Planning a baby shower is full of fun, whether it’s for your own baby or someone close to your heart. And decorating the venue in the perfect way is something that’s super important! More important for budget-strapped couples are doing it on a budget. That’s why Eventswedo is here with the best decoration ideas to plan a baby shower in India.

Add some of our eye-catching decoration and ambiance ideas to your baby shower to enthrall your guests and loved ones. Below is our list of 11 budget-friendly decoration tips and ideas for planning a baby shower in India:

Umbrella in rain

This baby shower decoration idea is being loved by modern couples and was popular in baby showers hosted in 2019. A colorful umbrella decorated with paper and ribbons to give the illusion of rain; isn’t it a unique and great idea for a baby shower!  Your guests will fall in love with this!

Raining umbrella decoration for the baby shower party is unique and budget-friendly. Cut paper pieces in the shape of water, paint them blue,  and decorate your umbrella. This decoration idea will make everyone go uuuhhh and ahhhh in wonder.

Colorful balloons

Everyone loves balloons and they are one of the best budget-friendly ideas for a baby shower. 

Paint balloons with watercolors according to your baby shower theme. If you think it’s a boy, use dark colors like blue for painting. If you wish a girl in the family, use light colors like pink to paint balloons.

If it doesn’t matter to you, mix and match while decorating balloons with butterflies, ribbons, and other materials. A balloon ceiling will also look great at your baby shower!

Painted candles

Using candles for decoration at a baby shower is a unique and new idea in India. Buy different types of candles and place them at the corners of your party hall. Place them away from the reach of children for safety.

Don’t have a big budget for buying designer candles? Then go for DIY painted candles. Use watercolors to paint your candles. You can also use glitters to make your candles look prettier. If you have a spark of creativity, there are literally tons of things you can do with candles! 

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Paper Lantern 

Paper lanterns looks pretty and fit in every decoration budget. Use colorful papers to make lanterns and hang them up on the roof. You can also put small light bulbs in paper lanterns to make them glow and gather compliments from your guests. 

If you know the gender of the baby, then, use blue color for boys and pink for girls to make paper lanterns for decoration. You can make them in any size or shape to make them more impressive. Check out this DIY video to learn how to make them.

Flower decoration

Flower decoration is never outdated! In India and also other parts of the world, flowers are known for spreading positivity and widely used in celebrations. Flowers will also spread their fragrance in your baby shower party. Buy different types of colorful flowers and use them for decoration throughout the venue.

If low on budget, go for fake flowers. Buy fake flowers from any local market and rescue them for future parties and celebrations. If using fake is not your thing, then, go for less exotic flowers to make your baby shower decor colorful. 

Outsource the food to lessen your party burden. Discover local caterers of your city.

Advice board

To-be mom is having her first baby? Then, hanging aboard to give her suggestions and advice is a fun idea for a baby shower. An advisory board will give the new parents tips, ideas, and wisdom to go through the initial months without crying out loud.  

Keep different types of markers for writing on the board. Decorate your board with colorful balloons and lights to make it attractive. Not sure what you will do with a board later on? Use sticky notes and a wall to create a temporary advice board!

Tissue paper animals

Decorate tables and chairs with cute animals made of tissue paper. This decoration idea not only helps you save some bucks for baby shower but also be a fun activity while planning the whole event. Best thing about this decoration idea is that you don’t have to be a DIY master! 

If you never made something from tissue papers, then, go for a teddy bear. Making teddy bear from tissue paper is an easy one. Here’s a DIY video that will help you learn how to make tissue paper animals in a jiffy.

Hang banners

Hanging colorful banners on walls is another small budget decoration idea for baby shower. Make yourself decorative banners just by cutting colorful papers in different shapes and tie them with a ribbon by using glue. Colorful clothes are also widely used to make banners for baby shower!

Don’t have enough time for cutting papers to make banners? Go to the local gift shop and buy different and colorful banners at cheap rates. This will help you save a lot of money as well as effort. 

Create photobooth

This is a simple yet effective decoration idea for the baby shower. Everyone loves to capture photos nowadays for making memories that will last a lifetime. Your baby shower will certainly become memorable with the designed photobooth. There are many options in the photobooth, go for Bollywood style or cartoon style for your baby shower.

While most ready-made photobooths are expensive, you can make photo booth yourself. Watch videos on Youtube to learn how to make a photo booth with stuff you can find around the house.

Colorful lights

Decoration without lights in India? Boring! Lights are used in every festival, party, and celebration. Your decoration of baby shower is incomplete without amazing lights. Use festive lights and custom design lighting to decorate your house for baby shower. 

There are many types of decorative lights available in the market. Go for lights that are trending right now. If low on budget, decorate your place with lights on rent. Every type of decorative lights are available in the market on rent! 

Colorful fabrics (Dupatta)

This decor idea is must-use for decorating your place for baby shower. All of us have seen decoration with colorful dupattas at weddings and parties. Use colorful pieces of clothing that you already have in your closet to decorate a wall. This decoration idea will help you save a lot of bucks for a baby shower! 

Above decoration ideas for a baby shower will surely make your guests talk about the party for a long time. If you have more decoration ideas for a baby shower, share with us in the comments box and we will consider adding the best ones in the main blog!

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