People often look for Christmas party planning checklists to organize the perfect party but most party guides online don’t bring all the juicy ideas. But don’t worry, we got your back! 

In this blog, Eventswedo will share the complete checklist to help you throw a splendid Christmas party at home or office. Below are the tips & ideas that will tell you how to plan an ultimate Christmas party like a pro:

Finalize a date 

We all know that Christmas is a busy period, the busiest of the year when it comes to social events. This is the reason why it is necessary to finalize the date for your party ASAP. Some people like to throw parties on Christmas Eve, while others select 25th December for their celebrations. Businesses plan it a little early. 

The best idea is to create a poll on social media. The votes will give you an indication which date is going to be best for your Christmas party. After all, It’s a good idea to ask another person about their opinion before you tell them your opinion loudly and strongly!

christmas party checklist

Make a budget

Do you know what else is important besides deciding your event’s date? Finalizing your budget! Make a budget that covers all the important aspects including the cost of renting equipment, DJ, Caterers, and venue for your Christmas party. The size of your budget will eventually have a huge impact on the type of Christmas party you organize, determining everything from food and wine to the music and choice of venue.

Most people fail in setting up the perfect budget for their Christmas party which is the reason why they have to spend extra money that goes above their expectations. But, hiring an event planner can be beneficial for them. An event planner will arrange everything for your Christmas party under your specified budget that covers up 70% of your event stress.

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Select a party theme

Your Christmas party will look pretty boring if you haven’t selected a theme yet. Choosing a fun theme will add colors to your humdrum party. Selecting the ‘Christmas Carol-oke’ party theme will give your guests a chance to sing carols with everyone. Don’t forget to rent a room at a local karaoke bar and sing Christmas songs all night. The idea of using ‘ladies-only wine night’ theme will work like a charm for those divas who want to spend quality time with their BFFs. 

People who are planning to organize a Christmas party for their co-workers can select the masquerade theme. You can select a formal dress code and choose masks of different colors to go with it. Adding jazz music to your Christmas party will be like a cherry on the top! 

christmas party planning checklist

It’s time to put a spotlight on the most important detail while planning a Christmas party: choosing the perfect event venue! A venue plays an important role in making your party bombastic and memorable. Select an event venue that fits in your budget. Christmas parties are adequately held in banquet halls as well as lounge bars. See what works for you!

Choose a venue

You can choose the idea of throwing a Christmas party in your own home if you are tight on the budget. An event planner will help you in selecting the best venue in your city. Always make sure that your Christmas party venue is located at a place that guests find easy to reach.


Sending invitations is one of the most important points of our Christmas party planning checklist! Make a complete list of the guests that you want to invite to your Christmas party. You can hire an event card designer if you have a good budget. Make sure to select a perfect Christmas theme for your invitations. Using the internet will help you in gathering trending design ideas. 

Mailing a digital invitation card is a unique idea for those who forget to send invitations to a few of their guests. Using software like Illustrator or Canva will allow you to design your Christmas party which is going to be impactful just like traditional invitation cards.

christmas party planning checklist

Hire Caterers 

A Christmas party is incomplete without delicious food. That’s why hiring a caterer should remain as top priority while planning an event. They will arrange the delivery, preparation, and presentation of food for your guests. Make a list of the best caterers in your city and meet them personally. Be sure to choose the perfect food menu for your guests that fits under your specified budget.

Here’s the pro tip for those who are planning a budget-oriented Christmas party! Try to select fewer dishes for your party and focus more on the food quality. Choosing 15 types of dishes is more than enough for your small Christmas party. After all, “quality over quantity” is all that matters! 

christmas party checklist

Order cake

Do you know Christmas parties don’t tend to feel the same without its traditional treat, the delicious Christmas cake! Christmas cake takes on many forms with exclusive recipes that have been passed down for generations with their little twist. These cakes are filled with delicious dry fruits and usually have a cover of ice that is appetizing enough to make you lick your fingers.

Make sure your cake size is in accordance with the number of guests. Choose the baker that is known for the craft of baking and also suits your wallet. If money is not a problem, opt for the top cake baker in your city. 

christmas party checklist

Choose the right music

Do you know what else makes your Christmas party plan successful? It’s none other than good music. Dancing at the Christmas party is usually a must and it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to let their hair down. Choosing the right music is the key to make your party awesome and happening!

Start your party with the Carroll songs first and then play “Party all night” at your Christmas party. Few Indian dance numbers will get hoots too. Hire the best DJ in your city who has the magic to move the lakk of your guests on the dance floor. Also, tell him to play the music requested by your guests. 

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Plan Games

Planning Games for your guests will help you in maintaining the hype of your Christmas party. This idea comes handy when your guests will get tired after doing non-stop dance on the floor. Playing games like candy canes, truth or dare, and dum charades are considered best for spending quality time with your guests including children. 

If your guests are seeking a little more devilish fun, pretty much all of them can easily be turned into a drinking game. You can use shot glasses and a holiday-appropriate spirit such as egg nog if you’re bold! 

christmas party checklist

Above are the points that can help you in planning a perfect Christmas party! Considering this checklist will not only make your Christmas party memorable but also put smiles on the faces of your guests. 

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