When you think of a corporate event, what comes to your mind? Something sophisticated, quiet and not fun? The Corporate Events should be silent and boring said no one ever!  That’s why Team Eventswedo is here to introduce you to today’s corporate events which bring the perfect blend of sophistication, professionalism and entertainment. This is also the best corporate event names list out there as well!

A corporate event can be organised to engage employees, entertain foreign clientele, and also mark prominent days. Then why restrict yourself to the age-old types of corporate events?

 types of corporate events

We have listed some of the most popular types of corporate events happening in India and abroad for you. Check out the corporate event names list that covers spectacular galas to sprawling industry conventions and success parties to small office parties:

Befitting Seminars

Seminars are planned to host corporate speaking sessions and exchange industry as well as company knowledge. It is more of a educational event planned around a specific topic and attended by industry experts, senior management, and employees. One of the most popular type of corporate event, seminars are usually a one-day event and rarely followed by parties and meetups. Usually hosted in hotels, tea and lunch is often served to attendees.

 types of corporate events

Thumping Trade Shows

Trade shows are hosted in large spaces with the motive of attracting more sponsors by exhibiting the products and presenting the success of the company in the preceding years. The exhibition of the products and services can either be private or public. The outcome of trade shows are critical for the business, so are the efforts put in hosting one. Huge expenditure goes into planning this corporate event. Caterers also play a role in this corporate event since tea and lunch is served.

Therapeutic Sports Events

Working on business growth goals is as important as working on your team relationship management, afterall  it takes two to tango. Golf events are planned for senior management to relax over the weekend and also to entertain international partners or clients. For internal teams, sports events around cricket, badminton and chess are commonly planned to promote team building.

 types of corporate events

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Pomping Business Dinners

A business dinner can be a perfect corporate event to celebrate your business or brand’s sprouting success. Well success is all about celebrations and a  classic corporate event with good food is all you need to add icing on the cake with balanced elements of fun and professionalism. Rewarding your employees through gifts and recognising their contribution during a business dinner is a great idea.

Our corporate event names list still has a lot in it. So, keep scrolling!

 types of corporate events

Charity Events

Hosting charity events or participating in charity events is beneficial for company’s reputation as well as growth. A company can help an organisation collect higher donations for a specific cause using its brand name. This type of corporate events act as great platforms to promote your business and also cover the Corporate Social Responsibility. Host such type of corporate events will certainly add immense value of your brand name.

Festive parties

Well, you cannot deny the fact that your team has become your second family, with whom you spend majority of the time. Hosting small corporate parties on festivals, holidays or any random day will not cost you a fortune but greatly refreshen the mood of employees. Casual parties are great platforms to socialise with your team on a personal level and create a bond over drinks.

 types of corporate events

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Rejuvenating Incentive Programs

These events are primarily focused on organizational planning and mapping strategies. Here, the top management spends a fortune to create a healthy environment and bring out the best in their teams. The main goal behind hosting the incentive travel is to encourage employees to hit targets and increase sales. This is important because a boring motivational speeches don’t always work.

Concluding the corporate event names list

All these corporate events have one thing in common, they bring people together. Whether you have a small corporate event budget or a really big one, make sure that your corporate event achieves the objectives it sets out to achieve.

In addition to types of corporate events, there are various other aspects to keep in mind before planning or hosting a corporate event. Be it choosing the right entertainment option or choosing an appropriate venue, you must score in every aspect. Hiring a team of professional corporate event management team is always a wise decision and can save you from big blunders.

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