Wedding photography is a must but cost of wedding photography often makes people go dizzy in the head. The cost ranges between several thousands to few lakhs including photography, videography and other services. Since there is so much variation in the pricing of wedding photography, most are left wondering what pricing makes sense and what doesn’t.

A high profile wedding photography package can cost around 200000 INR (and even more). Whether it’s pre-wedding photo-shoot, wedding photo-shoot, candid photography, video song shoot, drone shoots or any other service, the prices depend on some crucial factors like:

 1. Nature of wedding

 2. Timespan of wedding

 3. Location of wedding

 4. Expertise of photography team

But before we discuss economics of the wedding photography, let’s calculate how much a wedding photographer may charge you:

Neighbourhood budget photographer

Wedding photographers usually charge on daily basis. The more days you hire them for, the higher they will mark on your bill. In India, the minimum cost that your wedding photography may incur will be nearly 15,000-20,000 INR. Wondering what will you get in this photography budget?

 1. 2 Days of wedding photo-shoot without videography

 2. Couple photo session of the bride-groom

 3. Designing and developing a basic photo album

 4. Digital photos in a USB drive

In India currently, Charisma album is in trend. It costs nearly 300 INR per page. Photo quality may be compromised in this budget, but only in case of an inexperienced photographer.

cost of wedding photography

Professional budget photography team

Good things come at a price. So let’s raise the budget little higher. If you can pay around 35,000-40,000 INR, you will be served a higher rated dish in your photography platter. Let us see, what you are paying for while choosing this wedding photography price?

1. 2-3 days of wedding photo shoot with videography

2. Designing and developing a creative photo album

3. Digital photos in a USB Drive

4. Wedding video film in an HDD Drive

5. Wedding merchandise like mugs and large prints

With this marriage photography package, you get to choose the paper type and photo album style that you want. Ask for matte finishing instead of glossy since its better in quality.

Well, it’s just the beginning. Spend a little higher and you will see drones hovering above and capturing your happiness from every side, every angle.

Now we will be taking you on an exclusive tour of the wedding photography world where your wedding will be turned into a fairy tale. Bring out your credit card as the costs are going to rise.

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Premium photography package

Just like a food menu, premium photography packages have starters, main course and last but not the least, the dessert. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

The starter- pre wedding shoot

In arrange marriages, it’s really cute when couples get to know each other before their wedding day. The blushes, the hesitations and the struggling eye contacts, these are worth capturing. On the other hand, lovers are bold and never fail to express their love and affection. Their emotions and love for each other are always ready to be captured.

Pre-wedding photoshoot has gained immense popularity during the last couple of years especially in cities. Nowadays, even small towns are following this trend.

Pre-wedding shoots costs between 12000-15000 INR. The prices vary per session depending upon your photographer’s fee. The dresses, make-up, travel expenses are excluded. The cost may shoot up if you are going for a video song.

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cost of wedding photography

The main course- wedding functions

The wedding ceremony is the final showdown. Make sure you have planned well for it. Your wedding photography costs will be affected mainly due to these reasons:

1. The stretch of wedding and functions to be covered is crucial. A three-day wedding photography will cost more than two days photo-shoot. A 2-3 days wedding photo-shoot alone will cost you nearly 30,000-50,000 INR.

2. If the scale of wedding is large, then the photography team will be bigger in number. One team will be engaged in flying drones and another team will be managing videos and photo-shoots.

Last but not least, the services you ask for affects your wedding photography cost hugely.

3. Drones have set a trend of aerial shoots. It enhances the cinematography. Two sessions of 4K drones may cost you 20, 000 INR.

4. LED panels for live video streaming is also quite famous in grand weddings. It raises cost by 5000-10000 INR per session.

5. If your photo album is sent to overseas for printing, the cost will rise considerably by 20,000 INR.

cost of wedding photography

The dessert in wedding photography

These days, quick post-wedding shoots are gaining popularity. Here, the couple finds time for themselves without thousands eyes watching them. It is just like the dessert, after the main course which is savoured by the couple.

A full-fledged wedding photography package may range between 60,000 INR to 2, 00,000 INR. You should know that if you are hiring a renowned wedding photographer, the fees alone may reach 100,000 INR. Basic feature wedding photography will make you spend 15000-20,000 INR and if you want an all-in-one package, you may raise your budget to 40,000 INR.

Cost of wedding photography can surely burn a hole in your pocket. But if you search smart, you can get best wedding photography packages at an affordable cost. Eventswedo is a great place to discover amazing wedding photography deals and packages from top photographers and videographers in your region!

Photographic end note

A picture is worth a thousand words, no matter how old it is. A photograph is a story in itself, and wedding is an event of lifetime for both bride and the groom. So, it makes perfect sense to spend on the activity as per your pocket allows.

Still go questions about wedding photography cost? Let’s start a conversation in the comments section and help each other get a deeper idea about the costs associated with wedding photography.