Hosting a cocktail party is fun but if business will be discussed over drinks, the joy factor is taken over by concern and sometimes even stress. No one wants to disappoint their clients, whether in an office or at a cocktail party. No matter how much you prepare on your own, there is a big chance that one thing or the other will go wrong. This is the reason why businesses hire event planners to take care of crucial corporate cocktails and parties.

Proper planning is necessary while organizing a business event, especially a cocktail party. If you want to organize a rocking business cocktail party, Eventswedo is here to guide you with its perfect cocktail party checklist. Below are the top things to keep in mind before you plan the big formal event:

Budget planning

Deciding the budget is very important. It will be the base of your cocktail party. It’s better to plan and set the budget before stepping in the process of organizing the event. Create a blueprint of the event and note down where you need to spend the funds. Think how many people will be attending the cocktail. It will divide the budget proportionately.

Appropriate venue

Deciding venue consumes a lot of time and selecting it greatly depends on the budget. If the number of delegates are more, the venue needs to be bigger in size. Make a smart choice by taking quotes from multiple vendors. Most hotels and venue providers give discounts on advance booking. Choose the venue that fits your budget.

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Easy transportation

If the cocktail party is planned at a place far away from guests’ hotel, make an arrangement to pick and drop them. Business relationships benefit hugely from gestures. Arranging pick and drop will certainly be go down in the good books of your clients and make your business relations stronger. So, make sure you book a comfortable ride for your guests.

Creative invitations

Invitations are the first thing that comes in the mind when someone plans an event. As first impression to the invitees, they convey the nature of the event and what all to expect. For a business cocktail party where important clients will come, you certainly want to leave a positive impression. Make sure your invitations are professional, thoughtful, and personal.

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Finest drinks

What’s a business cocktail party without the tempting cocktails? It is therefore important to include the best drinks in your party menu. Having a variety of drinks, cocktails as well as mocktails is a good idea.

If entertaining international guests, make sure that you include some top quality whiskey to the menu.

Phenomenal decoration

Decoration sets the mood of the event and hence is crucial in itself. Decorate the party venue in such a way that it gives a classy appeal to your business cocktail party. Think about color theme, ceiling decoration and entrance decoration before deciding on a theme. Choosing a subtle and elegant theme is best for business cocktail parties.

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Captivating host

If you are planning something really big, then, you will need a spectacular host. Business parties planned on a grand scale has a host or speaker. Choose someone who has hosted corporate parties earlier and can make sure that the event doesn’t go bland. Your host  should be active, engaging and have good communication skills.

Delicious food

Food is the highlight of any party. If possible, create a multi-cuisine menu that includes exotic dishes from all over the world. This will definitely direct the attention of your business guests towards the food table. Be thoughtful enough to inquire about your guests’ food presences before finalizing the menu because a client with an empty stomach couldn’t be a happy one.

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Relevant music

At a cocktail party where work discussions are supposed to happen, nobody would appreciate loud and noisy music. It will be a cherry on the top if you can arrange a famous live band for the event. If DJ fits the occasion, choose someone who has played for mature or international crowds. Remember this important checklist item and organize a happening business cocktail party.


Cocktail party is a time to create bonds and what could be better than capturing the best moments on camera? Hiring a photographer is always helpful not just for the sake of keeping records but also to mark future partnerships. Hiring an candid photographer can be a good idea to capture few yet amazing shots. It is indeed a great event planning idea!

Handling emergency

With all the elements covered for a great business cocktail party, don’t forget to be prepared for any emergency situation. From first-aid to emergency cleanup, everything should be readily available in case of emergency.

Above considerations will help you in organizing a memorable business cocktail party in India or anywhere else in the world. These checklist items covers almost everything that can impress your business guests.

While we have created the best cocktail planning guide for you, it is not always possible to organize business parties on their own. Lack of time, limited funds and knowledge may constrain the success of your cocktail party to a certain extent.

When it comes to organizing a crucial business cocktail party, it is always wise to seek professional services of an event planner. Eventswedo, India’s fastest growing events vendor discovery platform, offers a huge database of ready-to-hire event planners and vendors across India who can make your business party the most  memorable, successful cocktail party ever.

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