Bridal makeup cost in India is going through the roof and it’s really important to buy a bridal makeup package carefully. Our bridal makeup cost guide is for those brides-to-be who don’t want to overspend while getting ready for their marriage and must get the worth of their hard earned money. 

However, most to-be brides must answer ‘how much bridal makeup costs?’ before they can make the bridal booking. And that’s why we have decided to help you find the answer!  

In this blog, Eventswedo will tell you everything about the wedding makeup artist cost in India. Learning about the average bridal makeup charge will help you hire the best cosmetologist in your own city. 

But first, let us understand the different types of Indian bridal makeup because the cost varies from makeup to makeup!  

Bridal makeup cost: Calculating everything

You, being a bride, must look your very best on your wedding day to slay those wedding photos. With the different types of bridal makeup options available, the bridal makeup starts at 10,000 INR (in small towns) and can go up to 100,000+ INR depending on your overall budget.

The bridal makeup cost majorly depends on the type of makeup you go for and overall package that’s created. Below are the most popular makeup styles of 2020:

  • HD Makeup
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Matte makeup
  • Mineral makeup
  • Natural makeup
  • Shimmer makeup
  • Smokey makeup

A makeup artist can create several types of makeup looks depending on what you need, what results you want to achieve, and even the kind of skin type and personality you have. Considering all these factors, we have arranged the average bridal makeup cost according to different cities of India. 

Big cities: Bridal makeup artists in metro cities such as Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai usually charge higher prices than that of tier-2 and small towns because of cost of living tends to be greater in these metropolitan areas of India.

Taking such factors into account, the average bridal makeup cost charged in Tier-1 cities varies from 25,000 INR (small makeup studios) and may go up to 1,50,000 INR (bigshot brands) depending on your overall budget. 

Most stylists expect their clients to come to their salon for makeup application and hair styling. However, if you want them to travel to a specific location, expect to pay an additional fee for additional time and transportation expenses.

Tier-2 cities: The average bridal cost taken in the tier-2 cities such as Ludhiana and Agra is much lower than that of metropolitan cities. Some makeup artists charge a flat rate based on the makeup category you will choose with a fixed price. 

The average amount of money taken by the bridal makeup artist in tier-2 cities is around 20,000 INR to 50,000 INR. If you need additional services such as hair styling and saree draping, the final makeup and grooming cost will vary. 

Small towns: Just because small towns aren’t as large as the metros or other big cities, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find good makeup artists. The beauty business in small towns of India is experiencing strong upward shift. In fact, a lot of talented makeup wizards can be found in small towns! 

With an average bridal makeup cost between 10,000 INR to 25,000 INR, stylists of small towns enhance the natural beauty and highlights the bride’s unique features. That price bar is fascinating for what they charge. Isn’t it? 

Now that you know about the average cost of bridal makeup in different cities, let us understand the different types of Indian bridal makeup.

Traditional bridal makeup

Traditional Indian bridal makeup will take the whole of you and comprises 16 items, including the dress. These items are known as the Solah Shringar of the bride. The word ‘Solah’ means sixteen and ‘Shringar’ means makeup or adornments. 

The overall cost of traditional wedding bridal makeup is determined by all the elements involved in this ancient makeup practice. Below are some essential elements that are included in the cost of bridal makeup: 

Hair routine: Before applying the customary adornments, the bride’s hair is to be oiled properly and then washed with a mixture of water, reetha and milk. After the bath to cleanse it all, the makeup team will dry out the hair and twin it according to the latest style and adorn it with flowers and jewelry. 

Below are the critical parts of traditional bridal makeup routine:

Bindi: Bindi refers to the coloured dot that dulhans wear at the centre of their forehead. It signifies luck and prosperity for Indian brides. The makeup artist will elaborate your bridal look with addition of red bindi (one matching your dress) at the center of your forehead dropping to the center of the eyebrow. 

Kajal: A black dye made out of soot from the coal fire and mixed with oil, is generally applied to the bride’s eyes. You can ask your makeup artist to apply to the both upper and lower eyelash lines. It will make your eyes look more enticing, giving it a defining shape and a hint of mystery. 

Nose ring: A nose ring is a piece of bridal jewelry worn through the left nostril by the bride on her wedding day. Generally made of gold or silver, it can be bought in a size as big as a bangle or as small as the nose pin. 

Earrings: An indispensable part of Indian bridal attire, earrings are generally made of gold and compliments the necklace that is worn. Your makeup artist may support its weight by a chain passing over the ears. 

Necklace: Necklace is the centerpiece of the whole bridal look. Indian brides wear at least one necklace on the wedding day. Necklaces can be of any type and any length. Some are arranged like a collar or choker, strung with pearls, gold pieces, and gold beads. Others are in the form of floral and garlands. 

Other items involved in traditional bridal makeup 

  • Anklet: A chain worn around both ankles and decorated with gems.
  • Bichua: A toe ring is worn on the second toe by the bride.  
  • Bangles: Also known as choodi, they are worn on the wrist.  
  • Kamarband: A waist ornament that holds the bride’s Saari in place. 
  • Ring: Sometimes called angouti, it symbolizes the love and commitment of the bride towards the groom.
  •  Mahur: Mahur is a thick red line drawn along the outer border of the bride’s foot. 

Note: Jewelry and ornaments will be purchased or rented by you but the makeup artist will charge to create the overall bridal look. 

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Contemporary bridal makeup

While the traditional bridal makeup is perfect for adding beauty and sentiment to the desi dulhan look, the contemporary bridal makeup is chic, subtle, and replete with all the modern-day fashion accessories. Combining the conventional elements with today’s cosmetics, this bridal makeup style gives the bride a modern look. 

Pro tip: Ask your bridal makeup artist to apply the makeup as a trial run before the big day. While choosing the colors, it’s important that they compliment your saree or lehenga and traditional ornaments. The overall cost of contemporary bridal makeup involves the following points: 

Skin moisturizing: Brides want a flawless complexion on your D-day. While doing the contemporary makeup, your bridal makeup artists moisturize the face using face oil before proceeding further with makeup. The team may also apply under-eye concealer. Here’s a piece of advice, ask the folks to choose an oil-based concealer if you think might become teary on the emotionally charged day.   

Foundation powder and blush: Foundation, powder, and blush are the three major contemporary makeup elements that have the power to provide a modern Indian bride look. Ask your hired makeup artist to apply a light-wearing foundation. Make sure that makeup is right for your skin color, wedding dress, and accessories. Once the makeup is done, ask him to set your makeup with a dusting of face powder and finish it with a powder blush.   

Note: Your contemporary bridal makeup cost will also vary by the quality of products used during glamifyng your look.

Now that you know about the different bridal makeup services and the overall cost taken by makeup artists, choose the perfect package, and look your best. Check out Eventswedo’s website and select the best makeup artist that can help you bring out your inner glow in the most significant manner possible. 

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