Hiring an event planner not only takes some stress off your shoulders but also makes the whole event more enjoyable. But hiring a perfect event planner to make your dream event come true is another gigantic task in itself.

You cannot (and certainly must not) just hire an event planner based on what you have heard or read about them on some magazine or blog. Finding out answers to some questions is crucial before you make the advance payment. Not sure what questions to ask? Don’t worry, we have your back. Our team spoke with best event planners of India and prepared this list of 10 important questions you must ask before hiring an event planner:

What’s the average cost of the events you have overseen?

The most important task is to understand what kind of events they have delivered in recent past. Request your shortlisted event planners to go into details of the events they have overseen and what’s the average budget they work with. Professional event planners will be clear and crisp in regard to what amount they charge usually to plan a successful event. If the said event planner keeps ignoring the cost question and tells to pay advance, consider it as a warning bell!

Can you help us stay on budget?

If you are on a low budget, another important question to ask an event planner before hiring them is whether they can help you plan a budget event? A skilled event planner can make your corporate or personal event memorable even on small budget. Ask them for budget friendly event planning tips and creative ideas to save some money.  It is a good way to test their credibility.

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How many events do you typically plan a year?

This question will help you figure out how busy your event planner usually is. Before hiring an event planner, you may also ask them for how long have they been into this business. Confirm whether he works with a team or solo because top event planners of India work with dedicate teams to make sure that nothing goes wrong. This is particularly true for corporate event planners.

How do you communicate with your clients?

During the frantic busy times just before the event, you would like to be in a quick conversation with your event planner whenever required. Before hiring a team, ensure what is the best possible way to reach them. Is it via phone call, email, or to meet in person? Also ask how much response time you should expect from them. Someone local can be a great add-on for events.


Would ours be your only event that day?

Another key question to ask event coordinator before hiring them is whether they are booked by any other party on your event day. Some event planners might successfully manage more than one event simultaneously, but we are sure you don’t want any hassle or conflict on your special day. Ensure if the event coordinator would be able to devote their time solely to event and other occasions, or if they would be taking up other clients as well?

How does payment work?

The key to any successful event planning is transparency between the client and the event planner. Being aware of the payment structure is very important. Before hiring an event planner, make sure you are aware of the payment process and terms. Some event planners prefer to receive full payment in advance, while some offer to receive it in instalments. Also confirm if they receive the payment through cash, cheques or any other mode.

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Have you done any event at the chosen venue before?

It is a sure shot bonus if the event planner has worked at the venue before. This is something you should ask prior to hiring the event planning agency. If the event firm has worked at the venue in the past, it will make the whole process a lot smoother as the coordinator is likely to know the staff and their work. If they haven’t worked at the same venue, ask them if they have planned an event at a similar location.

Have you worked with any of the vendors before?

Most of the event planners have a specific set of vendors they trust and like to work with, while some may not. Before hiring an event planner, ask her if they have worked with any of your shortlisted vendors. If yes, they might also be able to get you some special deals. Also, spare time to do some research on personal level about the vendors to get an idea of their work.

What happens in case of an emergency?

Ask the wedding planner to be specific about the backup plans in case of an event emergency. Before hiring an event planner, make sure they have a substitute team, assistants or staff available and a plan B in hand if anything goes amiss or out of track. Also confirm if there are any hidden charges for the extra staff or team. Trust us, you don’t want to be staring down on a bill you didn’t sign up for.

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Can I have a look at your contract?

Even if the event planner caters to all your requirements, do not sign any contract without having a look at the contract in written. One of the most important questions to ask event management firm before you hire them is whether they can provide you with a copy of their contract. The document should explain everything in detail including the services, price list, terms and conditions.

Delivering a successful event could be a daunting task but hiring an ace event planner certainly makes the whole process a lot more easy and convenient.

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