag edged tomatoes or sliced radish. The entire character of salad menu has changed along with other wedding food trends. People think of salads only as diet foods. But salads can be more creative. Caterers now offer salads with tasty twists that will jazz up your wedding food menu. Innovative salad recipes can be crafted with a variety of textures, flavors, and colors.

Raise your salad bar with these varied salad recipes:

1. Sprouts- Moong & Chana

2. Cheese & pineapple salad

3. Corn salad

4. Macaroni salad

5. Nacho salad

wedding food menu

 Main Course

The much awaited meal in an Indian wedding is the main-course, which is the heaviest and grandest of all and showcases the best delicacies of any cuisine at the wedding. The main-course to be served at the wedding can comprise of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, depending on your preference. It usually contains four to five dishes, including gravies, dry vegetables, rice dishes and breads. The main course meal served at Indian menus has also gone through great changes. It is not limited to paneer, chicken and tandoori roti.

Have a look at these wedding food menu trends to customize your wedding menu:

1. Curries & gravies- Paneer dish, a classic dal dish, Chicken dish, Regional dish (if any)

2. Rotis- Naan, Tandoori, Makki.

3. Rice- Jeera rice, Veg biryani, non-veg biryani, Kashmiri rice

4. Curd- Veggie raita, pineapple raita, boondi raita

International Cuisine

Change is the constant state of traditional Indian practices, and this trend is easily evident in the emergence of international cuisines in Indian weddings. People want their guests to enjoy a variety of food and provide different options in the same. From starters to main course and desserts, international cuisines are leaving a mark on all sort of wedding food menus.

We would like to draw your attention towards interesting  international menu that breaks the monotony of typical Indian wedding food:

1. Chinese Cuisine- Noodles, Dumplings, Fried rice.

2. Italian Cuisine- Pasta, Mini Pizza, Tiramisu

wedding food menu


How do we like to end our meals? A sweet treat to end your meal is perfect and desserts are something everyone loves. The dessert section comprises of traditional sweet dishes depending upon the ethnicity of the families and availability. Any Indian wedding food menu is incomplete without a variety of deserts, because we Indians are obsessed with desserts with a constantly active sweet-tooth. From wedding cakes to customized sweets, caterers are putting their best in creating distinctive desserts for weddings.

Check out these lip-smacking trending dessert ideas to add to your wedding food menu:

1. Indian sweets- Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Jalebi

2. Halwa- Gajar, Moong, Rava Kesari.

3. Ice creams- Seasonal

4. Rabri

5. Kheer & Malpua

6. Meetha Paan

Weddings in India have gone through huge transformations over the years, owing to change in societal norms and mainly to impress and pamper the guests. ‘Shadi ka khana’ is considered the ultimate feast and remains the hot topic even months past the wedding.

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