Finally, the time has come when you are going to get married to your soulmate but wait, you can’t do that without hosting the best bachelor party ideas ever. A freedom bash with your friends is a must before tying the knot. And Eventswedo has got your back in planning it! 

In this blog, we are going to share the best bachelor party ideas which will help you create astonishing memories with your dude pals! Here is the list of best bachelor party tips, ideas, and hacks:

Skydiving vacation

Skydiving is one of the best bachelor party ideas for those who want something adventurous & a small getaway with their buddies. You and your friends can enjoy the thrill of diving from an airplane while being accompanied by professionals who will obviously take care of everything. 

Just make sure to arrive at the dropzone having eaten a moderate, healthful meal before skydiving. And go light on the booze a day before!

best bachelor party ideas

Paintball War

Is your squad looking forward to trying something different for your bachelor party? If yes, then, paintball war is going to make your day awesome!. You will be given a paintball gun which is loaded with gelatin shells filled with a type of paint that marks a person or object when hit. 

The rush of adrenaline gained from simply running around a field and shooting opponents with dye pellets will make you and your buddies feel like a child again. Rap it up with drinks and lunch afterwards to conclude. 

Ride on waves

“Aaj Blue Hai Paani or bhi Din Sunny” This song fits the idea of surfing on the blue sea waves when the sun is on top! Also known as party wave, it is the best idea in which your squad will be surfing the waves or simply relaxing in the sea. All you have to do is select the best surfing destination, wear beach shorts and select best surfing board for your party wave. 

Here’s a pro tip. Wearing a ‘GoPro’ camera on your head will help you to capture the best experience of your surf party before the wedding! 

party before wedding

Camping Adventures 

Just imagine throwing a bachelor’s party in the middle of the jungle under a sky full of stars with clear air and no smartphones. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Camping Adventures are made for those squads who love to spend their time around the campfire in the peaceful surroundings. Choose the best camping destination around your city and don’t forget to take beers and packets of marshmallows! 

Playing campfire games like name that song, truth or dare, and dumb charades can create an awesome atmosphere among your friends. You can also share horror stories add some masala to your bachelor party. 

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Motorcycle Tours 

Accept it or not but every single bro out there nurtures the dream of going on a bike tour with friends! Not-so-popular bachelor party idea, Motorbike tour is an awesome way to explore mountains and scenic places. It will give your gang the ultimate thrill and the feeling of complete freedom. Trip to Ladakh is still considered the best motorcycle tour in India. 

Just make sure to choose the right bike and accessories for your road trip with your squad! Also, ensure to make pit stops in between your journey at regular intervals of time.

best bachelor party ideas

Playing Video Games

If you are a lazy bum and don’t want to go outside with your friends, then inviting them to your home for playing video games is going to be a cool idea! Buy the best console and its titles to play with your friends. Games like Call of Duty and Fifa 19 can increase the hype of your bachelor party. Don’t forget to buy extra gaming remotes for them! 

You and your friends can enjoy all the aspects of the outdoors and activities from the comfort of indoors. By arranging snacks and booze, you can spend quality time with your squad before the wedding.    

Snowboarding and Skiing

Who doesn’t want to ride a snowboard and ski! You can travel to snowy destinations such as Manali and Auli if you are going to get married in the winters. Make sure that your whole squad wears a light shirt, a sweater, a light jacket, and a full winter jacket and ski pants to stay away from cold. You can rent boots, snowboards, and skis from local shops over there. 

Don’t forget to capture beautiful and chilly moments with your friends in your smartphone! 

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Play Golf

If you are looking forward to a simple and calm bachelor party idea, then, nothing can beat the idea of playing golf with your friends. If your friends have not tried the game, it will be double the fun to see their flukes and awkward swings. 

Playing golf will not only reduce the stress of your wedding but also help you to stay calm and fresh. You can have a chit chat with your friends while playing this game and later on head to a nice restaurant for lunch! 

party before wedding

Above are some of the best Bachelor party ideas that will help you in spending quality time with your friends before your wedding. These ideas will not only help you to create special memories with your buddies but also take away your stress. 

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