When the word ‘Wedding’ comes, one can picture the bride dressed up angelically, walking down the aisle. There is absolutely no dearth of wedding advice for brides, be it styling tips, makeup, hair, jewelry or skin care tips. We often ignore the fact that the groom deserves just as much the attention. Don’t you ever think that how envious the grooms might get when all the limelight is on the bride in a wedding? So, we decided to give the brides a break and dedicate this article to all those handsome hunks that are grooms-to-be! So a big shoutout to all those chaps who are yet to take the saat pheras and we bet you’d do that in style. Check out these amazing tips and tricks to become a well-groomed Groom and grab the attention from your bride!

The Daily Skincare

Boys, now is the time you start taking your skin seriously for the big day of your life! All this while your skincare routine just included a regular face wash, but now you need to think beyond just that.  Extend washing your face twice a day with a quality cleanser and apply moisturizer if you have dry skin. If you regularly deal with skin issues like acne, tanning, uneven skin tone, oily or dry skin, then it’s recommended to go for suitable facials, peels and treatments to ensure your skin looks best on your special day.

Rock That Stubble

Start experimenting with your beard months ahead of your big day. Do you love your Day 2 look of beard growth or is it the 5th Day look? Access the average time your beard takes to grow so that you don’t have to sit confused and flustered in front of the mirror the night before your wedding. Experiment with different looks and see what works best for you. Don’t forget to keep your stubble well moisturized to prevent irritation. Trial and error works best to work up on that perfect beard for the Big day.

Tame Those Strands

Getting the perfectly tamed locks is essential for that elegant groomed look on your wedding day. Start with regular oil massages, weeks before the big day to prevent the thinning of hair and get the softer and silkier locks. A month before the wedding, condition your hair without compromising on the quality of the product. Select the hair products according to your hair type and weather, because you obviously don’t want to look ‘Mr. Shabby Shrub’!

Prevent The Paunch

Always needed a reason to get in shape but couldn’t find one? Now you do. The wedding day is the best reason or occasion to get fit and fabulous! You obviously don’t want your kids to go through your wedding album years later and have a good laugh over your bouncy paunch. So you better grab your running shoes and start the power packed jogs.  You can also opt for cardio and weight training, martial arts or power yoga to convert that flab into fab! Keep a track of healthy and nutritious diet with a pre-determined diet plan prescribed by an eminent dietitian.

The ‘Man’icures Rescuers

Okay chaps, those filthy, undone nails just won’t do on your wedding day, PERIOD. As much as women care about getting perfectly groomed nails, you are supposed to turn up with pretty fingers. Your lady won’t really appreciate putting the wedding ring to unkempt and rough hands. So it’s better you book an appointment beforehand at gentlemen’s groomers and treat those boys with some polished talons and soft skin.

Choose That Perfect Scent

A man is defined by the way he smells, believe it or not! The scent of the man is a real important deal, whether it’s his signature cologne or the ones with particular and unique fragrances. Finding a perfect bottle of spritz is as important as finding the perfect dress for the wedding as it is a great memory trigger. Keep in mind to not go over the board with the scent and make the people around you faint with that daunting redolence.

How To Become a Well-Groomed Groom

Indulge in Power Spas

So you have made gone through every detail and looked out for every preparation and arrangements for your wedding. And it’s heck tiring, we know. You’re going to be in almost all the pictures and the guests will have their attention stuck on you (not more than your bride, though). So, you simply can’t let that tiredness show on your face. This is the time to indulge in some rejuvenating and relaxing spas to get rid of the fatigue and weariness with all the wedding preps in the pipeline.

Show-off Those Pearly Whites

All you handsome lads, it’s happy day after all and you are going to smile A LOT! The cameras will be focusing those smiles and you simply can’t afford to flash those yellow, discoloured and chalky teeth to the lenses. Get an appointment booked for yourself at a good dentist for regular dental check-ups and cleaning as well for that sparkling smile. If you have discoloured teeth, consider a professional whitening treatment weeks before the wedding so you can have all the Jalebis you want on your big day.

Waxing or No Waxing

This one totally depends on you (and your lady, ofcourse)!  For some, waxing is some regular grooming activity while for other guys, it’s a big time horror movie! But it all ends up at what works best for you. If you think that you can give Anil Kapoor a tough competition with your bushy chest, then waxing seems like a mandate idea. Also, it’s a matter of basic hygiene, so if you’re not comfortable with the waxing part, you can also opt for easy trims and shaving.

Stay Happy & Positive

The most important thing on the groom list is to look the best with that big smile on the face and the glow of happiness! Just imagine your bride and yourself walking down the aisle, and you’ll realize how happy you are with the thought of that. That, my friend, is what you need to look the best groom ever on the face of this earth! Keep that smile on and there’s nothing going past that.