The day before the wedding is high on stress since there is so much to be prepared and confirmed. You have to confirm everything was done as planned, indulge in self-care, and finalize hundreds of other tiny event details.  

To ensure that the thought ‘Kal meri shaadi hai’ brings you happiness rather than anxiety, we have decided to help. In this blog, Eventswedo has prepared a list of 10 things to do or confirm before the wedding day. 

Following our D-day guidelines will make sure everything is prepped ahead of time! Read mindfully! 

Things to do before the wedding 

Here are essential things to check off your list the day or night before the wedding: 

#1 Prepare a list

Literally the first and foremost thing to do before the wedding day! Prepare a list of every item you need to bring to the marriage venue and mark off each item when you pack up. Here are a few important things you must remember before the wedding day: 

Critical list items for ladke-wale:

  • Cash
  • Ring 
  • Wedding attire, shoes, accessories, and inner wear
  • Suitcase for shagun and gifts
  • Crackers 
  • Accommodation at venue 
  • Transportation 

Critical list items for ladki-wale:

  • Wedding dress, shoes, and accessories
  • Jewelry 
  • Suitcase for shagun and gifts 
  • Cash 
  • Arti thali, ribbon, and scissors  
  • Accommodation at venue 
  • Transportation 
what to do before the wedding

#2 Double-check booze

A wedding without alcohol is just like a meeting. Alcoholic beverages flow freely at desi weddings  but serving them to your guests would only become possible if you (or your venue) have procured an alcohol license. 

If your wedding venue doesn’t have the license to serve alcohol, then, speak with your caterer regarding the same. Many bars and restaurants that hold liquor permits also hold catering permits. 

If your cousin from the army wants to deliver the booze, make sure you don’t source all of it from him. Pick some from the nearby wine dealer and get a bill for that!

#3 Reach out to your vendors 

Eliminate the worries of no-show vendor nightmares by calling your team the night before the D-day. Confirm their arrival times and other important details. A lot of vendors have unique requirements (for instance, the photography team usually requires a room to stay and store equipment). Make sure you are familiar with the same and deliver accordingly.  

Speak with the vendors to make sure that there is no change in plans. You can also minimize the wedding stress that comes along with vendors by connecting all the vendors with a friend or cousin to resolve last-minute queries. 

night before the wedding

#4 Check your tech 

Technology helps capture and simplify beautiful memories but it also has an odd way of crumbling down just when we need it the most. Charge your phone, earpods, and other tech you are bringing to the vivah to make sure they don’t die on you when you need them the most.

Since you won’t be able to attend phone calls during some shaadi functions, hand it over to a trustworthy soul to keep lending support wherever required. 

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#5 Arrange heaters 

Summer weddings sure are stunning but there is something fascinating about winter weddings. This is the season when most auspicious mahurats happen to fall. While the winter weddings are all cozy and fun, they come with the challenge of keeping your guests warm. 

This can be done by arranging copper heaters before the wedding day. These are very convenient to use and safe as well. It comes with a safe auto shut-off valve and even with stainless steel burners, as well as a heating grid that can let you create a warm atmosphere for guests during winter.   

before the wedding

#6 Practice your wedding dance 

Ah, 4 minutes of scuffling awkwardly and stepping on each other’s toes while your closest friends and family are looking at you is an awfully long time (LOL). Don’t panic, you at least have time to think about it before the wedding day. Start preparing for it by picking the perfect song for your performance.  

Hire the best choreographer in your city to learn basic dance skills: leading/following, posture, and steps. Your wedding dance should be impressive yet easy to execute. Remember, the more you practice, the more confident you will be. So, do find time for a before-wedding-day rehearsal!  

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#7 Home tenting 

A lot of us don’t consider this important thinking, ‘Ghar hi toh hai’ but it totally is. You are probably going to have an event, rasam, or at least a pooja after your wedding. And for that, you need tenting or decor at your home. Rent a tent that is quick, safe, and easy to install before the wedding. 

Select from a wide range of vinyl fabric choices. From peek-a-boo translucent to total opacity, choose whichever appeals best to your wedding theme. In case you don’t have open space at home, consider renting the community spaces in your locality! 

what to do before the wedding

#8 Brace for damage 

Weddings can get crazy, especially if you have super excited friends and aflatoon kids in the house. Chances are they may damage DJ equipment, crookery, glass decor, and anything that’s easily breakable. That’s why it will help to appoint the more careful friends and cousins as ‘wedding monitors’ to keep the crazies in check. 

It will also help to keep spare cash handy before and during the wedding night because all the damage won’t be avoidable.  

#9 Pamper vendors and staff  

Without vendors and venue staff, your wedding simply can’t happen. They are crucial to making your D-day a success, by delivering delicious food, snapping incredible photos, decorating your venue, performing wedding rites, and taking care of everything else. Therefore, it’s important to be in their good books during and after the wedding.

Leave instructions to treat all vendors, staff, and help with utmost respect and make arrangements for their food as well as accommodation. Don’t forget to include drivers and home help! 

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#10 Turn your phone to silent 

You have covered everything major to do before your wedding day. It’s time to show the world how happy you are to marry your other half! And a phone that keeps ringing every other minute is not the right way to do it. 

Turn your phone to silent during the major wedding functions and ceremonies. Consider handing over your phone to your bestie so that he/she can take care of the last-minute emergencies. 

things to do before the wedding

While we have listed out what to do before the wedding day and night, we think it will also help to list out what to NEVER do the day-before. 

Things to NEVER do before wedding day/night 

  • Don’t drink with friends right before the wedding day or night. It may give you headaches and lead to embarrassment amongst family
  • Don’t experiment with any skincare routine or magic cure before the wedding day or night. Keep it simple and stick to your everyday routine. 
  • Don’t head out to take care of wedding chores. You are the most important person for the wedding and even a small accident will ruin the celebration. So, stay indoors!
  • Don’t indulge in fast food and binge eating before the wedding. Stay relaxed and comfy throughout the day or night by taking light and healthy foods. 
  • Practice yoga, meditation, or any other relaxing activity that works for you to get in the right mindset.

Our before the wedding guide ends!

Above are the 10 important things to do before the wedding day along with 5 things to never do! Keeping these in mind will definitely drive away the stress of wedding and make the whole occasion much more memorable. 

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