Birthdays are special, particularly when it’s your baby’s first one. An ultimate baby birthday party checklist comes handy during preparations and makes sure that you don’t miss out on something important. Whether it is cake smashing by those adorable hands, or tiny tots dancing to the rhymes, birthday is all about joy and fun in India.

Creating a to-do list is a reliever when it comes to organizing birthday parties because it eliminates chances of last moment panics that often occur due to inadequate or no planning at all. Below is the perfect birthday party checklist!

Start planning a month before

Birthday comes once in a year, and when it comes to your kid’s 1st birthday, it has to be unforgettable. So, planning in advance is the best thing to do. Start thinking about the basics of a party at least a month before the celebration date. Work with below birthday party planning pointers perfect for Indian parents:

1. Create a guest list for your baby’s birthday party

2. Decide a venue for the party.  Book in advance, it will also be light on your wallet. If an outdoor venue is available and the climate is favorable, it will be awesome.

3. If planning to celebrate at home, think about the space and gathering it can accommodate.

4. Decide on a children birthday party theme to make it fun for other children too.

Design & deliver party invitations

Done deciding who will come to the party and where it will happen? It’s time to start designing the invitations to the guests whom you want at your baby’s 1st birthday bash. While some parents create cute baby birthday cards on their own, others hire design professionals to create cool digital invitations forwarded on social media & messaging. Once you have the invitations with you, it’s time to send them!

Even if you forget to invite some of your friends or relatives, you still will have ample time to invite them later. But make sure you call them before the birthday party!

birthday party checklist

Your Baby’s outfit

If you are planning for a theme cake day celebration, you will need to look out for the best outfit for your baby. Your kiddo will be the centre of the attraction and you will definitely want the baby to look the best above all. Pro tip – Take ideas from family or friends or browse some baby dressing boards on Pinterest. Do inform the guests about the theme so that they too make arrangements on their side.

Decide party menu

Whether you are celebrating your child’s 1st birthday party at home or at a farmhouse, menu plays the most important role. Plan and jot down western and Indian delicacies you know everyone will love to savour. Also keep in mind some special items that will be exclusive for the kids. Finalizing an amazing party menu is a must-have for your birthday party planning checklist for India!

 birthday party checklist


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Shortlist & hire caterers

It is hard to cook everything if the gathering is huge. Hire amazing local caterers even if you are celebrating at home to relieve the burden from your shoulders. Most of them have magnificent preparation skills, pre-defined menus, and also rich ideas regarding the presentation and serving. This can be a great birthday bash planning tip if you are an Indian parent with demanding career.

Get the cake right

Your kiddo’s cake should not only fascinates you but the guests too. Make sure your cake size is in accordance with the number of guests. Choose the baker that is known for craft of baking and also suits your wallet. If money is not a problem, opt for the best cake baker in town. After all, it is the 1st birthday party of your child.

 birthday party checklist

Thank You cards and return gifts

We all love gifts, and your baby will  receive a lot of them on his first big day. However, the gesture of return gifts to the little guests will make an impression on attending parents. If it’s heavy on your pocket, go for thank you cards. A smart, simple and adorable idea, don’t forget to present them with a smile. Note down this in your cake day celebration checklist for your baby’s first birthday party. Yippie!

Plan birthday party games

Kids without games? Can’t imagine that. Planning fun games for children in advance will be a good thing to do. Just go ahead and do research on game ideas according to  the age group which is coming to the party. We love Tambola and Musical Chairs in India but let’s accept that it is old school. For tiny tots, smashing balloons is a fun task.  We think mommys and daddys of little ones will also love to become children.

 birthday party checklist

Finalizing arrangements

We are at the end birthday game now. Below are few points you go to take care of in the last week of the birthday!

1. Pay a visit to the finalized venue to know the current condition of the place. If you plan to organise it at home, do some basic cleaning and safety checks.

2. Make sure that your checklist does not miss the food preparation timeline. The dishes must be ready when the cake is cut. If someone is organising a party for you, inform them with the timings in advance.

3. Give an outline about the decorations so that you get what you ordered. It is an essential to-do list item for birthday parties.

4. If you are planning to invite guests at home, start purchasing the items you need for the party.

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Final showdown tips

Wow, you pulled it through! Well, it won’t have been easy if the checklist wasn’t there. A successful-party for your child’s 1st birthday needs to pass the final test; that is, the celebration day. Remember below things:

1. Make sure the cake is collected on time.

2. Check if the premise is child safe.

3. If you hired an event organizer, stay updated with the arrangements.

4. Go again through the checklist, see if the event planning is going as you wanted.

 birthday party checklist

Enjoy the party

Parents love nothing more than seeing their baby happy. Have fun and stay jolly during the event. Babies are unpredictable but mommy knows the best and she can turn the cries into smile. Attend your guests and allow the children to have a fun feast. It’s 1st birthday of your child!

After-party cleanup

Planning is incomplete if the wind up is not done correctly. Seek help of family and friends in the clean up. If you have arranged for party organizers, then, need not worry. They will have the idea how to wind up.

One last tip – It will help making arrangements for 50 guests, if you are inviting 45. It is a good idea to avoid last moment stress, especially in India.

Home party celebration essentials

The time has passed and only a week is left to plan a house birthday party for your toddler. Below are the party essentials if you are planning something private and affordable:

1. Decoration material

2. Birthday bags

3. Balloons

4. Disposable plates and glasses

5. Sweets and candies

6. Cleaning materials

While planning the 1st birthday of your child, make sure you have this checklist with you, and if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask your family and friends for help.

Birthday party – End note

It is not possible for us to be perfect at planning. When it comes to 1st birthday of your baby, things can get a bit messy as it’s also your first time. This checklist will not only act a guide to celebrate birthday party, but also waive off planning hiccups.

Never hesitate to take an expert’s opinion if you can afford it. They will arrange the best party vendors and organisers to you, starting from catering to decorations, photography, party theme, and everything else.

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