Not every event organizer has a big event budget. Sometimes, you have to do event planning on a small expense. To help HR managers and event planners deliver successful events on a small budget, Eventswedo is here with money saving tips and ideas from top event planning experts of India!

These event planning tips will surely help you plan an event at a small expense and save money while doing that. Below are the tips for budget event planning in India:

event planning on a budget

Set your budget

First, you have to decide how much you are going to spend on your event. If you are not 100% sure about your budget for planning an event,  then, it will become hard for you to make decisions related to decoration, catering, venue, and more.

List out all the major areas on which you will be spending and get a rough idea of costing from the Indian vendors. This will help you in reaching a correct budget estimation.

Go easy on decoration

Decorate your venue with simple and cheaper materials if you are planning a budget event. Get ideas from colleagues to decorate your venue in low cost. There are hundreds of DIY office decoration ideas available online.

Decorating your venue with lights as it will be perfect for budget event planning. Lighting decoration is cheap, eye-catchy and time saving!

Here is a video we created to decorate office for festive events at small budget!

Hire affordable photographer  

Be it a corporate event or a private one, it’s incomplete without photographs. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend a big amount on photography. Hiring an affordable photographer is perfectly fine if you are planning a budget event.

There is always a friend who takes perfect pictures. Find that friend and ask them to take pictures for your event. This will be a good step for your budget event planning.

Minimize catering spend

No doubt food is one of the most important aspects of any event but if you are planning a budget event, don’t go overboard with food. In business events, you don’t need to get an extravagant menu. Most people are happy with few items to eat and drink. Buy food items which are seasonal and fresh to treat your guests.

Hire a newcomer in catering business as they will charge less compared to those who are experienced. If you don’t want to take any risks with food, simply keep the menu limited and hire an experienced caterer.

Not sure which theme will work for your event? Check out these corporate event themes ideas

Save on venue

Venue can make a huge dent on your budget for event planning. Count the guests you have invited on your event and select a venue that can easily fit them. Don’t book a huge space since it will push up the cost greatly. If you are planning something small for office staff, think about using the terrace space!

Look for venues that don’t need much decoration since it will help you to plan your event on a small budget. Some venues include food and beverages as well! So, keep an eye out for them.

budget event planning

Go digital with invitations 

We all  know nobody see invitation cards more than once. At the time when everyone has a smartphone in their hand, digital invitations not only work perfectly but also save thousands of rupees spent on invitation design & prints. Use websites like Canva to create your invitation graphic. Don’t know anything about design? We have more ideas!

Invite your guests using social media or simply call them to save money for your budget event planning. Create a classy invitation message and send them to your guests on Whatsapp. Follow it up with a call too! This is the event planning idea that can save you a lot!

Choose DJ wisely 

If you are going to plan a budget event, then choose DJ for your event wisely. DJ and sound system is an important part of an event, be it high or low budget.  While reputed DJs are expensive, there are many who offer affordable packages as well.

In case you are hosting a business event, then, you won’t need a DJ. That said, you will still need sound system if someone is going to speak to a decent crowd. A lot of venues also provide sound systems along with their venue. If you can find such a venue, it will be a budget event planning win for you!

top event planners of India.

 Hire an event planner

If you are planning a big event and want to bring down the cost, then you must go for an event planner. Professional event experts specialize in delivering the event in the budget defined by the client and can make huge savings for big-budget events.

Connect with your local event management firms to get a quote for your upcoming event. Compare the packages and hire the one that brings the most value. Here is the list of top event planners of India.

Control spend on memorabilia 

Most business and corporate events require honouring the guests, and companies often end up spending a lot of memorabilia. This spend can be brought down by getting creative. If you are hosting international guests or partners, think of something local or cultural to gift.

Tell your team to think of something unique that can be created or bought on a small budget. In case the event is not of business nature, nobody will mind if memorabilia and gifts are skipped completely.

budget event planning

Set limit of drinks

Indians love to drink and if you are not careful, you will end up spending a lot of money on alcohol. If you are planning an event for the team, there is no harm is setting a cap on the number of drinks. If clients won’t be part of the business event, then there is no need to go for expensive brands. This will bring down your drinks budget by a good margin.

Serving alcohol is also not a necessity. A good menu of mocktails and juices will be equally good for your invitees. And trust us, the teetotaler crowd will greatly appreciate this!

Above tips and ideas will surely help you plan your budget event in India with ease. Do you have more event planning hacks that can help save money? Share them in the comments section and let’s spread the knowledge!

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