It’s time for one of the biggest celebrations of the year! Christmas party decorations often take the back seat while we obsess over venue, food, and gifts. And let us tell you that without perfect Christmas home or office decoration ideas, your Christmas party will turn out to be bland. 

That’s why we decided to create this post to help people decorate their venue for the upcoming Christmas party! In this post, Eventswedo will share 10 DIY tips to help you decorate the office or home for the Christmas bash.

Let’s start with our DIY festive decor guide!

Christmas tree decoration

A Christmas decor without an enviable Christmas tree is incomplete! Buy your Christmas tree from the market or source a real tree to take your decor to the next level. Place it at the center of your office or party venue to set the mood for all the attendees.

Use colorful lights, gifts, stars, and paper lanterns to decorate your Christmas tree. Place big paper leaves on the Christmas tree and write the names of every guest with a hearty greeting. Hang chocolates and candies to make your DIY Christmas tree delicious. 

Christmas party decoration

Festive lights

If the Christmas tree is the heart of Christmas celebration, festive lights are the soul. Light decor is one the easiest ways to decorate a Christmas party venue. You can buy or rent a variety of lights to decorate your office or home for the special day. 

Use colorful lights to decorate your venue from the outside. Place some small lights on your Christmas tree and on the walls of your venue to turn the party mode ON. Making oversized letters using colorful festive lights is also a great DIY christmas party decoration idea! 

Paper lanterns 

Paper decorations are one of the cheapest and best ways to decorate your venue for the Christmas party. Make paper lanterns of different shapes and sizes to doctorate your Christmas venue. Don’t forget to make a Merry Christmas banner using colorful papers for your Christmas party! 

If you are facing trouble in making lanterns on your own, buy them online. You can also take help from your friends and family members if you are not the artsy kind.

Watch this video to get more ideas to decorate your office for Christmas and New Year’s party!

Flower decoration

Who doesn’t love flowers? No one! Therefore, decorating your Christmas party venue with colorful flowers is a good idea. If you are going ahead with this DIY christmas decoration tip, then, the first thing to do is making a list of flowers you want to pick for your flower decoration. 

Make crowns using flowers for the kids and young girls at your Christmas party. Poinsettias and spruce branches are also loved for decorating offices during Christmas. Make a good contrast of colors using different flowers and you will totally win the holiday season.! 

Christmas party decoration

Christmas photo booth

Photo booths have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. Parties without photo booths definitely don’t rock on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. That’s because everyone nowadays loves to take pictures and safekeep memories. So, giving your guests a nice decorated place to click selfies is a great Christmas decoration idea for offices.

Make a Christmas themed photo booth. Use a light background and decorate it by taking suggestions from your friends and colleagues. If you are struggling to make a photo booth on your own for your Christmas party, go ahead with the idea of renting a Christmas themed photo booth! 

A Christmas party without dancing is BORING! Learn basic dance steps to match the festive feels. 

Water painted balloons

Balloons are one of the cheapest ways to decorate your Christmas party venue. The best thing is that they work gloriously with both home and office decoration. Use watercolors to make Christmas patterns (socks, Christmas hats, snowflakes, etc.) to get the festive spirit right. Use different sizes of balloons to decorate your office!

If you don’t have time to paint the balloons, take help from your friends, family members, or colleagues. Put candies inside the bigger balloons and put them somewhere kids can easily reach them. Be ready with the camera when the first balloon goes poof!

Fabric decoration

Colorful fabrics have a lot of uses and setting the decor is one of them. They come especially handy when people have Christmas party table decoration in mind! Decorate your tables and chairs with small pieces of fabrics to make them pretty. Don’t use glue to attach fabrics though. Simply using wrapping and tying techniques to make them hold!

If you don’t want to buy new fabrics for decorating your Christmas party venue, then, you can also use old fabrics and dupattas lying around at your home. Office decoration especially looks classy with fabrics. So, we highly recommend using this DIY Christmas party decoration idea!

Ceiling decoration

When it comes to Christmas decor, the ceiling is probably the most ignored. However, the ceiling can really set the whole ambience of your Christmas party at the office or home. Use balloons, flowers, and lights to decorate the ceiling of your Christmas party venue. 

Using light colored fabrics to decorate the ceiling of your Christmas party venue is also a nifty idea into the festive spirit. Decorating the ceiling will take some time if your venue is big. So, get started on this DIY Christmas decoration idea pretty soon!

Colorful candles

Candles always manage to come into Christmas decor conversation. Use different sizes and designs of candles for decorating your Christmas party venue on your own. If you don’t have time to find designer candles, do some artwork on them by taking help from your friends. 

Use watercolors to make unique designs on your candles. Use light color candles and paint them with bright colors. Make sure you are using some red color candles to match the theme of Christmas. You can also place the candles inside colorful bottles for decorating your venue!  

Christmas party decoration

Dance floor & DJ

Office Christmas parties without a dance floor & DJ is a strict NO NO. Connect with local DJ vendors to source a dance floor and DJ to rock your Christmas party in your budget. Do this sooner to get the best deals from local DJ vendors. 

Hang paper lanterns, disco balls, balloons, and light fixtures above the dance floor to let your guests into the festive mood. Hire experienced DJs from your city to bring your guests to the dance floor! 

DIY Christmas party decoration guide ends!

The above DIY Christmas decoration tips and ideas will help you get the perfect festive venue for your personal or office party. Since doing it all on your own will be hectic, make sure you have some helping hands to get everything done on time. 

If you are struggling to decorate your venue, hire top decorators of India to drive away from the festive stress, and focus on having fun. Got questions about DIY Christmas decor? Drop them in the comments to get help from top decoration and event experts. Stay connected with Eventswedo to plan events in jiffy!