With few days left for your friend’s wedding, all the preps in the pipeline and excitement rising up in the skies, you are left with just one brainstorming thing – selection of the appropriate present for your friend. You obviously don’t want to present something ordinary to the extra ordinary couple and why not! They deserve all the best things in the world as they start the new chapter of their lives together. Wedding gifts are the tokens of love you offer to wish them the lifetime of happiness and companionship.

But it all comes to the question, ‘What should I pick for this lovely couple’? Worry not fellas! We’ll give you some amazing ideas that can help you choose the perfect piece of favor for the newlywed couple.

  • A Basket of Personalized Items

Who doesn’t like lavish personalized gifts! Personalized gifts are something that the bride and groom cherish and admire as they specially signify the couple. Gift the newlyweds a basket of gifts that contains engraved or embossed items, something with special messages, like coffee mugs, beer mugs, linens and cushion covers, wall clocks and super creative and quirky stuff that the couple can use as they start their new life.

  • An Exquisite Tattoo Voucher

Gift the adorable couple something they can admire for the entire lifetime! The complementing Tattoos for both bride and groom. Giving a tattoo gift is a very original and unique that would be everlasting for the love birds. Send your secret birds out and find out what the couple would like to get inked together. Because, the gift is all the more special when it’s exactly the way you wanted it!

  • An Exotic Getaway Voucher

After all the shaadi chaos, all a couple wants is to run away for some alone time and unwind and relax. Use this opportunity to earn some brownie points by gifting them a fully sponsored romantic getaway and free them from the strenuous task of planning their honeymoon.

  • A Fine Dining Dinner Date for Two

Give the love birds some amazing time to fly together to a lavish and stunning date night, to celebrate their togetherness for the lifetime. With the fully paid fancy dinner, the newlyweds would surely enjoy this break from all the wedding hullabaloo.

  • The Beautifully Framed Wedding Invitation

Every couple wants to preserve every moment they have spent together, whether it is the moment they first met, or the moment they were tied together for the rest of their lives. The wedding invitation is the proof of their alliance out of love and it is obviously very close to their heart. So wouldn’t it be the perfect idea to get that precious thing preserved for lifetime!? Gift them this framed wedding invitation and they’d appreciate and adore it forever.

  • The Milestone Wines and Bar accessories

What if you could gift the married couple some amazing ‘stories’?  Yes, when you collate two lovers and wine together, all you get is some crazy time together and some offbeat drunken stories! Wine gets better as it ages, just like the love between two love-doves. And you can complement these wine gifts with some marvelous bar accessories like posh wine glasses, wine holders, cocktail mixers etc.

  • An Unwinding and Rejuvenating Spa Voucher

Believe it or not, but all the wedding excitement ultimately takes a toll on the physical and mental state of the groom and bride. They deserve all the relaxation and loosening up to get rid of the tiredness from the wedding preps and hubbub. And the Spa session and massage therapies would totally help them out to unwind and toss out the stress.

  • The Home Decor Accessories Gift Card

Setting up and decorating the first home together after getting married is always special and precious. They want everything to be just perfect, something that fills the home with love and positivity. Gifting them something to decorate their home is an ideal option to go after. If you’re finicky about their choices and likes, you can also pick out a home décor voucher so that they can select something for themselves.

  • An Awesome and Quirky Pre Wedding Photoshoot

A dreamy pre wedding photoshoot with their partner in a beautiful location is like a book with some fond memories for the lifetime.  Romantic, whacky and crazy Pre wedding photoshoot is a new age and one of the best gift options for the love birds to capture their mushy-mushy, fairytale love.

  • A Stunning Lifetime Experience

Honestly, the bride and the groom are going to get showered with a lot of coffee makers, toasters and every possible thing on the face of this earth. But the one thing they don’t get and probably never expect is a lifetime experience. So, be a little out-of-the-box and gift them something they are going to remember till the end of the time, like a trip on a glider, a sky diving experience, a sail on a personal yacht, a culinary class together and the likes of it.