Planning an event in India is tough but if you are planning a Bengali wedding, well, just be prepared to go bonkers! To be on the safe side, you must start planning a Bengali wedding at least a couple of months before the D-day to make sure everything goes pitch-perfect. 

When it comes to Bengali weddings, couples and families are often confused while making a to-do list. That’s why we decided to help by creating this post about planning a Bengali wedding like a pro.

Read on to discover 10 things to keep in mind for planning the perfect Bengali wedding. 

Make a list of guests

Be it venue or catering, nothing can be decided 100% unless you have taken a headcount. Therefore, the first step while planning a Bengali wedding (or any wedding for that matter) should be making the list of guests. 

Take the count while assigning tags:

  • Will come 
  • Likely to come
  • 50-50
  • Might come
  • Won’t come

This will help you make wise decisions related to catering and accommodation. Make this list with your family members around so that they can include their guests as well.

Bengali wedding

Make a budget and enquire 

The first step while planning a Bengali wedding is to make a budget. Decide how much you want to spend on different functions, ceremonies, and where you don’t want to splurge. This will help you to cut corners where required and make sure that everything goes as planned. 

From wedding venues to lighting, decor, catering, flowers, topiary, jewelry, tatwo, and transportation, everything will cost money. So, it will be very wise of you to reach out to multiple vendors and gather quotes for everything that will cost a considerable amount of money.

Wedding ceremonies

Bengali weddings have unending rituals and ceremonies that take place during the wedding and also after the wedding. Bor Boron, Potto Bastra, Saat Paak, Mala Badal, Subho Drishti, Sampradan, Yagna, Saat Pak (couple), Anjali, Sindur Daan and Ghomta are the major rituals that take place during the wedding. 

Bashar Ghar, Bashi Biye, Bidaye, Bou Boron, Kaal Ratri, Bou Bhaat, Phool Sajja, Dwiragaman are some wedding ceremonies that take place after the wedding is done. While some of these Bengali wedding rituals and ceremonies are part of most Hindu weddings, few are unique. While most of the ingredients can be found at your local Dosho-korma Bhandar, others will need to be arranged from somewhere else. So, plan it all in advance!  


Look for a pandit who has knowledge of Bengali culture to make sure all ceremonies are done in the right way. If you have grandparents at your home, then, onboard them in the preparations to simplify your work!

Book a venue

Imagine you have planned everything but forgot to book a venue. It will be the worst nightmare a couple could have. Book a venue while keeping in mind the functions you have planned out. 

Booking a venue early will help you secure a place that’s right for your guests, functions, and budget. The more you will delay, the thinner will be the chance that someone else will book your favorite wedding hall! 

That said, don’t book in a hurry! Study the venue offerings carefully to make sure that it is the right fit. Double-checking the below makes perfect sense while planning a Bengali wedding:

  1. In-house DJ or not
  2. In-house catering or not
  3. Alcohol permitted or not
  4. Pet friendly or not
  5. In-house waiting staff or not
  6. Accommodation available or not

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Invitation cards

Taking care of the above would easily consume a month. Now that the wedding is near, it is time to finalize your wedding invitation and ship it to the guests! First thing first, select a card design for your Bengali marriage. Browse on the internet to get inspired or ask your buddies to share some recommendations. 

Getting the names, location, and dates right is very important before the invitation cards are sent out for printing. Carefully check the first draft sent by the card vendor for spelling errors and typos. 

While sending out the cards, keep the guest list with you and strike off the guest’s name on making the delivery or shipment. This will help you to make sure that every loved one is invited! Got a modern fam? Consider getting an e-card or invitation video!

Bridal preparations

You are done with the venue and invitations but what about bridal outfits and jewelry? Remember, ladies take lightyears to shop and your shopping should start at least 1 month before the wedding festivities start. 

Start shortlisting dress designs and jewelry on Pinterest to make sure that you buy the perfect wedding outfit for your special day. Below are the outfits most loved by Bengali brides:

  • Wedding saree: Red is the winning color for the wedding day. Most brides shop multiple sarees for different functions!
  • Wedding gown: A hit amongst modern brides at the wedding reception!
planning a bengali wedding

Hire a makeup professional early on as well so that you can get feedback on wedding looks as per dresses, jewelry, and functions!

Hire DJ or entertainers 

Have you ever seen an Indian wedding without a DJ or entertainers? We have but most of them were BORING! Weddings in India are incomplete without music, dance, and oodles of fun. That’s why you should plan what you want to treat your guests with during your wedding. 

While experienced DJs know which songs will bring guests on the dance floor, entertainers like dance crews, bands, comics, and anchors set the wedding mood in their own way. Don’t forget to speak with your venue provider since they also sometimes include DJ in the package! 

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Groom preparations 

Just like brides, grooms also have their share of preparations to make. And the biggest one is certainly choosing the right outfit for different functions. Buying a perfect outfit for the groom is not as easy as it seems. It is always best to finalize the groom’s outfits a month early since stitching and fittings also take time. 

Below are the most loved marriage outfits by Bengali grooms:

  • Dhoti Kurta
  • Sherwani

Grooms who love to make a fashion statement should think about the beard, haircut, and skincare months in advance to pull off the look perfectly!

Wedding delicacies 

Bengali weddings are incomplete without tasty delicacies! Schedule a meeting with your caterer to finalize the list of food items you want to add to your wedding menu. Keep both vegetarian and non-vegetarians in mind to make sure that every guest has something to drool on. In case some of your friends or family are vegan, then, make sure that the right dishes are marked!

Below are the most famous dishes that are must-have in a Bengali wedding:

  • Mochar Chop
  • Poteler Dolma
  • Mishti Pulao
  • Fish Paturi
  • Chingri Malaikari
  • Mishti Doi

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Bengali wedding

Hire a wedding planner

If you are not familiar with Bengali culture but have been delegated the task of planning the wedding, then, you should totally consider hiring a local wedding planner. Local event planners are familiar with the rituals, ceremonies, food habits, preferences, and have the network to plan the immaculate Bengali wedding with ease.   

If you are low on budget, look for a newcomer in event planning as they will charge less. This will help you organize the wedding in your budget. That said, keep an eye on their work as they have less experience! 

Plan a Bengali wedding 

People in India celebrate weddings like festivals. So, it is important to make sure everything goes picture perfect. While the above tips will help you plan a glorious Bengali wedding, it is almost impossible to have a memorable event without the right vendors.   

Browse our website to discover top wedding vendors and speak with them to get the best deals for your special day. Did we miss anything crucial? Drop your Bengali wedding recommendations in the comments to help our community of readers plan an impeccable Bengali wedding!