Whether it’s a wedding or business party, we simply can’t entertain guests without the help of caterers and their culinary skills! Lucknow- the city of Nawabs – has a large number of caterers to choose from which often leave people puzzled about choosing one for their event.

In this blog, Eventswedo brings you the list of best wedding & event caterers in Lucknow which can help you host a magnificent food extravaganza.

Here is our list of best wedding caterers in the city of Nawabs:

Chef and Butler, Lucknow

Chef and Butler are one of the most famous caterers in Lucknow. Known for their delicious ‘home-cooked style’ cuisines, they provide high-quality food which will make your guests lick their fingers. With the title of ‘award-winning team’, the crew of Chef and Butler has an innovative and creative approach to catering whilst also ensuring the basics are right.

The per plate cost of chef and butler starts from 700 INR to 1000 INR. Whether it’s about veg or non-veg services, their menus are designed to meet the varied palates of your guests. And guess what, they also custom design the menus that suit your needs & budget.

best wedding caterers in lucknow

Food Planners, Lucknow

If you are living in the area of Jankipuram, then, you must be aware of Food Planners catering services. Another catering firm based in the city of Nawab that will make sure that food quality is nothing less than delightful! From famous Indian cuisines to international cuisines, they provide one of the best catering services in Lucknow.

Food Planners works enthusiastically to deliver food in a way that delights the eyes and is palatable to the tongue of your guests. With the per plate cost between 600 INR to 900 INR, they always take care of the comfort and satisfaction of their clients.

Aarti Caterers, Lucknow

Looking for a caterer that provides the best vegetarian menu in Lucknow? Worry no more! Aarti Caterers is at your service! With the main motive of delivering impeccable culinary and event services, their team makes sure that every single dish is prepared with locally sourced, seasonal and organic ingredients. From North Indian dishes to South Indian dishes, Aarti Caterers never disappoint their guests with the food variety.

The per plate cost of Aarti Caterers varies from 500 INR to 800 INR. Most importantly, your guests will feel welcomed with the high standards set by their gracious and highly trained staff.                              

best caterers in lucknow

Metro Catering And Events, Lucknow

Let’s talk about the caterer whose services are good and fast just like its name. Yes, we are talking about ‘Metro Catering and Events’ of Lucknow! They provide well-trained staff and chefs who can make your event memorable, food wise. Whether you are hosting 200 or 2000 guests, Metro Catering never compromises over the food quality and love to make their guests happy with their premium services.

Metro Catering and Events offer all types of cuisines with a specialty in Lucknow cuisine. With the per plate cost starting from 450 INR, they are considered to be one of the best caterers in the city of Nawab!

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The 3 Cheers, Lucknow

Maintaining hygiene is important and 3 Cheers makes it their top priority! The 3 Cheers are one of the best caterers in Lucknow that provide quality service and tasty food along with maintaining proper hygiene. They have an experience of more than 10 years and believe in building good relationships with their clients. With a talented team of chefs, they aim to create delicious and impressive vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.

From weddings to birthday parties, the 3 cheers will fulfill all your demands and will make sure to satisfy your guests with their work. Their per plate cost is from 400-750 INR.

best wedding caterers in lucknow

Manjeet Caterers, Lucknow

Manjeet Caterers provide one of the best catering services not only in the city of Nawabs but also in other cities of Uttar Pradesh. With a wide range of delicious food, they provide quality and courteous service to their guests. Whether it’s about providing service in small birthday parties to big music events, Manjeet caterers always give their best shot and never let their clients down!

With the experience of more than 5 years, Manjeet caterers present their dishes in the most unique and creative manner. One plate can cost you between 650 to 850 INR while hiring them.

Shaam-e-awadh Caterers, Lucknow

Let’s focus on one of the top-notch catering service providers in Lucknow! The one and only, Shaam-e-awadh caterers! They are famous for providing their Nawabi services in and around Lucknow. With the innovation of creating unique culinary experiences, Shaam-e-awadh makes sure that everything is personalized to reflect the client’s style, taste, and vision. 

Whether it’s a small group of 50 people or a crowd of 5000 people, Shaam-e-awadh always serve their guests with delightful wonders! With the per plate cost of 400 INR, they will serve zaykedar khanna and treat you not less than any nawab!

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Kalika Caterers, Lucknow

Kalika caterers have been serving for many years in the city of Lucknow. An active team full of enthusiasm and creativity provides excellent and scrumptious food to their guests. Kalika Caterers provides an array of services which can be modified according to the client’s preferences and budget requirements. The average per plate cost is between 700 INR to 1000 INR.

best wedding caterers in lucknow

Above is the list of best caterers one can choose in the city of Nawabs! Lucknow is famous for its shahi food and hence these caterers can help you to make your event successful with their high food quality. If you are planning to get married in Lucknow, these caterers can help you to cover 25% of your wedding stress and make your guests happy by their top-notch services.

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