A wedding anniversary is a special day for couples. By throwing a unique and fun wedding anniversary party, they show their love and mark a milestone in their relationship. That said, it’s not easy to plan a wedding anniversary party since it:
  • Takes a lot of time to plan
  • Require booking vendors
  • Inviting guests and booking venue
  • Requires a lot of other arrangements
That’s why Eventswedo is here to share 10 DIY wedding anniversary planning tips. With our unique wedding anniversary ideas, you can plan a memorable and fun anniversary function in India. Below are pro tips and hacks to plan a wedding anniversary party for yourself and your loved ones:-

Make a budget

Think of any wedding anniversary party you had fun at and you will realize that it must have cost a decent amount of money to arrange it. So, start with defining a budget for your wedding anniversary party. A budget helps in shortlisting the right vendors and get a rough idea of how much you are going to spend. Your wedding anniversary budget will greatly influence the guest list, venue, invitations, catering, decoration, and entertainment. If you are on a small budget, you will have to compromise to stick to your budget. So, it makes perfect sense to define the budget first!

Select perfect date

Most of the time, anniversary parties are planned on the day of your anniversary but it is not compulsory to do that. You can plan your anniversary party on a weekend before or after your wedding anniversary. If you want everyone to come, then, planning it on the weekend is indeed a great idea. Before selecting a date for your wedding anniversary party, consult your closest friends and relatives to make sure they don’t have anything planned already. This will greatly help you with picking the perfect date for your anniversary celebrations. anniversary party planning

Prepare a guest list

Before selecting a venue and caterer, you must make a list of guests you are planning to invite to your wedding anniversary party. Indians usually invite close friends, neighbors, colleagues, and relatives to their wedding anniversary party. So, make sure you don’t miss out on anyone important in your many circles! Your guest list shouldn’t be too long if you are planning to host a budget anniversary party. More the people, bigger the expense on catering and venue. Also, note that fewer attendees will mean fewer gifts!

Select a venue

Selecting the perfect venue for a wedding anniversary party is not easy work. While most people rent banquet halls and hotels to host their guests, it makes perfect sense to organize the anniversary at your home as well. Here is the list of top wedding anniversary venues for your wedding anniversary party. A lot of venues have in-house photographers, DJs, and caterers to simplify event planning for their guests. So, if you have less time in your hands, then, look for a venue that can handle everything. anniversary planning ideas

Send invitations

Now that you have the guest list and finalized the venue, it is time to send out invitations. Invite your guests by phone calls or send them an invitation card by mail. If your friends and family are tech-savvy, consider creating a digital invitation that can be sent on Whatsapp!  If you’re planning a dress code for your wedding anniversary, mention the same in your invitation. Send your wedding anniversary party invitation a few weeks earlier. If you want to associate your silver or golden jubilee with a good cause, request your guests not to bring presents and donate to charity instead.

Select menu

Choose the food and drinks wisely for your Indian wedding anniversary party. There is no need to go overboard with the food and drinks if you want to host an affordable wedding anniversary function. But be mindful of your guests’ tastes and preferences. If a lot of them don’t take non-vegetarian food, don’t include it in the menu. Keep your anniversary menu diverse but small. Make it a mix of light foods, main course, and desserts to treat everyone. If you think that there is no need to offer a full-fledged buffet, it makes sense to serve only snacks and drinks.

Hire right photographer

Any party or celebration is incomplete without photographs. A good candid photographer will capture the perfect moments of the whole event and give you delightful memories to cherish. That said, it is not necessary to spend a big amount on the photographer. If you are planning your wedding anniversary party in budget, then, it will be best for you to arrange a photographer from your social circle. Even a friend who is good with the camera will do!

Not sure where to find the best photographers in your city? Email us at info@eventswedo.com to connect with local and affordable photographers.

 Decorate venue 

A lot for venues and banquet halls offer decoration services. In case yours doesn’t, hire a professional to take care of anniversary decoration. There are a lot of decor service providers in the market that offer diverse decoration services to couples and families.  Working with a small budget & want to go DIY? Read on! Use low cost material to decorate your wedding anniversary party venue. It will help you in saving money. You can decorate your venue with:
  • Use lights to decorate your venue as lights are cheaper and eye-catchy.
  • Use printed napkins with imprinted name of couple.
  • Decorate your venue with colorful balloons.
  • Set up candles on tables.
Planning an anniversary party

Plan fun games

Wedding anniversary parties are incomplete without games. Select games that are full of fun and easy to play. There are many games that you can play at your wedding anniversary party without spending a single penny. Below are some ideas for your Indian guests!
  • Musical chairs
  • Name that song
  • Guess the movie
  • Dance competition
These games will create a good atmosphere in your wedding anniversary party. If you want to give gifts to winners, then go ahead and do that! If not, that works nicely as well.

 Get a Cake

Who doesn’t love a cake? A gorgeous cake will give a ceremonial feel to the whole function and give guests something to watch out for. Order cake with an adorable photo of the couple to add the aww factor and get the guests excited. There is a huge variety of cakes out there to choose from. Go to your favorite bakery and start inquiring!

Wedding anniversary planning – Endnote

The above tips and hacks will surely help you to organize your wedding anniversary party in the easiest way possible. For couples and families that have scarce time, hiring event planners is always a good choice since they will take care of everything, coordinate with vendors, and also save you money! If you still have questions about the wedding anniversary party, email us on info@eventswedo.com to ask your questions and get a reply as soon as possible.