Whether it is a backyard party, or the biggest day of your life (your wedding), effective planning and organizing plays a gigantic role behind an event’s success. But not always everything goes as per the plan. Last minute hiccups can spoil the party and hence it is important to keep the best event planning tips and ideas at hand.

Eventswedo has created this beginners events planning guide that will help you in organizing your event in the best fashion. Here are 10 valuable tips, hacks, and guiding points that you need to remember before planning your next event.

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Be organized

If you are an organized person, then, only you can manage other people and tasks. First thing first, start following a timetable. It will develop a sense of discipline in you and help you in planning the schedule of your upcoming tasks. Prioritise the most important one and keep a check on the later to-dos.

Write it down

If you want to host a successful event, you need to create a practically executable concrete plan. Always note down your thoughts and ideas as we can’t remember everything. Think of it as an exam guide. Keep a list of tasks at hand along with status of each to make sure that you don’t miss out the deadlines.

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Make a budget

Don’t overspend! Budget plays a critical role in planning an event. If you want to organize a rocking birthday, marriage or corporate event, you are going to need funds. Do your calculations for  the various vendors and estimate the amount that you will be spending on them. Check out how much photography costs in weddings.

Choice of venue

Always rely on genuine sources. Opt for a venue that is trustworthy and brings professionalism. Choosing a cheap venue is not always helpful; sometimes, a costly place is also not worthy. Do your research in advance so that you are able to get advance booking benefits. You will be able to save handsome amount of funds on venue bookings.

Plan in advance

“Prevention is better than cure.” Avoid last minute changes by planning in advance about the things you are going to do at the event. From invitations to final showdown, be ready with a checklist and make sure it is completed before the event begins. Keep this tip in mind and plan better.

Divide responsibilities

A team is sometimes better than an individual. Create a team and assign responsibilities to all. Team members can be your family, friends or colleagues. It will reduce the workload from a single shoulder. New ideas also come up when you sit with other people. Everyone is unique and has the capability to contribute. Got money? Hire an event planning team.

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Progress report

Effective planning needs effective management. Always keep a check on the work in queue. As the event approaches, make sure you leave no page unturned to tick off everything critical. Remove the bottlenecks that come across the tasks beforehand and take help of your team and friends whenever you need it. It will help you organize your event efficiently. This is probably the best event organizing tip anyone can give you!

Final check

A day in advance, go through all the arrangements and make sure that everything is in place. Also visit the venue to make sure that they are also doing their assigned job. It will also alert your vendors and they will do your work on time. Sometimes you need to act like a cctv camera to get things done.

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The event day

Your event planning and organizing expertise will be judged during the event. Remember to stay calm and focus on your work. Summerize your to-do list and start working according to the priority tasks. You will definitely perform well. In case there are small ups and down come your way, work like a team and make your event a success.

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Follow up

Now this is the best part of this event planning advice guide. When your event winds up, evaluate yourself. You will get to know what you were best at and also what you need to learn. Learn from your mistakes and carry on with the event organizing. You will definitely become an excellent event organizer!

Without planning, event organizing is a tedious and hectic task. But if you follow this event planning guide, you will truly become known for your event planning skills. The results will be surprising and will bring cheers to every face present at the event.

Event management is an art that requires accurate planning and continuous organizing for its success.  If you are organizing an event, these tips will guide you for sure. Running out of time to plan your event? Get in touch with eventswedo at info@eventswedo.com to connect with leading event planners of India.

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