Wedding in India is an expensive affair, but they sure don’t have to be. Even with ever-rising inflation, planning a lush wedding on a small budget is still a very much doable task.

If you’re fond of big fat Indian wedding but have decided to save (hard earned) money on wedding or you’re among those people who search terms like “how to plan a wedding on small budget”, “inexpensive wedding ideas”, “low budget wedding tips” on Google, this article is for you!

Our research team talked with top wedding planners about saving money on wedding and gained some super awesome inexpensive & low budget wedding ideas & tips to share with people who’re looking to plan a wedding on small budget. Reading this post will surely help you save a huge chunk of bucks on wedding!

Plan Your Finances

Money is the key point of any occasion or event. To plan a wedding even on a small budget, you should be backed up with more than ample funds. While considering the budget details for a wedding, take care of the following things:

1. Discuss who would be taking on the expenses of the wedding. Whether it is going to be you, your parents or both.

2. Make a distinguished record of money to be invested in each and every part of your wedding, inclusive of events, venues, gifts, costumes.

3. Make a segregated list of everything with a budget list attached to it.

Shop in Off-season

Prices of most of the products and services, especially clothing, fall in the off-season. Note this super tip for planning low budget wedding. Don’t forget to take advantage of this and make purchases in this favorable time to save money on wedding. Check out the benefits of off-season shopping:

1. You can get discounts up to 50% in the off-season.

2. You can look for the attires on online shopping websites, they offer huge discounts and sales offers.

3. Make sure that you compare prices of the products at different places, both online and offline. At times, two different shopping portals sell the same products at different prices. Another great tip to save money on wedding clothing.

4. Brides are advised not to waste too much money on their footwear, they are hardly visible. (Ladies, please don’t hate us for saying that)

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

Rent it Out

Certain clothes people purchase for wedding end up locked in the corners of the closet for the rest of life, think Sherwani for Grooms and designer Lehnga for brides. It’s highly advisable to cut down on budget by getting these items on rent, like:

1. Wedding outfits, including bridal and groom wear, are easily available on rent these days at cheap prices. (not that cheap if looking for designer outfits)

2. You can also rent out the accessories and jewellery for side occasions. Great idea to save money & plan wedding on a small budget.

3. If you are planning to use any props for a specific ceremony, it is recommended to get them on rent.

Select Venue Sensibly

Deciding the wedding venue is one hefty thing. The wedding venue speaks volumes about your planning. To plan wedding on a small budget, take in consideration the following points:

1. Try to book a venue that is not very far from your home. It will help you save accommodation and transportation charges.

2. Use the off-season scheme here as well. Book your venue before the wedding season, it will help you save some money on wedding venue booking.

3. Look out for budget wedding halls that provide catering and tent services. Such combined services come at a discounted price.

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

Be easy on Pre-wedding Function Venue

Indian weddings are filled with a huge number of ceremonies. From Mehandi, Sangeet, Haldi ceremony to religious prayers and rituals, Indian weddings mean a lot of celebrations. The growing trend of hosting pre-wedding functions at banquets or other event halls undoubtedly looks great but gets heavy on your pockets. Arranging pre-wedding functions, rituals and ceremonies at home will help you save money on wedding. You can use that amount somewhere more important (an international honeymoon destination maybe). You can do some research on websites like Pinterest and get ideas to host such ceremonies at your home.

Book Everything in Advance

A stitch in time saves nine. Don’t leave any kind of booking for the last minute or the later days. Make necessary arrangements for booking the:

1. DJ

2. Florist

3. Caterer

4. Vendors

5. Decorators

6. Photographer

7. Videographer

Always remember, these wedding services charge higher in the peak season or if you make a last minute booking, which is not good for planning wedding on small budget. So make a timely arrangement and save your finances.

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

Prioritize Your Arrangements

In order to plan a wedding on a small budget make sure that you don’t put any unnecessary thing on your wedding planning list. Ask yourself a few heedful questions like:

1. Do you really want that high profile music band or DJ? Or you can enjoy the celebration with a local DJ with a good collection and sound system?

2. Do you really want to hire that famous photographer when you can easily find a fresh yet skilled photographer or a photography student at affordable prices?

3. Do you really need to put that expensive delicacy on the menu?

The choice is totally yours. Make arrangements only for those things that are very important and cut down the ones that are not very needful. By prioritizing the arrangements you can save your wedding money and invest it on more needful things instead.

Go Digital with Photos

A bunch of such people would show up in your wedding who you don’t wish to make a part of your wedding album, right? There would be some not-so-good pictures that you wish the photographer had not put on the album.

Well, to avoid such things, drop the idea of getting a photo album. Get soft copies of your pictures. You can later refine the pictures and get a customized album with the pictures of yours. Yes, of course, you can quietly delete the pictures of those distant aunties who are always in a complaining mode.

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

DIY The Decor

A good decor is an important part of a beautiful wedding. But good decor doesn’t have to be super expensive. With attractive design, you don’t need much decoration. For a low budget wedding, give a thought to under given points:

1. Give a chance to your creativity, try some DIY tips on Pinterest in specific. It is a great place to find ideas to DIY the decor. You can find great inexpensive wedding ideas and tips for planning a low budget wedding.

2. Pick one or two ideas at maximum, as mixing up too many ideas will only make the decor look clingy and tacky. We advise avoiding that.

3. The old school fairy and bulb lights is a reasonably priced decor but look more than just beautiful, if used creatively.

Give Local Vendors More Preference

If you hire vendors from far off places, they will obviously charge you for transportation and traveling. Keeping in mind a low budget wedding, consider a few things like:

1. Try to hire vendors who are based in or around your locality. This will help you save a few 10’s of thousands.

2. Make sure that the vendors that you hire have a good work experience.

3. Talk to experienced people about it and look for quality assured vendors.

Rationalize your Guest List

If you are running low on funds, another thing that you can do to save money on wedding is prioritizing your guest list. Yes, we know that all the maamas, chachas, buas, and cousins are important, but keeping the most important ones as priority is not a bad idea.

1. Make a sure-shot list of people you intend to invite. Its okay not to invite that distant uncle you haven’t talked to or met in ages.

2. Make a separate list of people who you look forward to attending the more personal ceremonies like Sangeet and Mehandi.

3. Cut off the rest and invite them only for the wedding. It will also save your expense on catering.

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

Jewellery Expenses

Jewellery shopping is the most expensive part of any wedding. Because Indian parents won’t let you wear anything but gold, diamond, and platinum for your wedding. But what to do if you are planning wedding on a small budget? Here are some of the inexpensive wedding jewellery shopping ideas:

You can always mix and match! Find some presentable artificial jewellery pieces that go well with the rest of your jewellery. Because trust me, nobody wears that big nose ring and head accessory ever again.

You can also try your ancestral jewellery to adorn yourself on some ceremonies if only your mom and granny let you! (of course, they will)

Look for Value-for-money Caterers

Food is yet another important part of weddings. Honestly, especially in India, nobody is interested in your sacred union (apart from the close ones), everyone comes for the food (and of course everyone loves free drinks). Cutting down your expenses on food is not a very good idea but planning it smartly can help you save some money on wedding.

1. Find good yet affordable catering vendors

2. Add food items with seasonal ingredients. Seasonal ingredients cost lesser than the non-seasonal ones. Moreover, they are fresh, thus ensuring good quality of food.

3. Don’t go overboard with the food. Keep the menu minimal, because nobody goes over and eat all the 40 delicacies being served.

4. Also, talk to the caterer about the amount of food being served.

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

Pick Makeup & Styling Artist Smartly

Girls can do the basic makeup but bridal makeup requires more skill. There are plenty of makeup artists available in the market, but their services can be pretty heavy on the wallet.

To save money on wedding, the best inexpensive wedding idea is, to find and hire a student makeup artist. They render their services at a comparatively lower price in order to build a strong client base. Most of them are good and a few are even better than the popular makeup artists. Most of the student artists have their accounts on websites like Instagram to showcase their work. Make sure that you have a look at their work before you hire them.

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Say No to Return Gifts

We live in a country that believes in the age old saying “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA”. And we merely don’t believe in the saying, we pretty much abide by it. Giving gifts to relatives as a token of love is a tradition (more or less a cultural obligation) But how far would you go for this custom? Is it even necessary? If you think it is very important, go for budget-friendly or DIY gifts.

It is your wedding, after all, you should be the one at the receiving end. Fair enough?

how to plan a wedding on a small budget

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate

Although majority of Indians are born with the art of negotiation, yet some of us still hesitate and find it difficult to bargain or ask for favors. Drop the shyness if you want to save sizable amount of money on wedding and negotiate the heck out of it.

Be clear about your budget with the vendors so that they can work with you accordingly, to give what you want. You never know if the caterer, florist, or wedding hall owner is in a good mood and agrees to offer you some great discount, so go ahead and give it a try to your bargaining skills, like they say koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti 😉


E-Invitation is a Good Idea

Wedding invitation cards speak volumes about the spirit of your wedding, but honestly, they eventually end up in the Dustbin (it’s the hard truth). You can save some money on your wedding by going paperless with the invitation cards.

Simply get the e-invitations and circulate them among your family and friends through emails or WhatsApp. Not only will it cut down your expenditure on graphic designing but also save your time. You can get customized e-cards and invitations that reflect your personal style. You can also opt for making a list of people that you wish to invite online, and invite the rest traditionally. Sounds great. right?

With these awesome inexpensive wedding ideas, you can plan a wedding on a small expenditure and relieve your stress of budgeting.Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna so, don’t get hung up on what people have to say, take account of your budget and plan things accordingly. Keep your priorities crisp. Though make sure that you don’t compromise on anything of utmost importance like Food and Jewellery.

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