Any event – be it corporate or private – is incomplete without entertainment. In the absence of fun entertainment options, a business gathering will simply end up being an informal meetup. That’s why Eventswedo is here with 10 entertainment ideas that will help you win the hearts of your attendees. 

Add some of these entertainment ideas to your corporate event and let your clients, staff members, and stakeholders have a good time!

Below are the best entertainment ideas for your corporate event:

Stand up comedy

Stand up comedy is one of the most loved forms of entertainment for corporate events. Hire a professional comedian to treat your guests with jokes and stories that will make them laugh their hearts out. This entertainment idea will create a light atmosphere in your corporate event.

Find a venue where mic and sound system is available for stand up talent. If the team is close, consider offering the mic to attendees who would like to roast one another. That said, don’t roast your boss with too many drinks inside you. 

Karaoke with a live band

Who doesn’t love karaoke? Karaoke with a live band is a fun idea to add to your corporate event. Your attendees will get a chance to show their talent by performing on stage with a live band.

Write the name of your guests in pieces of paper and put them all in a bowl. Whosoever’s name comes out will have to take up the mic. While this entertainment idea will be a great surprise for your attendees, let the shy ones skip their turn and work with the enthusiastic ones.   

A perfect location is a must for every corporate event. Check out venues for corporate events.

Game of opposites 

This game is easy to understand but hard to play without laughing out loud. The rule is simple: your guests have to do the opposite of what you ask them. Like:

  • You say silent and everyone starts speaking
  • You say sit and everyone will stand
  • You say ‘come to me’ and they will standstill

Game of Opposites can be played in groups or the anchor can play this game by calling names of your attendees on stage. Indeed a fun idea for corporate event entertainment! 

Hire professional DJ

Nobody wants to listen to outdated music. Hiring a professional DJ will be a great entertainment investment as he or she will keep the crowd grooving to the latest hits and beats. Leaving the music system to a couple of staff members is a strict no-no. 

While hiring a DJ, tell him about your guests’ taste in music and what kind of mood you are trying to achieve. Professional DJ will surely take your guests to the dance floor.. 

Hire a professional local DJ for your corporate event.

Create a Photobooth

Photobooths are a hit at events where young adults will assemble. Everyone loves to capture photos nowadays and a designated location with props will greatly delight the guests. While some of these are expensive, your corporate event will become memorable by adding it.

Options in photo-booths are endless. You can go for Bollywood, gaming, Halloween, or festive style for your corporate event. Announce a special gift for the best photo of the event to push every guest towards photobooth.  

Hire a magician 

Magicians are usually used for entertaining children but nowadays they are being hired to delight corporate as well. The magician can walk around the crowd performing tricks and engaging them in conversations. Even simple tricks will bring oodles of fun to your event!

Card tricks, guessing names, and other popular tricks will bring cheer to your corporate event. Go for an experienced magician who knows the proper ways to entertain corporate guests.

Dance games

A lot of us love to dance but work-life rarely gives us the time and opportunity to show our passion. A quick dance competition at your corporate event can be a great opportunity for staff and participants to show their moves.

Announce a reward for the best dancer in your corporate event to excite everyone and bring their talent in the open. The dance competition will give everyone many memories worth cherishing. 

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Talent show

Everyone stays busy in work during office time and never gets a chance to show our talent to coworkers. Host a talent show and give your staff the opportunity to show their talent on the stage.

Talent show will help your employees know about each other and appreciate them for more than their work talent. We guarantee that you will be surprised how many hidden gems are there in your office!

Hire a bartender

If not in real life, you must have seen bartenders toss bottles in the air and catch them in movies. This is what your corporate event really needs. Talented bartenders can play with fire, ice, glasses, and bottles to entertain guests, leaving everyone in awe with their skills 

Juggling skills aside, you should also hire a professional bartender to mix amazing drinks for your guests. Their unique cocktails and mocktails will certain increase entertainment quotient on their own! 

Escape room

An escape room is a group activity that is quickly gaining popularity in big corporate events. Your guests will enter themed rooms and try to solve the problems to get out. Set time is given to solve the problem which adds to the excitement and entertainment.

This entertainment idea will add tons of adventure and fun to your corporate event. It will help team members bond with each other since this game requires teamwork, communication, and creativity. 

Above entertainment ideas will surely make your corporate event memorable for your guests for years to come. If you have some best entertainment ideas for corporate events, share with us in the comment box.

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