Aah, it’s your wedding! This is indeed the best time of your life and we know that you must be on the cloud nine at this point of time. You have set all your wedding functions in line, woven all the important arrangements in a thread, organized each and everything with all your heart into it.

But we can bet a million dollars that the one thing you are most excited about is your Pre-Wedding Photo shoot with your jigar ka tukda. This is the only time before the hustle-bustle of the wedding when you get to spend some intimate and quality time with your beau. So why compromise on it? Give it a real good shot with some amazing and kick-ass ideas you can explore to get the best pictures that capture your love!

  • Get Pet Savvy

“Awwww”. If that is the word you want to hear when people go through your wedding album, then this idea is perfect to add up to your pre wedding photo shoot. Not that people won’t get awe-struck looking at your mushy love, but c’mon guys, no one can resist the cuteness of these furry partners in your photos. So, if you are a paw-rent, bring in your furry-babies to add that cutesy quotient to your album.


  • Dive Together in Loouuve..

Are you ready to take a plunge in your new life? Obviously you are! Explore the depths of your love with the awe-inspiring underwater photo shoot. If you and your partner are born water babies and adventurous, you can opt for this theme for your pre wedding shoot. So what if you don’t have any beach in close proximity, choose a perfect swimming pool, don the best outfit and take a deep dive with your loved one!


  • Go Abstract

When you want just more than clichéd, hand holding pictures, you can go out and seek for some abstract pre-wedding shoot ideas. With themes like yin and yang, noir touch, silhouette shots, you can go show your artsy side and add to the elegance of your wedding album.


  • Turn Yourself Into Lilliputians

Make your wedding album unique and extra ordinary with this goofy and adorable theme of the miniature photo shoots. This concept is also called tiny photography and couples are loving the results of these lilliput themes. So go ahead with this quirky and fun idea and we promise you will see yourself posting the pictures of it all over your social media.


  • The Romantic Rains

When you are talking about rains, you automatically attach the word ‘romance’ to it, isn’t it? So why not use this super lovey-dovey concept of love in the rains for those picturesque pre wedding photo shots. Get yourself some really passionate and hot pictures clicked with your lover in the rains and give the literal meaning to ‘tip tip barsa paani, paani ne aag lagayi’!


  • The Kiss Of Love

A kiss is the most special and intimate way to show how much you love your partner.  With iconic shots like a cutesy kiss under the umbrella, the intense kiss on a waterfall, the sunset kiss, you can add a tinge of passion and sensuousness to your wedding album and show the entire world the sizzling chemistry you share with your partner.


  • What’s Cooking is Love!

If you are one of those couples who spend their weekends cooking together or love watching cookery shows, then this one’s for you! This wedding shoot theme can be executed well indoor as well as outdoor with all the colourful baking equipment and cutesy things, and you are all set for an adorable and a little messy pre wedding shoot!


  • Say it the Bollywood Style

Every girl out there has imagined herself as being Simran, running through the Sarso ka khet and ending up in Raj’s arms. No, you can’t deny it. Quench the movie buff in you by redoing some of the best iconic movies and make your pre wedding shoot filmy and full of drama.


  • The Fine Vintage

Believe it or not, but there’s something always mystical and alluring about the love stories of eras long gone and these vintage themes pin us to thinking about the happily ever after. The fine old vintage concept photo shoot are one of the favorites of the couples whether it’s a Victorian theme, black & white theme or the 1950’s theme, these pictures will surely make timeless ones to look at.


  • The Destination Delight

When you are walking with the love of your life, every mile seems like a small distance. Such is the journey you experience together as a couple. So go the extra mile and get your pre wedding photo shoot done at the picturesque lakes and palaces of Udaipur and Jaipur, explore the sparkling snows and sands at Leh and Ladakh, experience the strength of love at the Taj Mahal.


  • Tell Your Love Story

Give the pre wedding shoot an original and a personal touch by telling the story about how you two met. Do a series of photos that tell the details about yourself, discuss with your photographer about your love story so he can come up with some creative ideas and pitch them to get that beautiful love story of your own.