Corporates are always searching for new ideas to engage their clients and employees. Most successfully do this through indoor and outdoor events. Corporate events are organized to impress clients, celebrate achievements and also fundraising. No matter the event’s purpose, Eventswedo is here to help you organize a successful corporate event.

If you are looking forward to host a corporate event this summer but not sure what kind of event will work best, we will guide you with the perfect corporate event ideas. Read our list of top 10 summer event ideas and organize a rocking corporate event in 2019 and beyond:

Company olympics

This one’s the latest, most innovative and trending corporate event idea for summers. It’s a great idea to organize company olympics during the corporate event where the staff as well as guests can participate and earn medals on completion. Sports focused event is a good way to spread the sportsmanship spirit among the participants and it also gives them chance to get to know more about each other. Your employees will simply love this unique event idea!

Gala performance

What’s better than listening to your favourite singer while savouring the food at a rocking corporate event. Get to know your attendees’ music taste and ask your event planner to arrange a relevant music band, singer or an orchestra for the event. While your guests enjoy food and gossip, you can sit back and relax and be sure that your summer corporate event is about to be a successful one.

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Stand-up shows

A corporate event is not all about serious business discussions. There is always space for a fun factor in it. If you want to leave an everlasting impression on your clients, organize a stand-up show. There are several talented stand-up artists who never fail to entertain their audience. By doing this, you will eliminate the stress and seriousness from your corporate event and make it a fun filled, joy time event.

Summer carnival

Planning a grand corporate event in summer of 2019? Why not organize a carnival. Give your guests flavours from all across India. Hire professional caterers, entertainers, dancers and actors. If your pocket is deep, organize feasts and fairs on a grand scale. Take your clients for excursions and make them feel extra special. Your corporate carnival can last a couple of days or more depending on its scale. This is an out of the box idea to organize a corporate event. It will surely make you and your client happier at the event’s closure.

Cocktail party

Corporates always search for a way to make their clients enjoy to the fullest. Soothe the mood of your corporate guests by throwing  a superb cocktail party. If you are organizing a corporate event, ask your event planner to arrange the best wine and delicacies in your budget because nothing’s better than a happy client! Throwing an awesome after party is a great summer corporate event idea as well.

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Indoor/Outdoor games

Keeping your audience involved in something interesting is the key of becoming a successful host. Tambola, musical chair and other games might not sound formal, but who likes to be serious forever? Involve your your team in  engaging games and surely they too will feel light headed after playing them. This summer, if you want to go outdoor, go for a paintball game. Don’t forget to put your helmet on; Just kidding!

Outdoor movie

During summer evenings, it is a good idea take your clients out to an open movie theater. After long corporate discussions, everyone wants to sit and relax. A movie or a light documentary film in open is a great thought. There are several open theatres in major Indian cities and it is a possibility that one is nearby your corporate event’s venue. It will be icing on the cake if delicious food is served during the showtime.

Cruise ride

If you are planning the corporate event in a coastal city or town, it is a good gesture to take your clients or team members on a cruise. Nothing’s better than a summer evening on the cruise deck, sipping the local brewed drink and discussing business. Ask your event organizer to arrange a cruise ride for your guests. It will add a cherry on the top of your corporate event.

outdoor event ideas

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Quiz time

Be interactive with your guests and your corporate event won’t ever lose its charm. Knowledge is gained by sharing, so why not organize a quiz session? It will brush up the brains of the invitees and also give an informal touch to the serious event. Make sure you give gift hampers to the winners. Remember, we all like rewards and no one is asking you to spend a fortune! Ask your corporate event planner to grab the best deal on gifts for you.

Voluntary work

Last but not the least, do some community work. Take your team to an orphanage, animal rescue home or any social shelter. Show them the better side of you by being humane and donate whatever you can. If considering the same for clients, it will be a good idea to arrange gifts beforehand. This small act of charity will harmonise your corporate relations and by doing this, you will be performing a corporate social responsibility too.

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Corporate event planning is a big deal and a small mistake can wreck your business’s reputation. Therefore, event planners are hired to organize big corporate events and render their expert service to make the event a success.

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