South Indian weddings are nothing less than a festival. Rooted deeply in local culture and tradition, South Indian marriages are completely different from big fat Indian weddings that majorly get attention. South India especially deserve a standing ovation for their saris, hairdos, and jewelry. And this blog is all about that.

From colorful kanjeevaram sarees to temple designer jewelry and flower decorated bridal hairstyle to traditional makeup, getting ready for a South Indian means you have a lot to master. In this South Indian wedding guide, we will introduce you to the most popular South Indian wedding attires, hairdos, and jewelry so that you can master the look with minimal effort.

Let’s get started!

South Indian Wedding Sarees

In South India, women prefer to wear sarees in their day to day lives and also on special occasions. While selecting a saree, one should consider factors like complexion, occasion, and personal taste to select the perfect saree.

To help you pick the perfect cloth to attend a South Indian wedding, we have listed the most popular sarees in South Indian weddings. Start paying attention, girls!

Kanjeevaram Saree

south indian wedding guide

Kanjeevaram saree is also popularly known as Kanchipuram saree. These sarees are famous for vibrant colors and golden zari work which makes women look beautiful and elegant. In these sarees, the body and the border are woven separately. Kanchipuram silk sarees are the pride of Tamil Nadu handicraft and loved by Bollywood celebrities like Rekha.

best south indian wedding sarees

 Metallic shades of Kanchipuram sarees are popular among South Indian women and also brides. Gold, silver, copper, and rose gold are some of the trending metallic shades right now.

Mysore silk sarees

Mysore silk sarees are one of the most expensive silk sarees in India. Its zari contains 65% pure silver and 0.65% gold. These sarees hold beautiful imprints of the Kingdom of Mysore and are still worn by the Royal family. Their bright and lively colors make them perfect for weddings.

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Gadwal Silk Saree

Many fashionable brides from South prefer Gadwal silk sarees as their wedding dress for its classic nature and gorgeous look. These sarees are known for their variety of borders and designs, adapted from the geometry and the temple architecture of Gadwal.

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The zari work in gold and silver on the borders of the sarees holds the culture of Gadwal. All in all, a great pick to attend a South Indian wedding.

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South Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Without the right hairstyle, your South Indian wedding look will never be complete. If you are a South Indian bride or planning to attend a South wedding, this is perfect hairdo inspiration for you.

Heavy Bun

This is a traditional hairstyle popular among South Indian brides. For this, all the hair are gathered together and wrapped to make a heavy bun in the middle. To make it more detailed gajra, poola jada, roses, petals, or jewelry can be pinned to it.

south indian wedding hairstyle

Side Bun

The side bun is one of the favorite hairstyles of South Indian brides. A lot of brides add flower and ornaments on the top of the bun to give their hairdo a more detailed look. If you are not the bride and are just attending the wedding, stay away from this unique South Indian hairstyle since it is bride-only.

south indian wedding hairdo

Bun and Braid

This hairstyle is mostly preferred by women with long hair. If you have short hair but still want to get this hairdo for the wedding, use extensions to make it look perfect. You can add designer jeweled hair clips matching with your saree on the braid and flower around the bun to get the quintessential South Indian look.

best south indian wedding hairstyle

Straight hair with Puff

Want to keep it simple? Straight hair with puff is the perfect Southern hairdo for you! All you need to do is let your hair down and clip it at the back while getting the puff right over the top. Hide the clip or band with white flowers to increase the Southern quotient in your wedding look.  

simple south indian wedding haircut

Long Braid with Flowers

Long braid with flowers is one of the most popular South Indian wedding hairstyles. Add designer clips and flowers matching with your saree as in the picture to give it a more detailed look. This is a time consuming hairstyle for women with long hair but it will surely make heads turn.

south india hairstyle list wedding

Mid-part Long braid

This hairstyle is somewhat similar to the long braid hairstyle but has a parting at the center of the head. To give this hairstyle the ‘wedding look’, cover the braid with flowers or with designer jewelry matching with your saree. This Southern hairstyle is perfect for women with medium or long hair.

south indian hairdo floral

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South Indian Wedding Jewelry

South India loves jewelry. South Indian jewelry reflects the deeply rooted cultural values, traditions, art, beliefs of the people in South India. During weddings as well as family celebrations, South Indians wear a variety of gold jewelry to accentuate their look. Necklaces, rings, waistbands, bangles and hair ornaments are some of the popular jewelry items during South Indian weddings.

If you are going to be part of a South Indian wedding, below are the jewelry items that you should consider wearing:


Mangalsutra is more than a necklace or a piece of jewelry for a South Indian woman. It represents the bond of love and is an intrinsic part of a married woman’s identity. If you are married, consider wearing the mangalsutra while attending a South Indian wedding. Currently, the diamond mangalsutra is trending in South India.


Wedding Ring:

Women of South India adore rings and wear multiples during wedding ceremonies to display wealth and prosperity. Rings are usually designed from metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. Designer and peacock style rings are currently popular among South Indian women.

wedding ring south india

Bangles & Bracelets

In South India, bangles are known as kadas, valayal, gajju, bale and vanki. Bangles are an intrinsic part of South Indian culture and are worn around the wrist. They are designed using gold, silver, and platinum with intricate designs and stones for decoration.

south indian jewelry design


Necklace, as the name suggests, is an ornament for the neck. In South India, lakhsmi haar, mango mala, and kasu mala necklaces are very popular. Necklaces are engraved with precious materials such as diamonds, rubies, and stones which further adds to the beauty of this unique jewelry.

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Waistband in South India are commonly known as Vaddanam. Worn around the waist, it not only fixes the saree in its place but also accentuates the bride’s grace and poise. Jewelers nowadays have made a number of designs such as five-in-one vaddanam and three-in-one vaddanam which can be converted into necklaces.

south indian jewelry temple

South Indian wedding planning help

We are done with our amazing South Indian wedding preparation guide! We hope you loved our featured sarees, jewelry, and hairdos. In you think we missed something important, please drop the details in the comments and we will add the same.

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