Everybody wants to make their new year’s party lit but it’s hard to do so without best New Year party ideas. Whether you are planning a New Year’s Eve event for your clients or hosting a New Year party for your friends, our glorious tips will help you become the best New Year host ever. 

Presenting to you, Eventswedo’s uber ideas to organise a successful New Year Event in India or anywhere else in the world! 

Dance floor

Did you ever hear about a fun party that didn’t have a dance floor? We didn’t. 

A uniquely designed dance floor will lure everything to shake a leg and the fun will ensue. So, try to choose the best dance floor for your New Year Party.

Can’t find a creative dance floor? Try to make your own with your own material. There are lots of DIY videos out there to get ideas! Custom designed dance floor will look attractive and become the life of the New Year’s Eve party!

Decor lights

New Year party without breathtaking lights? Not cool. Nobody can imagine how rocking party without lights with intricate patterns. Select different types of lights to enthrall the audience with light effects. Be it India or anyplace else, a big disco light will make a great impact on your New Year’s Party guests!

new year party ideas

Select different designs and colors for lights. Hang some lights on the roof and place some on the ground. This will be a great idea for a New Year’s party.


Fireworks are the best part of every New Year’s event. Everybody loves watching the dark sky illuminated with fascinating patterns and messages. Head out to buy variety of crackers for your New Year’s Party. Don’t opt for the loud ones; go for gorgeous instead!

That that, make sure that fire safety is one of your top priorities if you are going big with fireworks. If someone got injured, all the fun will go down the drain.

Cool venue

To make your New Year’s Party memorable for everyone, select your event venue wisely. Pick a place that has ample space for your gang and is located at a convenient location for everyone. Figure out food, drinks, DJ timings, and everything else beforehand.

Creating a poll on social media is a cool idea to finalize one from a couple of shortlisted options. Tell your friends to vote for the best venue for the New Year’s Party. Venue with maximum votes will  be perfect for you and your friends to organise a New Year’s Party. 

new year event ideas

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Decoration will play a big role to make your New Year’s Eve Party a success. Decorate the venue as per the decided theme while towing the line of party budget. If you are planning an office party, involve the staff in the decoration to double the fun.

Decorating the dance floor with lights is a good idea and totally worth your time. Use balloons to create a photo wall for your guests. There are literally hundreds of ideas you can work with.


Who doesn’t love becoming part of fun party games? Plan music and dancing games to push your guests to the dance floor. If you are throwing a New Year party at your house and don’t mind people lying around drunk, go ahead and add some drinking games to the mix!

New Year’s Eve event planned for corporate guests can opt for games conducted by hired anchor or entertainer. Just make sure you discuss the same with the anchor so that he or she can prepare accordingly.   

new year event ideas


New Year’s parties without liquor are rarely fun. Setup a bar with a multitude of popular drinks and hire a professional bartender to treat the guests. For small house parties, few crates of beer and a couple of whiskey bottles will get the job done.

Planning a corporate New Year’s party? You will have more responsibility on your shoulders. Make sure that no one ends up drunk and misbehaving since that will spoil the mood. Assign someone the job to keep a check on the crowd for booze tanks! 

Get the Dj

Hire a professional DJ for your New Year’s Party to make sure that music is as per the party momentum. Great music is the easiest way to get people on the dance floor. So, spend some time understanding the music taste of your guests, and coordinate with the DJ to play accordingly. 

new year event ideas

Discover best DJs of India to make your party a big success


All of us love to create memories by taking pictures. Hence, it will be a good idea to hire a photographer for your New Year’s Party. Hire a professional photographer to get the best pictures of the bash.

Working on a small party budget? Find out the guy at the party who is good with the camera and convince him to take some pictures. Problem solved!

Above New Year party ideas and hacks will surely help you to arrange best New Year Party of your life.

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