What completes an Indian wedding?  It’s not the decor, nor the beats on the dance floor. It’s the sweets prepared in Indian weddings that makes it unforgettable. From Kashmir to Bengal, these sweet tooth wonders never fail to impress the taste buds of wedding guests.

Eventswedo serves you India’s top wedding sweets ideas which will help you plan decide sweets & treats for wedding. Let’s begin with Indian wedding sweets idea number one!

Mango kesar kulfi

Beat the summer heat with our Indian wedding sweet dish number one. With a hint of saffron and loaded with ripe mangoes, this kulfi will tempt your guests’ senses. Indulge your guests to the chill of this mango dessert and get your wedding ceremony 5 star rating from everyone.

Indian sweet dishes for summer

Watermelon lychee granita

Why let summer heat kill your wedding’s beat? Watermelon granita is here to cool you down during the scorching summers. As the ice entangles with juicy watermelon slush, with no- added-sugar , this Indian wedding sweet dish is worth adding to your shaadi’s reception menu.


A milk based sweet dish that is loved in Maharashtrian and Gujarati weddings. It is so popular that renowned brands came up with an idea to pack this Indian wedding sweet dish and place at multi-brand grocery stores. This Indian sweet is gaining immense popularity even overseas.

Indian sweet dishes for summer

Chocolate barfi

Now that’s a weird combo! Ethnic barfi mixed with the modern chocolate. Well, you can’t judge it until you give it a try. Are you ready to add this summer & winter Indian sweet dish to your D-day’s reception menu?  We hope that you would be glad to do so. The bitterness of cocoa and sweetness of ’cheeni’ will make it a delicious mashup. What an idea!


Ice-cream Gulab Jamun

How many of you have tried this combination at weddings? It’s a great idea to fuse Indian and western desserts though! If you are too shy to do it yourself, we can help you with it. Serve hot gulab jamuns in an ice-cream glass and load it over with different flavoured ice creams. See how hot n cold gets together.

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Ras Malai 

If you are planning your wedding in summer season, make sure you definitely have ras malai on your food platter. Simply delicious, these two words are enough to describe this Indian wedding sweet. Pour a little rose sharbat on the top and you will add an icing on the cake.


sweets for wedding in india

Eggless mango mousse

Here’s another delicacy of the grand Indian wedding. Perfect for summer, eggless mango mousse will soothe your taste buds with its elegance. Mango is the king of fruits and can be found all over summers in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Add this dessert to your summer wedding’s  menu and relish its exquisite taste.

Dakka Kulfi

How can we forget dakke wali kulfi? Straight from our childhood memories, when we used to rush to the kulfiwala outside the school where queue of kids stood waiting for their turn. Time travel by adding this divine sweet dish to your wedding’s dessert menu.

Baloo Shahi

Umm! That crispy outer crust and inner filled with khoya, balushahi is as simple to make as it is to savor. Try this Indian sweet dish idea for your summer’s wedding and add another star to your catering medal list. Not only your guests will enjoy this delicious dessert but you too will be left licking your fingers.

sweets for wedding in india

Chocolate coconut barfi

The irresistible chocolate temptation is here! Get ready to dive in the coconut filled chocolate barfi and forget the wedding rush instantly. Indian weddings are all about fun and food and to add this sweet dish to your food menu is the perfect idea to earn the appreciation of every guest present at your winter wedding.


A version of the Iranian faloodeh, Indian falooda is a unique dessert which can steal the limelight of your wedding food menu. It is one of the best choices for your summer wedding function and will definitely be loved by every guest present at your big day. Try it! You won’t regret it!

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Kulfi-Jalebi Sundae

Kulfi, Jalebi andFalooda – how much more yummy can this get! It’s easy, cute and effortless! Add the flavour of Indian sweets to your wedding’s food menu and leave all guests licking their fingers as they savour your wedding desserts. What’s more than a happy guest and their filled tummy!

These were the easiest and most happening sweet dishes for an Indian summer wedding. Choose anyone for your dessert menu and you won’t ever regret doing so!Planning your wedding soon and don’t want to mess up in managing catering? Leave this to Eventswedo as we host India’s best caterers that specalize in making wedding memories sweeter. Email at info@eventswedo.com to queries.