Be it outfit, jewelry or makeup, South Indian brides and attending ladies score in everything. However, there is one element that isn’t much talked about but makes us fall in love every damn time. And that’s South Indian wedding hairstyles! 

There are so many unique South Indian wedding hairstyles that it often becomes difficult for brides, bridesmaids, and other ladies to pick a favorite. To make marriage hairdo selection slightly less overwhelming, we decided to help.  

In this blog, Eventswedo will share 10 jaw-dropping South Indian wedding hairstyles that make you star of the night and bring the best out of your outfit and makeup as well. Following are the best South Indian wedding hairstyles that will give ladies all the inspo they’ve been looking for: 

#1 Classic Gajra Bun

No matter what hair type you have or how long it is, a classic Gajra bun as a South Indian wedding hairstyle will always ensure you a royal and sleek look. hair buns are an intricate part of Indian weddings. Be it an engagement or wedding, most ladies do end up making a bun for at least one of these occasions because this classic South Indian hairdo looks so traditional yet attractive! 

Adding Gajra is a staple choice for South Indian bridal hairstyles. Most traditional dulhans and attending ladies decorate their hairstyles with white and colorful flowers. Need a simple yet elegant look? Simply wrap a Gajra string multiple times around your bun and you are good to go for the wedding: 

South Indian wedding hairstyles

#2 Embellished bubble braid

Bubble braids have been around for a while but 2020 witnessed their resurgence in South Indian weddings. These are easy to achieve plaits that consist of fluffed-up sections of hair (or bubbles) divided by generously spaced out elastics. 

To attain a bubble braid hairstyle, you need 5 five hair ties. Brush out your strands and pull them into a high ponytail. Take two medium-sized sections from the top of the ponytail and bring them back. Do the same until you reach all the way down the ponytail. 

At last, tie it off with a ponytail holder to secure it. You can also scatter dainty stone embellishments to enhance your overall South Indian bridal look. 

#3 Side-swept fishtail 

Side-swept fishtail braid hairstyle has its own charm and beauty. They are perfect for all kinds of South Indian marriage celebrations, be it wedding or ring ceremony. This simple yet intricate looking hairstyle has become popular because of its ability to be dressed upside or dressed down. 

Begin the fishtail by separating hair into two sections. Take small pieces from the outer edge and cross them over to the opposite side. Braid down the hair as far as possible and secure it with the clip. Add dainty accessory or motif flowers for a delicate, feminine look. 

South Indian wedding

#4 Jada hairstyle with gold ornaments 

A South Indian wedding hairstyle look list is incomplete without Jada. Earlier, the braids of a bride were adorned with fresh flowers. But nowadays, ladies prefer to embellish their hair with real gold ornaments. Beautifully crafted, they emphasize this South Indian wedding hairstyle and take it to a whole new level. 

Attaining a Jada hairstyle isn’t easy as it requires special attention to the details. We recommend you to hire a professional hair stylist in your town or city to master this look. In case you have a South Indian aunt who is good with this, ask her for help!

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#5 The pink rose liner hairstyle

A famous modern-day wedding hairstyle for South Indian brides. The pink rose liner is an ultimate princess wedding hairstyle and involves getting your hair complete with elaborate hair designs and rolled up from the front. The hair will be intricately woven and topped off with gem pins. A nice South wedding hairdo for young girls too!

The lining at the bottom of the bride’s bun can have complete pastel pink-hued flowers. Pink rose liner hairstyle overall is a complete stunner. South Indian girls who don’t want to use roses could replace them with jasmine flowers. 

south Indian brides

#6 Shoulder-grazing side braids with florals 

Just because you don’t have long hair doesn’t mean there is any dearth of pretty South Indian hairstyles for you. A shoulder-grazing side braid will look oh-so-pretty finished with delicate blooms tucked here and there on the head.

Make sure to swoop the top part of your hair back to the crown before braiding down. You can also pair a white pearl wedding headband with florals. Sometimes, wrapping a white ribbon around your hair can also elevate your bridal look during a South Indian wedding. 

#7 Curly side-swept hair

Getting your hair curled and sweeping it at one side on your wedding day is not very common in South Indian weddings but it is slowly getting into the trend. We know it is an ideal South Indian bridal hairstyle for a  ring ceremony but seeing dulhans sporting it at their D-day exude freshness and an attractive change. 

To try this marriage hairstyle, pull back your hair to fix maang tikka and go-ahead with soft curls with your hair open. Curly side-swept hair is worth trying in case you want to give the traditional Jada hairstyle a miss. 

south Indian wedding style

#8 Donut bun with a braid 

Thinking of getting a donut bun hairstyle but also love the idea of getting braids? Let’s fuse them up! While there is nothing better than a donut bun for South Indian brides and ladies matching their hairdo with saree, fusing it with a braid will amp up their overall wedding look. 

What they need to do is to tie their hair in a donut bun first and use flowers to decorate in a way that the center of the bun stays bare. At last, suspend a faux braid to get a dazzling look on the D-day. 

Pro hair styling tip: Use traditional brooch accessories to glamify your hairdo.   

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#9 Retro style with plates 

Let’s all go back to the fashionable sixties when doing a plaited hairstyle was a real deal among South Indian women. This hairstyle still has the charm to make any bride look drop-dead gorgeous on her wedding day. To achieve this retro hairstyle in 2021, do a bouffant to add some volume to the bride’s hair and then couple it with neat & precise pleats running along one side. 

Once the bouffant is placed, brush the remaining hair to a side and then braid accordingly. Use a big flower to complete the retro look. This bridal hairstyle is best suited for women with long hair.

#10 Front puffed hair decorations 

We couldn’t resist ourselves from telling you about this evergreen South Indian hairstyle. It is a fully flower-covered hairstyle where three layers of floral gajra have been used to cover the base of the braid and back of the head. A single floral decoration is also used to cover the whole length of the braid that ends in a black tassel. 

Brides and ladies can also use matching ornaments to their floral hairstyle. It will definitely add additional charm to your overall wedding look!

wedding hairstyles

Above are the 10 famous South Indian traditional bridal hairstyles for a 2021 wedding. Choosing one of these hairstyles will help you create a heavenly wedding look for all the happy occasions. Despite looking royal & gorgeous, all of these hairstyles are also very easy to style. 

In case, you are unable to attain ‘that sumptuous look’ on your own, make sure to discover top bridal makeup artists and hair stylists on Eventswedo and hire them for help! 

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