The best way to escape a hot summer day and have fun while doing that is to throw a pool party. When the summer is at its peak, the only thing which can provide us relief from the scorching sun is water. Be it in any form, it acts as a superb coolant for the young as well as old.

The first idea that hits everyone while planning for a summer party is definitely a“Pool Party” and why wouldn’t it be! Its I-don’t-want-to-do-anything type of weather and a pool party will set the mood for fun as well as relaxation.

Is pool party on your mind but you aren’t how to throw one? If yes, then. check out this super cool pool party planning checklist by Team Eventswedo and get set go!

Pool party invites

Start off with the cool pool party invitation ideas. Pool parties exist to give you a refreshing time and some funky invitations that compliments your pool party theme will never fail to excite your guests. Beach Balls and beach hats can serve as pool party invites and can be used during the party too!

There are a plethora of options to choose from, but we would recommend you to opt for those which can be used further rather than opting for paper invites that will eventually end up in a bin.

how to throw a pool party

Glowing decors

The best part about throwing a pool party is that it is easy to organize. You can either choose an indoor pool or outdoor; both have their own charm. If you are hosting the pool party at day, choosing bright colours balls, towels, and flowers is a great Idea. On the contrary, if you are planning to host a pool party at night, then, add glow sticks and glowing  balloons to your stock

There are a lot of props available in the market which can light up the mood of your pool party. Just make sure you choose the right one for the right occasion.

pool party planning checklist

Stock up on beverage

Drinks are the life of every party! Summer pool party especially calls for a drinks mania. Stock up on beverages so that you don’t run out of drinks in the middle of the party. A good poop party host will always ensure that their guests leave at a slightly drunk note. So,  make sure you have the drinks which are covered with ice and available in a variety of flavours. Mocktails and cocktails work great at any party.

Pool parties are meant to keep you hydrated in every possible way. So, have every possible thirst quencher in your pool party menu.

pool party ideas

Skeptical about what drinks to choose? Checkout these cocktails for summer pool party!

Fun themed pool party

With summer in full swing, don’t throw just-another-pool-party; rather, sprinkle fun to your pool bash by hosting a fun themed pool party. Opting for themes like Superhero & Bollywood can add a fun twist. To give your pool party a lively feel, instruct your guests to dress up according to your theme.

There are tons of pool party ideas in our checklist to choose from. It is you who have to select the best one for your Indian summer pool party!

how to throw a pool party

Delicious dessert affair

Everything on this planet makes you carve for summer themed desserts! Having a dessert counter to keep your guests full at a summer pool party is mandatory. There are numerous great pool party dessert ideas! Having fruit ice-creams, fruit pastries, ice cream sundae and cookies decorated to look like summer accessories is a healthy and exciting idea. Whereas having a summer themed cake is no less!

Remember this checklist item and treat the sweet-tooth of your invitees. Surely, they will love the idea of chilling desserts on a hot day.

pool party planning checklist

Mandatory sun protection

The only thing which can ruin the joy of your pool party is sun. The extreme heat can cause sunburns and leave your guests regretting the decision to come over. So, be prepared with some sun protection lotions with SPF15 and above.  Keep your party alive and the fun going on by protecting your guests.

Everyone wants to shine like a star in a party. By taking some protective measures, you can win the hearts of your guests.

how to throw a pool party

Brighter towels

Once you have decided the theme of your Indian summer party, finalise the colours according to your pool party . Choosing bright colours is always recommended to make your summary affair more lively. Ask your guests to bring their own towels as majority of the people do not prefer using anyone else’s towel than their own.

There is a possibility that your guests might forget to bring their towels . Thus, being prepared with some extra towels is always a wise decision.

pool party planning checklist

Treats that compliment pool party

It’s time to get creative with your pool party treats! Label the snacks with creative icons and funny names to add a tint of craze in your pool party. Stock up your table with tasty treats to pamper your guests.

Well, these were the top considerations of Eventswedo’s pool party checklist. Hope you will find it useful in planning your next pool party.

Wrapping Up!

Last but not the least, never forget to keep some bug spray because hopefully you do not want any uninvited guests arriving at your pool party. Having a first aid kit which should be standard for any swimming pool event is a wise choice.

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