If decorating a venue makes it look good, then choosing a nice wedding backdrop will make the pictures great. Aside from being used at events, backdrops also play an important role in photography by creating a mesmerizing visual decor behind the couple. A lot of couples ask us about what kind of drape or decor should they use for their Indian wedding, and we thought why not answer the recurring question once and for all!

In this blog, Eventswedo will tell you about the 8 hand-picked backdrop ideas that are going to enhance the overall beauty of your wedding venue. Below is the list of such background ideas:

Rustic barn doors 

For those who are using rustic mandap design for their Indian wedding can consider the idea of using barn doors as their backdrop. With the fusion of orchid branches and sliding wooden doors, this backdrop design will work best for those who have chosen farm as their wedding venue.

If you are planning to throw a wedding party near the sea, then, rustic barn doors are for you. Just remember to add wooden furniture to create a full vintage look! Coupling white flowers with your barn doors will enhance the overall beauty of your wedding backdrop.

Hanging marigolds

Every Indian knows how significant are marigolds for weddings. Be it saat phere or mandaps, marigolds are used for every purpose in shaadis. Then why not use them as backdrops? Of course, we can! Hanging marigolds on the back of to-be-wed couple’s throne will make their wedding stage look drop-dead gorgeous.

indian wedding backdrop

Not only do the marigold floral displays brighten up wedding backdrops but also bring vibrancy and energy to any festivity, especially to a wedding. They also symbolize divine blessings since they have carried religious and devotional significance for centuries. That’s why marigold drape is considered as one of the best drapes for Indian weddings.

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Painted canvas with the hashtag

The next idea we are going to talk about is exclusively made for Indian couples in love with social media. It’s none other than painted canvas with hashtags! Hashtags are a simple yet fun way to express love to your soulmate during the wedding. You just need to fuse your name and beloved’s on a large canvas using a hashtag symbol. Something like this:

indian wedding backdrop

Make sure to use green vines to beautify the overall look of your backdrop. This modern backdrop idea has also been used recently by ‘Prince Narula’ and ‘Yuvika Chaudhary’ as #Privika during their wedding. Just like in the above pic!

Hanging photos & photo frames

Believe us or not, the idea of using hanging frames and photos as your backdrop hasn’t gone out of style in Indian weddings! Besides being one of the most popular wedding backdrops ideas, it can help you save a lot of money. Use frames that are made from crown molding or you can simply use any old frame which can be found at a thrift store. Paint, stain or rough it depending on the backdrop decor you want to use for your desi wedding.

indian wedding backdrop

Indian couples can also use a large frame and top it up with greenery and lush blooms along with hanging crystals and chandelier over its surface. Such a frame can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Here’s another idea! Getting draped curtains and hanging frames on them will catch the attention of your guests. Just make sure to use beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot pictures in frames.

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Colorful ribbons and pom poms

Do you know what else is going to be trending in 2020? Using colorful ribbons and pom-poms as a backdrop for Indian weddings! With the variations of different colors, this backdrop is generally used to add colors to the whole wedding. Just make sure to buy high-quality poms and ribbons rather than focusing on quantity.

indian wedding backdrop

Colorful ribbons and poms backdrops are easy to make and offer a great variety for color combinations, paper pinwheels, and honeycomb pom-poms. These materials are also used to jazz up the dessert tables. Here’s a money-saving tip! You can also decorate your drape by yourself which will help you save a lot of money!

Bollywood style backdrop

“Tare Hai Baraati, Chandani Hai Yeh Baraat.” This line suits the idea of setting up a Bollywood style backdrop for your Indian wedding. These types of wedding backdrops make for beautiful scenic pictures. By fusing the combination of pink background and purple silk curtains, you will get the vibes of a royal wedding just like Pooja Batra and Anil Kapoor from Virasat!

indian wedding backdrop

Besides, you can decorate the background by forming a pattern with golden glitters which will draw the attention of your relatives and friends. Consider this exclusive tip! Hiring a wedding planner from our website will help you to arrange this astonishing Bollywood style backdrop for the wedding under your specified budget!  

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Geeky Backdrops

Many geeky Indian couples love to play video games and are into geeky stuff! That’s why we decided to add this exclusive idea of using a geeky theme for your backdrop in your wedding. You can use the theme of ‘Super Mario bros’ or ‘Dragon Ball Z’ for your wedding stage’s drape. Do we mean who wouldn’t love to become Mario and marry princess Peach in his castle?

You can print this theme on a white cotton sheet that can be hung on the wooden sheet during your wedding day. Isn’t it awesome?

indian wedding backdrop

Above are 7 Indian wedding backdrop ideas that can help can be used as a background for your wedding stage. Using these backdrop ideas will not only attract the attention of your guests but also help your photographer to click beautiful photos.

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