Dusky brides often think that experimenting different lehenga shades is not for them. Well, that’s all in your head! We understand the struggle of every dusky beauty to choose the right lehenga colors. Unlike fair brides, dusky brides have limited choices comparatively but we will prove that  dusky brides are drop dead gorgeous and they can slay every colour effortlessly by choosing the perfect shade.

Selecting a lehenga color that easily blends with your skin tone will enhance your look. Team Eventswedo brings the unrivaled lehenga colors for dusky brides to rock their wedding like a boss.

Sparkle in Plum

ehenga colors for dusky brides

The shade of plum easily blends with every skin tone. Pairing your plum lehenga with dull gold jewellery & accessories can do wonders for you.  Plum being the new hot shade this wedding season is one of the most opted colours by real brides. The bold look of plum shade can make anyone go ga ga over your bridal look. Try it and see for yourself!

Deeper shades of red  

lehenga colors for dark skin

So ladies, all of us know that deep in our hearts we still adore the traditional red colour. Though there are humongous choices available with us, the love for red is still persistent. You can opt for deeper shades of red and maroon with a tint of orange to give your bridal look an instant glow. Wear red, and you will look phenomenally gorgeous at your wedding.

Jazz up in dull shades of  gold

lehenga on dusky beauties

“Gold is the new sexy“ & for all the dusky brides, the classy dull gold lehenga is one of the greatest choices. Choosing dull gold shade for your bridal lehenga  over yellow gold, rose gold and silver is highly recommended. All we can say is go for gold if you’re among the experimental brides and jazz up your bridal look.

Elegant Blues

lehenga colors for dusky brides

The numbers are surprising how deeper shades of blue have made their way in the list of most loved colours for bridal attire.  One cannot deny the fact that the shades of blue carries elegance with it. While one can choose a lighter shade of blue for day weddings, a more deeper shade of blue can be picked if you are getting married at night.

Done with your bridal lehenga ? Time to go through the trending  Indian bridal  hairstyles.

Dusty Pinks

lehenga colors for dusky brides

The louder shades of pink is a big no for the dusky brides out there, but does that mean you cannot wear pink? Of course no! As we said a dusky bride can slay every colour effortlessly. It’s all about choosing the right shade. Dusty pinks can compliment your skin tone enhancing your look. It’s your wedding day and no doubt, you must steal the show in a trendy lehenga.

Immaculate coral Shades

lehenga colors for dusky brides

Do you want to be one of the hatke brides of your family? If yes, then, the calm and clean coral shades is for you. Opt for the best suited shade of coral and jazz up your wedding look. Coral shades are suggested if your wedding functions will be organised in day time as coral shades if worn at night might give you a tacky look.

Lively Green Shades

lehenga colors for dark skin

Apart from red, green is another traditional colour chosen by brides at their shaadi! Deeper the shade brighter the appearance. Now you have to choose what’s the perfect green for you to rock your wedding look. The shades of green if chosen wisely will never disappoint you by enhancing your beauty and elegance like never before.

Photo credit: Most of the lehenga designs for dusky beauties shared above are from Sabyasachi.

Concluding lehenga colors for dark skin

Shower elegance on your wedding day by choosing the most beautiful lehenga and be the showstopper at you big day. Once you have chosen the right shade of lehenga, you are halfway done & for the rest, you should consider the below points:

  • Choosing the right shade of blouse that compliments your skin tone
  • Jewellery preferably to be dull shades of gold or rose gold in extreme cases   
  • Makeup is equally important to enhance your dusky bridal look

More than anything else, a big smile on your face will complete your bridal look!

Well, this was all about wedding lehengas for sun kissed brides! Make sure you chose the best one. By the way, who is looking out for the other important arrangements for your D day? We guess you have hired a professional wedding planner for it. If not, don’t worry & check out India’s top wedding planners & vendors on our website!

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