Planning a corporate event is a herculean task. No wonder HR managers and teams planning corporate events for the first time (and on a small budget) are always asking for expert event planning tips and guides. That’s precisely why Team Eventswedo decided to come up with this detailed guide. 

In this blog, we have made a complete checklist for HRs and managers to plan a successful corporate event anywhere in the world, be it India or USA. With this event planning guide, we will save time as well as money. So, let’s get started!

Clearly define event objectives 

Before anything else, it is essential for the whole team to understand the objective behind the event. Corporate events are usually organized for team building, strategic partners, product launch, yearly achievements, and festive celebrations. 

Figuring out the objective and goals makes the event planning process easy since it becomes clearer what’s required and what isn’t. 

Event budget

In corporate circles, every event – be it small or life size – gets a budget that’s usually approved by senior management. Since money will come into play in every aspect of the event planning, it’s highly important to get the event budget approved as soon as possible. 

Pro tip – Try to deliver the event in 80 percent of the budget allocated and save 20 percent for unexpected expenses. Having a cushion for unexpected expenses can turn out to be a lifesaver!

Event date

Most corporate events that are customer or client-centric don’t offer much flexibility in terms of dates but events that are employee-centric can be planned to suit the majority’s convenience. While finalizing the date of employee-centric events, circulate a memo with 2-3 date options. 

After gathering insights from the teams, consult the top management to finalize the most practical day for the event. Finalizing date &  time in advance will reduce the burden and provide ample time for preparation.

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Select a suitable venue

Discovering and finalizing a suitable venue within your budget is a crucial task. Before finalizing a corporate event venue, look at the below 3 parameters:

  • Number of guests: More the guests, bigger the venue 
  • Venue location: Too far from office is never a good idea
  • Venue aesthetics: Parking, music system, stage, and catering are some things worth confirming before booking. 

Booking a venue in advance (say 2 months prior event) brings the power of bargaining, and also plenty of time to search for the best venue. 

Corporate event planning

Prepare a guestlist

Trust us, you don’t want to save the task of preparing a guest list till the end. Your guest list will not only be crucial for venue selection but also come handing while negotiating the catering.  Once you are done creating the guest list, tackle the task of creating invites as well and ship them as soon as possible toso that people can mark their calendars. 

Pro tip – Go with an e-invite to save time as well as resources. If a regular invite is obligatory for some guests, order them in small quantities from sites like Printvista India!

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Involve co-workers in planning

If you are in a DIY mode and don’t plan to hire an event planning expert, involving your co-workers in planning the corporate event can be extremely helpful. Identify the right people to join your event planning team and assign tasks according to individual skill sets.

Engaging the right people will definitely take off a lot of burden from your shoulders. Assign the duties to the right people and make your corporate event a success.  

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Book the vendors 

If you are planning a big event, there are a lot of vendors to be vetted and hired. Caterers, decorators, photographers, musicians, anchors, and entertainers are some of the vendors that ought to be booked. All these vendors are in high demand during the marriage season. So, make sure you book at the right time to avoid inflated costs. 

Pro tip: A lot of venues cover decoration and catering in their package. So, confirm with your venue provider before booking. 

Encourage participation

Senior management appreciates nothing more than team effort. That’s why it is a good idea to coordinate with your employees to plan a couple of performances. This is also a great way to make your corporate event hip and happening if you are running on a small budget and cannot hire entertainers.  

Identify the talented folks from your team and discuss the idea of planning a performance. A dance performance or standup comedy gig will make the corporate event more energetic and fun!

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Track arrangements 

Just making the vendor bookings and assigning roles is not going to get things done. You got to stay on top of your event planning to make sure that everything is being done on time and there are no unpleasant surprises. Follow up with vendors to make sure that there are no deviations. As the event comes close, double check everything important for the event.  

If you are planning a big corporate event or business celebration on your own, it will greatly help to assign someone the job of following up with vendors and tracking progress.  

After-event feedback 

If you are an HR or manager who regularly has to put together small or big events, then, feedback will help improve chances of success in future events. Planning a simple online survey will help you in gathering insights on what worked and what didn’t in terms of food, performances, decor, timing, venue, and everything else. Learn from the blunders and move on to the next event!

Event feedback

Plan glorious corporate events 

Corporate events are tricky because there are hundreds of big and small things to plan and execute. However, careful event planning and the right vendors section can get the job done. Browse our huge database of event vendors to identify amazing caterers, performers, music experts, venues, anchors, and whatnot to plan a glorious event.

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