Makeup can enhance your beauty only on the outside but what if we tell you homemade beauty tips and remedies to glow from the ins420ide, making you extra ravishing? I think that will be super since there is nothing more a young bride desires that glowing skin and positive vibes at her wedding day!

Practising our amazing homemade beauty tips and lifestyle ideas 1 or 2 month before marriage can give you a massive look upgrade. So, here are the home remedies for the pretty ladies gearing up for their D-day!

Drink more water

Okay, you might be hearing this too often, but yes it is true! Water is called the elixir of life for some reason. Life begins with water and so does the journey of a glowing skin for your wedding day. The prime home tip for bridal preparation before marriage is to keep yourself hydrated.

1. Always keep a water bottle at hand or within reach.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, DAILY.

Very basic beauty tip for brides before 1 or 2 month of marriage but the perfect one to get started.

homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage

Start eating healthy

Every wedding guide for brides will tell you to use certain skin essentials for radiance, but only a few will tell you the real secret. A healthy outside starts from the inside. Our skin requires proper nourishment to get that youthful glow and it won’t come until you kick the junk food.

Make sure that you eat right and take care of following points.

1. Eat your greens.

2. Eat seasonal fruits.

3. Never skip your meals.

4. Stop with drastic weight loss regimes.

Follow the CTM routine

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing. This is one of the most important Indian bridal tips before one month of marriage that should be religiously followed. If the pores in your skin are left clogged they will make you look dull. Donno what CTM is? Here is a quick guide:

1. Cleansing helps in removing dirt and excess sebum from your skin.

2. Toning is helpful and necessary for people with oily and acne-prone skin. It also works wonder for people who want extra cleansing.

3. Moisturizing helps lock the moisture and maintain the softness of your skin.

This is home beauty tip for every bride since it is no rocket science, girl!


Use homemade face packs

One of the best home beauty remedies for brides-to-be before wedding is starting with homemade face packs. Besan and multani mitti facepacks are something our mothers have been asking us to use since our school days. For those who haven’t used them ever, we have enlisted a few homemade facepacks for your skin:

1. Multani mitti and rosewater.

2. Sandalwood paste and rosewater.

3. Mint leave paste.

4. Gram flour, turmeric and lime juice.

5. Fruit packs made of strawberries, papayas or apples.

Indian bridals, your mom will also appreciate you for using this tip before marriage.

Start exfoliating

Another beauty tip for bride to start following before 1-2 month of marriage is proper exfoliation of the skin. Exfoliation removes the dead skin and also helps remove blackheads. Use a scrub to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Always apply a facepack after scrubbing. Make a scrub at home with:

1. Rice flour and honey.

2. Walnut granules and coconut oil.

3. Oats and honey.

4. Coffee and coconut oil.


Take care of hands and feet

While running around for dress measurements, bachelorette, and tons of other things, don’t forget to take care of your hand and feet. Maintain the cleanliness of your hand and feet by following bi-weekly manicures and pedicures. Apart from the salon treatments, follow these sole hand and foot beauty tips for bride before one month of marriage:

1. Use a pumice stone on your feet to remove the dead skin.

2. Massage the hands and feet with olive oil.

3. Use almond oil to keep your nails healthy.

Start meditating

The wedding period is a stressful time and it can play havoc on your skin and overall health. Meditation is an effective way to relieve stress and stay connected with your inner self. Take out some time for yourself to ward off the tension and anxiety.

A damsel in distress only looks good in a Taylor Swift song. Take care of your mental health and meditate at least thirty minutes a day to feel more calm and relaxed.

homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage

Pick power foods and beverages

Indian weddings are a marathon rather than a sprint. They can last for many days, leaving the bride drained. As a complete pre-wedding beauty & wellness guide for brides, we recommend you to maintain a power packed diet so that you have the energy to sail through the mega event.

Add the below mentioned power foods and beverages to your diet!

1. Avocados

2. Walnuts

3. Soy products

4. Dark chocolate

5. Fatty fish

6. Beetroot

Sip on the following beverages to get a natural glow:

1. Coconut water

2. Lime water

3. Green tea

4. Red wine

5. Carrot and orange smoothie

Start natural supplements

A healthy diet is undoubtedly important to achieve and maintain a healthy skin, but in the stressed & sun devoid lives we live, it’s necessary to take something extra. Supplements can work wonders to help you stay energized and slowing. Below are the ones that you can get started with:

1. Vitamin A, D, and E

2. CoQ10

3. Glucosamine

Note: Do consult your doctor before starting on these supplements.

Taking Ashwagandha is one of the best indian home remedies for brides that works wonders against skin blemishes. It also helps in lowering anxiety.

homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage

Get your beauty sleep

This is one important detail that many wedding guides for brides fail to mention. Sleep is the time when your skin repairs and detoxifies itself. Lack of sleep can cause stress and increase the risk of acne breakout.

Sleep deprivation results in poor water balance, leading to puffiness under eyes and dark circles. Get your beauty sleep is not a hackneyed phrase, it is something that must be religiously followed if you wish to achieve a healthy glowing skin.

Following these simple home tips for bridal preparation before marriage will not only make your skin glow inside and out but will also prepare you for the hill climb that is awaiting you one or two months hence.

This was an abridgement of some essential homemade Indian bridal tips before marriage. There are obviously more you can to get the perfect look and a dream wedding. Subscribe to our newsletter and get amazing bridal tips, ideas, and hacks in your email.

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