Retirement is a big deal in India. It opens new chapter in one’s  life while closing the old one. A happy ending and a new beginning  definitely calls for a sweet & happening retirement party. A boring retirement party will certainly be a big turnoff for the one who has given decades of service. Wondering how to plan a fun retirement party is certainly the right point to start.

For those given the responsibility to plan a retirement party, Team Eventswedo is here for the rescue with some fantastic office retirement party ideas. Read on and discover amazing office retirement ideas:

Theme Party

Everyone would agree with the fact that decorations makes a party more lively. Welcoming guests into a fun themed retirement party will definitely work wonders. From balloons matching to your decided theme to colorful streamers, everything has an important role to play.

Once all your guests have arrived, you can deliver a small yet sweet speech for the retiree, throwing light on their achievements so far and of-course, followed by mouth watering food and dancing on the retirees favourite tracks.

how to plan a retirement party

Surprising Speeches

Retirement is an emotional day for the retiree, and a set of surprising speeches by his second family (co-workers) is a great pick. Having a speech after specific intervals with his first family present will really make this day more special for the retiree.

Prepare fun speeches that end on a happy note to keep the environment informal because you do not want it to be a formal retirement bash. Would you?


retirement party ideas

Wish Bucket

Get a colourful bucket and ask the co-workers to add their hand written notes suggesting “what the retiree should do after the retirement?”. Try to fill this bucket with funny, adventures and cranky ideas and let the retiree fish through the notes and read them loud.

Before the retiree gets the chance to compensate with all his sleepless nights, missed morning sleep, his  missed favourite T.V shows and everything else, such an activity will surely lighten the mood & brighten the party.


retirement party ideas

Memory Lane Trip

Retirement is a new beginning as much as it is an ending. Do a research on the retiree’s professional life and collect the photos of their earlier office life taken by their family members. It would be fun to trace the retiree’s career path from their first job in the early 20’s to till date.

Presenting a photo collage in the middle of the hall, garden or wherever the party is being organised will be a great treat. Pinning some funny notes by the co-workers on the other side of the photo collage will add a lot of fun, making the retiree laughing out loud.


retirement party ideas

Remarkable Gifts

Cake surely is a great pick when we plan for a celebration but, a simple cake might not work well for an office retirement party in India or in fact anywhere in the world. Look for something interesting that connects you to the retiree. Gifting them the monthly or yearly subscription of the clubs for his favourite games or Gym subscriptions are great for fitness enthusiasts. Retirement parties are meant to be fun and memorable , especially for the retiree. So, make them special with gifts.


retirement party gift ideas

Co-Worker Tales

You get along with majority of your co-workers really well and probably have some great memories together. Using videos to tell stories could turn out to be one of the best  office retirement party ideas. A great office retirement party idea needs careful planning and attention to make it successful.

Try to minimise the emotional side of the event, because you don’t probably want to make your co-worker sad on this special day of his life.

Retirement party ideas

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Rejuvenating Memories

Hosting a creative office retirement party can be a tough job, but the efforts will be worth it. Collecting 40-50 photographs for the photo themed office retirement party can be hectic but It can lighten the retiree’s mood in minutes.

A roller-coaster ride of memories right from the first day they joined the company to participation in all major events and achievements throughout their successful career can refresh the memories before their office journey rests.

retirement party ideas for corporates

Fun Games

There are plethora of fun games available to keep the party alive. You just have to choose the games wisely for your office retirement party. Smashing clocks is an interesting game where the retiree is supposed to smash the alarm clock which is an important symbol of the working life of a professional.

Old alarm clocks can be brought by the employees for this game. A quiz show is another great fun game where you have to write up a quiz about the retiree’s life and work accomplishments with a prize for the winner.

retirement party ideas

Video Collaborations

Photos are good but videos are great! All you have to do is to spare 5 minutes of your time to record a small message for the retiree at different locations of the office.  Get them combined in a single video. The best part about video collaborations is that the video will remain with the honorees for the rest of his life.

videography session


Yes reunion! You heard it right. Organising a reunion for the current and  previously retired employees who were colleagues of the retiree is a fantastic office retirement party idea. Because occasions like this are meant to throw light on an individual’s journey till now, and having every person in the photos and videos physically available at the celebration will make it more lively.

retirement party ideas

Autograph Book

Placing a beautiful autograph book can add more fun to the party. Ask the co-workers to write a one liner for the retiree and leave their signatures below the message. Every Co-worker can leave a message either funny or cranky and you can let the retiree guess who wrote it! Follow this up with retirement party tracks can make the evening more happening.

retirement party ideas

Wrapping Up!

Retirement parties are a great way to express appreciation towards the retiree who has invested time and hard work to make your company successful. That’s why they deserve more than just a cake and well wishes.

If you are unable to take time from your hectic schedule to plan a great retirement party, you can hire in-house team of event planners to get it done for you. Connect with our enthusiastic event planners in India at to get a quote.

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