Christian weddings are a vision in monochrome, but the scenario is a little different when it comes to Indian Christian shaadis. With the fusion of western wedding style and Indian culture, Christian weddings are considered to be pretty unique in India. To help you plan a glorious Christan wedding ceremony, we bring for you everything you need to know about Indian Christan marriage.   

In this blog, Eventswedo will share tips that will help you plan a perfect Christian wedding in India. Below are the top-rated for Christian wedding planning: 

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Early plans

Start planning your Christian wedding a couple of months earlier in India. Make a budget that covers all important expense details including the wedding venue, decorators and caterers. Planning your wedding early will not only save your time but also provide you with more (and sometimes better) options to choose from.

Organize meetings with vendors and tell them about your Christian wedding budget. It will be better to hire an event planner as he will arrange everything for your wedding easily and eliminate your stress. 

Write the vows 

Be it India or abroad, wedding vows play a major role in every Christian wedding. In this beautiful tradition, the bride and the groom express their love and make promises to stay together in sickness & health. Wedding vows are a chance to share meaningful, sweet words with the person you love. 

Googling wedding vows on the internet will give you nice ideas to write elegant vows for your soulmate. Pen down your wedding vows at least two weeks before your wedding date. 

Create guest list 

Prepare a list of guests that you want to invite for your Indian Christian wedding. On your invitations, be clear and specific about exactly who is invited. Digital invitations are much of a craze nowadays amongst couple. In case you forget to send an invitation to your near and dear ones, digital wedding invitations through emails and texts come in very handy.  

When figuring out your guest list, don’t cave in to pressure and include people you don’t truly want there!

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Wedding venue

It’s time to put a spotlight on the most important detail while planning an Indian Christian wedding: choosing the perfect wedding venue! A venue plays an important role in making your wedding bombastic and memorable. Select a wedding venue that fits in your budget. Indian Christian weddings are famously held in massive banquet halls as well as peaceful churches. See what works for you! 

Choosing a wedding venue near seaside will be like a cherry on top! Make sure that your wedding venue is located at a place that guests find easy to reach. 

Have a look at these top wedding venues of Jaipur!

Wedding attire

Christian wedding attire has evolved over the past decades in India. Modern-day couples are choosing latest trends over the traditional attire. Women who are looking forward to buying a wedding gown can try ball or mermaid gown fused with Indian style. Wearing these wedding dress will instantly give you the Cinderella effect on the big day. Don’t forget to wear white high heel sandals with it. 

Men, on the other hand, can wear a blue three-piece suit with brown pointed shoes. You can also wear a black tuxedo suit on your wedding day. Here’s the pro tip: style your hair in a unique way for the special occasion! 

indian christian wedding tips

Pick music wisely

Unlike other Indian shaadis, christians mostly use soothing music with the purpose of bringing sweetness and prosperity in newly wed’s life. Playing Christian wedding ceremony songs will give you the inspiration you need to create an ultra-personal ceremony that speaks to your union with each other and God. 

Of course, you can popular dance numbers after your wedding rituals! Make sure to rent speakers and a dance floor on your big day. Connect your iPod or mobile phone with speakers and make your guests groove to the latest Bollywood songs. Or simply book a DJ!  

Capture moments 

Hiring a wedding photographer and videographer on your wedding day is a non-brainer. They will not only capture the beautiful moments of the wedding but also enhance photos and videos with their amazing lens skills! Look for the best wedding photographer in your city and check whether his requirements fit in your budget or not. 

Communicate your boundaries clearly so that they can understand what ideas are and aren’t appropriate for getting awesome photos and videos without disrupting the wedding ceremony. 

Hire top wedding photographers of India to capture beautiful wedding moments!

Return gifts 

Be it desi Indian Shaadi or Christian Indian wedding, you simply can’t change our country tradition of giving return gifts to our guests. Arrange return gifts as a note of saying thank you to all your guests who grace your special occasion. Giving return gifts to your guests will not only remind them of your wedding for years but also makes our guests feel special. 

Gifts like colorful succulent plants, beautiful cookie jars, marble globe clock, and handcrafted mirrors are some of the best presents which will definitely put a smile on your guest face.

indian christian wedding tips

Ultimate Reception party

You can also use the idea of planning a reception party if you have a good budget. Throwing a party after the completion of your marriage ceremony for relatives and friends who were unable to attend your wedding will make them part of your happiness. For those who are tight on budget can throw a small dinner at any restaurant. 

And yes, don’t forget to appoint a maid, bridesmaids, the best man, groomsmen, a ring bearer and a flower girl for your Indian Christian wedding weeks in advance! 

Reception party

Above are the useful ideas which will help you to plan a perfect Christian wedding ceremony in India. You can make your D-day awesome and memorable by considering these practical tips from top wedding planners. 

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