If you think summer weddings are all about heat, sweat and everything gross, you are not entirely right. Summer weddings can be cool as cucumber if you implement the right ideas to your wedding celebrations. And the best part is that all of it will come in your budget!

Team Eventswedo has gathered some rejuvenating summer wedding tips for you! We are pretty sure that our budget wedding ideas for summer will make you forget the heat and focus on the fun. Take a look at  the most popular summer wedding ideas on a budget to fight the soaring heat of June, July & August:

Soothing venues

summer wedding tips

Choosing the right venue is one of the first steps to escape the extreme summer heat. We recommend you to choose an indoor venue with air conditioners rather than opting for farmhouses. This tip is especially helpful if your wedding gathering is going to be less than 500 people.

Need a simple summer wedding planning tip to fight the heat? Don’t plan wedding functions when the heat is at its prime (11AM to 4PM)); start in the evening to avoid sunburns.

Chilling pool parties

wedding ideas for summer

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Yes, you heard it right! Pool parties are extreme fun and hosting a pool party under the soaring sun can do wonders. Add music, dancing, light snacks, lots of drinks and ice popsicles to add a casual vibe to your wedding celebrations. Your pool party will give you a therapeutic experience and kickass start to your “Shaddi ki shubh shuruaat”.

Summers is the best time to host pool parties & rock your day in popping floral dresses. Pro tip, club your cocktail party with pool party to double the fun.

Popping props

wedding ideas for summer 2019

While we are talking about summer wedding ideas on a budget, how can we miss on party props? Party props will certainly add another layer of fun to your wedding functions, especially photo-shoots during mehandi and sangeet. From customized shades to rajasthani umbrellas and funky text props to team bride tags, there is unending supply of summer props out there to add a flavor of funk in your events.

Unrivaled drinks counter🍹

summer wedding tips

A summer wedding calls for a blasting drinks counter that has mocktails, shakes, smoothies, mojito and summer juices. A mocktail counter is a must to keep the folks hydrated and energetic during your budget summer wedding. You can add a tint of summer fruity cocktail in the alcoholic drinks by mixing summer fruits with alcohol, soda and placing all contents in big jars with nozzles. The guests will simply love it!

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Go hills or coastal

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Planning a cool wedding in the hottest months (June and July) is complex but if a hill station is not far from your home, then, you should totally go for a hill wedding! This might come at a slight additional cost of transportation but the whole wedding experience will be elevated to highest level of coolness. A quiet evening beach wedding will also equally tempting since evenings in coastal regions are quite pleasant even in summers.

Use myriad colors

wedding ideas for summer

All of us know that Indian wedding is a colorful saga with a lots of dancing, singing, and dining. We believe a wedding is a personal affair that ought to be celebrated with family and friends. If your pocket allows, it can be a grand affair; if not, a budget wedding is equally cooler and full of summer vibes!  Add summer colors like yellow, orange, green and cool neon shades to make your wedding a colorful affair.

Cordial Rangoli

wedding ideas for summer

In every family, there is always a rangoli expert. If you have one in your brood, why not use their creativity to add more summer colours in your celebrations. Even if your flock doesn’t have a rangoli expert, making floral rangolis widely known as pookalam in south India is pretty easy to make. Your floral rangoli on every table or at the entrance gate will jazz up the entire celebration.

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Life becomes more beautiful when you have someone special by your side and your D-Day is the day when you let someone enter your world. So celebrate it with joy, happiness and love rather than dealing with heavy poky ornaments and skin rashes. It is highly advisable to every summer bride & groom to go light with their wedding attire. Play with colors and choose a breathable fabric.

We are done with summer wedding ideas on a budget are you? You can share your Ideas and summer wedding pictures with us and get it published in our inspiration section as well as blogs.

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