Every bride and groom dream a magical and picturesque wedding, the memories of what stays with them forever. A wedding is the most cherished and beautiful moment of anyone’s life, which they want to capture for life long. Whether it is about capturing the moment when you first see your bride walking down the aisle or when the rituals are going on, everything is special about the wedding. And captivating these priceless moments in the camera is one of the ways you can reminisce about this special day in future.

Some couples go extravagant when it comes to wedding photo shoots and give us major wedding shots goals. Peeps, What we are going to show you below is going to raise the bars of your wedding dreams, so beware! These couples have gone next level with their wedding photo shoots to make their parents jealous and give ultimate wedding goals to their children. Let’s check them out!

  • Breathtakingly Beautiful Wedding Photo Shoot From an iPhone

Abhishek and Aayushi’s wedding in Udaipur was not like the usual Indian Weddings. Their love was captured for the lifetime through an iPhone by an Award winning Israeli photographer – Sephi Bergerson in November 2015. These colourful and spellbinding photos are the proofs of their mesmerizing wedding!


  • A Love Story That Started At a Wedding

Meeting the love of your life at some wedding and deciding to spend your rest of the life with that person seems like a love story straight out of a bollywood movie. But Kamesh and Yukti’s proved that it can happen in the real world as well! The two met at Yukti’s cousin’s wedding and Kamesh described that it was entirely love at first sight. The duo got married in year 2014 and the cameras captured some really beautiful moments of their wedding.

  • The riverside, elegant wedding

Meet Harkamal and Gurneet, probably the cutest couple you’d ever see! And they have such mushy-mushy love story that will make you believe in destiny. The couple was born in the same hospital, studied together in the same class, started dating, stayed apart during college and dealt with lots of ups and downs. But they believed and had faith that they were meant to be together and ultimately got married. Check out their sugar dipping sweet wedding pictures!

  • Definition of A Royal Wedding In Jaipur

Aditya and Asmita Baid’s love story is very much of the new age. They were the next door neighbours and lived in Jaipur. After completing their graduation from different universities, they moved back to Jaipur and then the series of chats and calls started. Very soon they knew they were in love with each other and after dating for a while, they decided to take their relationship to a next level and got married. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures from their royal and regal wedding!


  • Breezy Beach Wedding in Goa

Astha and Abhishek Jain wanted a low key, fun and a gorgeous wedding. This inspired them to pick out a beach in Goa where they could relax, and at the same time have loads of fun. And the pictures had to automatically come out as dazzling as the couple itself. Check out their spectacular beach wedding photo album!


  • Bollywood Inspired Couple Shoot

Timothee Semmelin and Yukiko Murayama always dreamt of a colourful and extravagant wedding. They realised if not for their wedding, they could live this dream on their wedding anniversary. They travelled all the way to India to arrange the perfect bollywood inspired wedding shoot. The shoot was spread and packed around the royal destinations like Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.


  • Some New Age Love-shove

When it comes to meeting the love of your life through internet, it all seems like a scene from those typical millennial movies. But the couples like Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia make us believe that falling in love is possible via social connection. They met on Twitter back in 2013 and their love story started with tweet exchanges that later turned into DMs, emails, texts and calls. They soon fell in love and decided to go for a twitter themed wedding. Check out some of the pictures from their unique wedding album!

  • Pretty Boho Wedding Amidst The Hills of Dalhousie

Martha and Aakash’s wedding is the testimony of how the simplest, effortless weddings can win our hearts. Set in the background of beautiful hills of Dalhousie, this Indian couple got married from a Catholic Custom and gave us some real time wedding destination goals! The minimalistic yet elegant wedding was captured with all its beauty in the pictures!

  • The Picturesque and Shimmering Phuket Wedding

Mughda and Pranav’s wedding was a centre of attraction on all the social media networks. They had a beautifully designed wedding in Phuket, amidst the sparkling blue waters, on a floating mandap!  The couple had always wanted a destination wedding that could give them Band Baaja Baraat feels. With all the brainstorming research, they finally decided to get married in Phuket, and boy oh boy, you’d be stunned by these amazing and jaw-dropping pictures from their wedding!