Aren’t music events & festivals the greatest things to be a part of! Planning a perfect music event however is nothing less than a challenge, even for experienced event planners. From the decorations and equipment to crowd management and lighting, event planners have to make sure that everything is picture perfect.

For those planning a music event (small or big), Eventswedo has created this checklist by consulting with top event planners of India. Read this concert or music event planning guide to plan an awesome music event!

Start planning early

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”. Start making plans for your music event a month before the event date. Make a budget that covers all of the necessary expense details including stage, event location, equipment, and promotions.

Arrange meetings with vendors to get the best pricing and human resource from the market. Make sure that you take every event aspect in account so that you don’t have to run around at the event date!

music event planning checklist

Know your audience 

While planning a music event, it is necessary to keep your audience in mind. If you are planning a music event where a big celebrity is going to come, you will have to make extra arrangements of security. In case your music event is a small ghazal gathering for seniors, they will want comfortable sitting and catering throughout the event.

Creating audience personas can greatly help in understanding the type of people that will present at your event.

Decide event location

Your event planning efforts can only be successful with the right location. To begin with, look at the size of your audience. Will a small hall that can accomodate 100 people be enough or you will need a big ground for your event? This question is critical because no one likes to be jammed in a small space.

Big music events will require booking public spaces and this means getting in touch with local authorities. Small music function can be planned in a hotel banquet as well!

music event planning

Choose the right equipment

Just remember that the venue isn’t going to provide you everything for your music event. You might have to arrange equipment such as lights and mics. Most event planners rent such equipment from trusted local vendors. Contact vendors who are ready to rent these items at great discount.

Pro tip: Speak with performing artists to learn whether they will need something special for their musical gig. There is a big chance that they will be expecting a few things from your end.

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Get insurance 

If you are planning a big music event like concert, get an insurance to protect against any possible damage/injury that your crew or equipment might get during the show. It is kind of obvious to get an insurance while executing a big music event. Insurance is easy to come by and worth every investment.

Share your insurance requirements with multiple insurance providers to get quotes and zero down on the best one. Don’t forget to read the paperwork carefully!

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Get a Permit 

This again is something a big event will demand. If your are planning something for 1000+ people and will need a public space like a ground,  you will have to get a permit for your event. Connect with local authorities to get the paperwork and fee details. Make sure to start this process a couple of months in advance since approvals in India usually take time.

Getting a permit early on is also important since your desired date would be already booked and you might have to change the event date itself if no other space would do.

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Check weather Status

It is important to check the weather status for the day your music event has been planned, especially if you are planning an outdoor event. Try not to conduct outdoor events on rainy season. It will not only spoil the whole event but there is also a big chance that your equipment will also get damaged. Your event is going to rock if there are no clouds in the sky!

Use Apps like Accuweather to check the weather status of the city where your music event is going to get held. Or simply take it indoor!

Hire a professional management team

Every event planner knows that it gets difficult to handle everything during the music event. Hire a professional event management team that will take some load off your shoulders. Remember, that a team can handle things more easily than a single person. This is the reason management of big music events and concerts are delegated to experience event management teams like Eventswedo!.

Get event planning help 

Above points will help you plan the perfect music event only if you will take care of every event planning detail. Since there are so many challenges and details associated with music events, we obviously didn’t cover all of them in this checklist blog. So, please consult an events expert as well for your music extravaganza.

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