Weddings can scare the heck out of the groom with all the stress explosions, really! Thinking over the flawless suit, perfect tie, coordinating colours, the right pair of footwear and the perfectly pomaded beard while organizing and arranging the wedding ceremonies is quite a strenuous task for all the grooms. That’s why we thought to share this onus task and help you with some amazing styling tips for your big day! Whether it’s the desi avatar with Sherwani and Sehra or a dapper look with a chic Tuxedo, we’ll make sure you put your best foot forward while walking hand in hand with your beautiful bride. Check out these amazing styling tips that would give you the inspiration to dazzle on your D-day!

  • The Right Fit is The Key

The most important thing that defines your entire look is the fir of your wedding attire. You just can’t afford to go wrong with this one! No matter what you wear, a stunning vibrant Sherwani or a classy Tuxedo, they aren’t going to look flattering if they don’t fit your body type appropriately. So it becomes really crucial to invest a good amount of time and efforts to get that fit right, so much so that it makes people believe that you were made to fit into that perfect attire! Try getting your wedding costumes customized according to your body measures which can make you look slimmer, leaner, dapper and more put-together.

  • Complement your Bride

Grooms, take our word for it. You want to complement your bride, not overshadow her! Put a liitle thought into this and you two will become the most synchronized couple your guests have ever seen. Chat and discuss with your fiancée about the style and colours you are going to pick for your wedding as a theme. Take the fashion cues from your bride and try to set your style in blend with hers. You won’t believe how beautiful and breathtaking your wedding pictures will come out to be. It’s necessary for the theme, the couple and the décor to be in sync for that perfectly coordinated quotient.

  • Say it with Accessories

While the perfect wedding attire is all the more essential to leave that unquestionable impression on your preceding generations through your wedding photographs, it is also necessary to take note of small details that many grooms unknowingly neglect. Accessorizing your wedding costume is very important to complete your entire look and give that perfect finishing touch to it. Pay attention to the style, colours and designs and choose the accessories like watch, jewelry, brooch, tie, pocket square, cuff links etc. according to them.

  • Ditch the Shabby Footwear

You definitely don’t want to spoil your designer, exquisite wedding outfit with some regular and clumsy footwear. Getting your footwear right is a big deal when it comes to attain that perfect and trendy wedding look. Make sure that the footwear matches your style of outfit, you obviously can’t imagine wearing an embellished sherwani with classic black oxfords or derbies. So choose the footwear according to your look and invest a good amount of time and money, because why not! You ain’t getting married again (hopefully!).

  • Groom Yourself and Shine Bright

Grooming doesn’t mean you have to put on layers of make up to look like a White walker straight out from GoT. It simply means getting that fresh and clean look for the big day. And it starts from getting a relaxing spa treatment to unwind from all the wedding chaos happening since days. You definitely don’t want to walk down the aisle with that droopy face and puffy eyes due to sleepless nights. And lads, don’t shy away from getting facials, mani and pedi done before the big day. There is nothing girly about them. Period. Get them done from professionals to get that perfectly polished look for those amazing wedding pictures.

  • Say Yes to Colours

An Indian wedding is full of colours and vibrancy, and you must do justice to it by picking the right colour palette for your wedding outfit. Wearing the right colours is as important as getting the perfect fit of the attire, since most Indian grooms have the wheatish to medium brown skin tone, they can carry off almost every primary colour. The grooms can experiment with myriad of hues and contrasts. The colours of the groom’s attire are a visual factor that is also affected by the colour of the bride’s dress and the backdrop theme. All these elements make the entire look and style of the groom complete and perfect.

  • Style According to Occasions

Also, Indian weddings are not just about one day, they involve tons of rituals and affairs which can go on for days. You can pull off different styles and colours for each occasion and get sartorially experiment than ever before. You can choose an embroidered waist coat with a slim fit shirt for your bachelor’s party, the paper silk kurta or embellished linen kurta with Nehru jacket for the morning puja, a stylish, bright bandhgala paired with a Patiala and accessorized with swarovski brooch for the sangeet night and an elegant, classic Tux for the reception. Pick your choices and play with them, groomies!

So now that you know how to walk in style on your D-day, we are sure you’re gonna steal the limelight from your bride and make her jealous (get ready for the banter already!).