There is no denying that an Indian bride is the most beautiful bride in the world. Indian women  indeed look ravishing with their beautiful bridal outfits, ethnic jewelry and advanced makeup. But all the above mentioned will fade away if you didn’t score good with your wedding hairstyle. That’s why we are here to help you with wedding hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair.

Here is our amazing list of glamorous Indian wedding hairstyles for your wedding day. To help you find the perfect hairstyle as per your hair length, we have divided the hairstyles into short, medium, and long hair.

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Let’s first check Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair:

Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair

  1. Braid covered with flowers

One simple way to get the perfect bridal look is to braid your hair and cover them with flowers matching your attire on the wedding day. Flowers adds a touch of freshness to the traditional look. Flower based hairstyles will literally leave everyone amazed!

  1. Waterfall braid

This hairstyle is really easy to make and will double your cuteness. Waterfall braid can be flaunted in many ways and are perfect if you want to keep your hair loose without making them completely unruly. While this wedding hairstyle for long hair is widely popular amongst Western brides, you can adapt this amazing hairstyle at any Indian occasion.

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  1. Messy buns

This wedding hairstyle for long hair is perfect for bubbly ladies out there who want to slightly flaunt their easy-going side! It’s a simple up do wedding hairstyle that you can make at home  to save your time as well as money. However, to pull off this Indian bridal hairstyle with ease, visit a stylist and tell what you exactly want!

  1. Braids with jewelry

If you are from southern India, then, you must be familiar with this hairdo. A simple, long braid decorated with jewelry is quite a hit amongst girls nowadays. Now it’s not that you have to put one kilo gold on your braid; that would be really costly! Use artificial jewelry or ask your mom if there are some dynastical hair gems in the closet!

  1. Frizzy hair effect

Ladies with long hair can do number of hair style experiments to get a distinctive look at their wedding. Crumpled hair is quiet in fashion nowadays amongst Indian brides  and easy to do by getting creative with your crimper at home.

Try out above Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair to look gorgeous as you walk the aisle with your bridesmaids!

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Indian wedding hairstyles for medium hair

If you are looking for Indian wedding hairstyles for medium hair that will suit you best, then, we have got some trending hairstyles for you! Pick your favourite, and get the hair done by your wedding stylist:

  1.  Traditional Indian Wedding Braid

This hairstyle is styled similar to a long braid. This style is perfect for the brides who want their wedding hairstyle to have a traditional look with jewelry and also want to pull off flowers in it.

This hairstyle is easy as takes less than 10 minutes to do!

  1. Large twisted bun

Bun styles are still a rage at weddings! This is one of the most-loved bun looks by Indian divas tying the knot. This is another hairstyle in which you can use beads, flowers, and ornaments to have a princess-like look. Shiny clips on the side can be used to make your bun look perfect.

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  1. Half up/half down

Why not try something in between? Yes! We are talking about the half bun and half hair down hairstyle for medium hair length. This style perfectly goes with the medium length hair. It takes minimal efforts and just looks as polished as a full up do. Trust us, you will be the show stopper on your wedding day in this hairstyle.

  1. Loose waves

When you have intricate bridal dress and accessories, then, it’s best to have a simple hairstyle. It does not require handful of bobby pins and barrel brushes. You just need to sit at home with a comb and can do this hairstyle easily on your own as well. However, a good stylist will get it 100% right if trusted with the job!

  1. Open hairs with clip

This hair style for Indian brides with medium hair is perfect for those who want to keep their hair loose.  A unique clip on the side with few curls will give you a graceful look at the biggest day of your life.

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Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair

Long locks are not necessary to bring out the prettiest side of yours. There are a lot of chic ways to style your short hair to look glamorous and gorgeous. Below are some breathtaking wedding short hair hairstyles for your bride soul:

  1. Trendy blunt bob hairstyle

This hairstyle gives a classic touch to modern women and the best part is that it never goes out of fashion. It’s one of the hottest hairstyles created by Antoine de Paris in 1909, and it’s been rocked by powerful women across the world. So, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t pull it off during your wedding.

  1. Juda hairstyle

It’s a go-to hairstyle by Indian brides for a traditional yet elegant look. There are 5 different juda hairstyles you can try to perfect the look at your grand wedding:

  • French Juda for short hairs
  • Braided Juda
  • Bun with floral look
  • Classic bun
  • Donut buns

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  1. Juda style like 40’s

We all know that the modern and trending hairstyles have all taken inspiration from the old Bollywood & Hollywood hair trends. If you are worried about your much shorter hair, then, this is the perfect hairdo for short hair on your wedding as it will make your bun gain volume.

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  1. Casual chignon bun

Chignon buns are back in fashion. The hairdo looks stunning with gown and cocktail dress which is why we often see the hairstyle in after-wedding parties. It goes well with short hair because the focus is mainly on the top and on front head. Special hair sprays can be used to add texture to your hair.

  1. Smashing messy up do

Messy up do fit best for every hair length whether it’s short or long. You don’t need to be perfect while creating messy hairstyles for your Indian short-hair wedding look. Try:

  • Messy top knot
  • Tousled low bun
  • Bohemian braided up do

Go with above super cool hairstyles for brides with short hair.

That’s it! Our list of cool hairstyles for Indian brides with long, medium, and short hair ends here. Hope you have enough inspiration on hottest Indian bridal hairstyles now!

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