Men are notorious for not paying attention to details. And when it comes to choosing the right footwear for their Wedding Day, men usually do not go searching myriads of shoe shops for that perfect pair of shoes. They somehow neglect how the right footwear acts as a finishing touch to the entire wedding look. But at the back of their mind, the men are all about style and elegance with comfort.

So, all you handsome chaps! Break this stereotype and go about walking in style down the aisle with these amazing tips to select the perfect pair of footwear for your special day!


  • It’s all about the colours – YOU JUST CAN’T AFFORD TO GET THIS WRONG. PERIOD. Choosing the colours and contrasts can be like playing with fire. Yes guys, it’s a huge deal! When it comes to footwear, we all know the blacks and browns are the classics for men. But it all depends on what goes with your wedding dress. While classic black and brown in leather go perfect with suits and tuxedos, you can give them a skip with the Indian attires with a pop of colours like royal blue, maroon, golden etc.


  • Customisation comes handy – Who doesn’t love customised things that can serve your purpose and style? Many grooms opt for a tailor-made pair of footwear which are comfortable and in accordance with their wedding couture. Customisation can also help you add and subtract as per your preferences. You can choose the colour you want, the pattern, size, shape, height of the heel (for all those lads with gangly brides!).

  • Comfort is the key – Imagine this. Someone pulled you in for some bhangra on the beats and all you can do is wave your hands in the air like a jiggly panda! Why? Because those feet biters down there have been eating up your toes for all this while. This is the last thing you want on your big day. So guys, comfort should be your priority while choosing the perfect footwear. Examine and walk a considerable distance with the shoes on to make sure you can spend the entire day in those.

  • The neat material – Every pair of footwear is defined by the material it is made of. You may think what big a difference does it make? It does matter a lot, guys. The quality of material and the sole is the basic pointer while investing in the right pair of shoes. Choose the soles with are stitched rather than cemented, as the cemented ones are more likely to get damaged and torn.

  • Match with the outfit – Wedding outfit is the first thing to get finalised in the list. So, whenever you go for shoe shopping, it is always sensible to carry your wedding outfit with you so you don’t go wrong in selecting the footwear that suits your style and needs. Set up a few ramp walks (not literally, though) with your wedding outfit and choose the best pair of shoes that suits it.

  • Second opinion is always good – It is always good to add some assurance to your wedding trousseau by getting a second opinion. While you must be looking down there with a different angle, ultimately it’s the other people who are going to notice the aspects such as whether the shoes go with the outfit or not or how the colour compliments your style etc. so it’s always better to take someone on a shoe shopping spree to take note of what’s best for you.

  • Budget is a player – Last but not the least in the list is the budget. Weddings have a budget. We all know. And we also know that it’s usually impossible to stay within those budgets. And these out of budget expenses have their roots as small wedding expenses. One of them is the selection of affordable yet trendy footwear. So set a budget for the shoes and provide the attendant with the information about that budget beforehand so nothing goes out of hand.


Make the way for all the Grooms! They are here to walk up the aisle with the groove!