Marilyn Monroe once said that beneath the makeup and behind the smile, she’s just a girl who wishes for the world. This goes for every woman! Whether she resides in New Delhi or in New York, every girl wants to be the showstopper, especially at her wedding. In this blog, Eventswedo presents top bridal makeup artists of NCR that bring out the queen in every woman. Whether you want to look a dazzler for a wedding, birthday or any other occasion, these makeup artists will get it done!

Here are Delhi’s top makeup artists and their wedding and hair makeup packages. Let’s begin!

Nivritti Chandra, NCR

Nivritti Chandra, a professional makeup artist from Dilli has been a part of this profession for the last 8 years. She is one of the leading bridal makeup artists of Delhi and loves her work of making people feel and look beautiful. Nivritti is the best in Delhi region when it comes to blemish fixing and contouring. In addition, she has a great taste for jewellery matching.

Nivritti Chandra’s wedding, hair and makeup package will cost you near 35000 INR. But her work is worth more than it!

bridal makeup artist in delhi

Chandni Singh, Delhi

If you want to taste class and elegance, makeup artist Chandni is the best name in India’s capital city. She’s a little different in approach as compared to traditional makeup artists. She believes in simplicity with elegance. Her makeup will blend in intelligently to accentuate your beauty and hide your slightest flaw which is not a thing every makeup artist can do.

What will Chandni’s professional service in Delhi cost you? It is 40000 INR for the entire hair and wedding makeup.

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Aarti Makker, Delhi 

Arti Makker is a Delhi-NCR based professional makeup artist. With 10 yrs of experience in makeup field, her creativity is at its best. She believes, ‘Each eye patiently waits for a glimpse of the bride, and everyone awaits her arrival with bated breath,’. Arti has also earned her name as a bridal makeup artist for destination weddings. She stands tall in our list of best bridal makeup artist in New Delhi.

If you want Aarti to glam up your look at your wedding, get ready to debit 22000 INR.

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Farhan Rizvi

Working since 2010, Farhan Rizvi is a popular name in the makeup artist industry. Like every other top makeup artist he is passionate about his work. Farhan is known for creating a natural & warm beautiful look using his palette of colors, pigments, and textures which compliment the bride’s much-awaited look as per her unique personality. He does not hold a makeup brush, but a magic wand! That’s what his clients say about him.

Hiring Farhan to become the most beautiful bride will cost you 21000 INR. It’s the full package including hair makeup.

makeup artist in delhi

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Poonam Rawat, NCR region

Poonam Rawat is indeed a deserving name on Eventswedo’s list of Delhi’s top makeup artists. Her work has been published in India’s top fashion magazines including Women’s Era, Wedding Affairs, and Grihshobha. At present she is a freelance makeup artist working in Delhi and the NCR area. Poonam is the right professional artist to go to for all your bridal makeup needs.

Poonam is a professional who won’t hit your budget hard but give you a complete wedding package in just 17000 INR.

bridal makeup artist delhi

Avantika Kapur

Avantika is a skilful curator for the perfect bridal look that perfectly suits your outfit, personality as well as the event. Undoubtedly, Ms Kapur stands a sure shot chance to be in Eventswedo’s list of Delhi’s top wedding makeup artists.  What makes her unique is beautifully done coral tones, non cakey base and the natural look that every bride desires on her wedding day.

She has a big list of loyal clients. Her complete wedding hair and makeup package will cost you 25000 INR.

wedding makeup artists in delhi


High Definition Makeup is where none stands a chance against this Delhi’s top wedding makeup artist. He has also earned his name in  makeup industry for fashion and photography, TV, films and theater. One of the most demanded makeup artists of India’s capital city, Guru is a makeover magician. If you are looking for the best bridal makeup artist, consult Guru!

Guru likes to keep it to the clients how much will they pay for the package. It may vary between 20,000-30,000 INR for your complete bridal makeup package.

wedding makeup artists in delhi


Oosh! Like her name, is one of the most unique makeup artists of Delhi. She’s a freelance makeup artist in Delhi NCR. She always knows what’s best for the client. A glamorous look is her favourite one which always makes the bride to outshine everyone on their big day. She always use branded, high quality makeup products and her favourite brands include NARS, MAC, Becca etc.

In only 18000 INR, you can get professional bridal makeup package from Oosh. It’s a steal deal!

wedding makeup artists in delhi

Anu Kaushik

Every girl wants to look special on her wedding day and on every party, small get together and so on! The thing is that women always want to look perfect and they deserve it too. If you want to look effortlessly perfect on your big day, then Anu is the one for you. You can rest assured that you won’t look like a painted doll on your D-day. Anu has got the finest makeup artist hands in Delhi.

Anu’ favourite look has always been the natural look, whilst highlighting the eyes. Ask her a quote and she will feedback after knowing your requisites.

wedding makeup artists in delhi

Pooja Sethi, Delhi region

Pooja has been trained at  Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Center in the US. She is the perfect bridal makeup artist when you want that minimal, classy vivid style on your D-day. Here’s the cherry on top! She gives personal consultations leading up to the wedding to get you on a beauty regimen which will help you become the perfect bride on your wedding day.

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Wanna know how much you are going to spend on Delhi’s top makeup artist? Just 24500 INR and your wedding makeup will be the talk of the town.

wedding makeup artists in delhi

Above were New Delhi’s top wedding makeup artists. Delhi is home to thousands of talented makeup artists who can give you the perfect wedding makeup. If you are planning your wedding in or around Delhi, hire one of these makeup wizards and they will make you look the most adorable bride.

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