Planning a house party for your friends? It’s quite a challenging task if you really want the guests to have the time of their life. But fret not, we are here with the best house party ideas and hacks to make sure your friends and family have super duper fun.

In our list of house party ideas, you will find ample party planning wisdom to make your event a success. So, let’s unwrap our ideas for a successful, stress-free house party for adults!

Create the guest list

You can’t host a house party without guests. So, you need to figure out who to invite and who to leave out. It sounds like an easy task but trust us, once you start to make a list, you will come up with a lot of people that you don’t want at your party. Creating a guest list will also help you in deciding about the quantity of food and drinks. So, start by spending some hours to make the guest list. And in case your circle is pretty small, simply jump to the next party planning step!

Decide your budget

How much you have in your pocket will decide how much bling you can add to the house party. A big house party budget means you have more variety of food, drinks, entertainment, and even decoration. A small budget just means you have to get creative. If you low on funds, announce your house party plans to your closest buddies and ask them to chip in. If your friends are as broke as ours, well, it’s time to cut the bling and move on with essentials!

Get the right drinks

What’s a party without booze? Getting the right drinks should be on top of your party planning agenda if you are entertaining a crowd that loves to indulge in alcohol. Get a variety of beers, breezers, and whiskey to treat guests with different preferences. If you are hosting a house party during summers, pick a bigger stock of beer. If it’s winter, then, load up on whiskey and rum. Don’t forget to keep non-alcoholic drinks as well for the teetotalers.

Get the day right

Everyone needs to relax at the end of a hectic work day and also show up at the office the day after. This means your house party will have limited footfall if it will be planned on a working day. So, throwing a party for grown-ups on a weekend or public holiday is the better option. If weekend doesn’t work for you, the best thing would be to ask the guests. Create a Whatsapp group and ask all the invitees where they would love to come over.

Figure out the food

Everyone loves to gobble up great food and your house party for adults must have that. To get the food right, begin with your guest list. Start by answer following questions:

  • How many people are going to come?
  • What kind of food they like?
  • Can you cook or need to place an order?

For 10 or a few guests, you must have at least 3 appetizers. For 10-20 guests, 5 appetizers are a must. Do the math accordingly. For snacks, consider nuts, paneer tikka, chips, roasted chicken, french fries, momos, and fried fish.

For main course, go for a dish of paneer for vegetarians and Chicken for non vegetarians. Throw in some salad and you are sorted.

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Master the decor

The decor has to be perfected to get everyone in the party mood. If you are calling your friends over or hosting a cocktail party for office colleagues, special attention should be given to sitting, lightning, and overall setup. If you want your guests to shake a leg, make sure you have dim lighting and dance area. Disco lights, fairy lights, and glowing dark balloons are the most favorable lights used during the party to set up the mood.

Plan your music

Without the right music, your house party can end up a complete disaster. Start by thinking about the size of the event. The type of music system you need depends upon the size of the party you are organizing. While a small party needs some portable speakers, a big one requires good sub-woofer speakers for quality sound experience.

For a small party, the position of the speakers don’t matter but for a large event, you need to make sure that the speakers are placed in a way that music fills the rooms equally from all sides. After placement of your music system, it’s time to get the music right. Think of your house party in different phases:

  • When guests are arriving
  • When guests are settled done
  • When guests are drunk
  • When it’s time to dance

Start the playlists accordingly and see the magic happen!

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Plan fun games

To keep the fun element alive in your house party, you need to make the effort of planning some games for the guests. The games can be related to drinking or simple card games, the point is to create opportunities to come together and fun together. Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Never Have I Ever, Jenga, beer pong, dumbsheras, and the good old antakshari will surely make your guests have tons of fun.

Dance till you drop

Remember we talked about creating multiple playlists? This is the time to put only the playlist titled ‘popular dance numbers’. Invite your guests to show their moves after everyone who drinks have had a couple of pints. If everyone is being shy about it, drag your best friends to dance with you and we guarantee other guests will follow suit. Here are most popular dance songs in India right now:

  1. “Bom Diggy Diggy”—Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018)
  2. “Swag Se Swagat”—Tiger Zinda Hai (2017)
  3. “Kala Chashma”—Baar Baar Dekho (2016)
  4. “Aankh Marey”—Simba (2018)
  5. “Baat Ban Jaye”—A Gentleman (2017)
  6. “Raabta”—Raabta (2017)
  7. “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai”—Sultan (2016)
  8. “Hasseno Ka Deewana”—Kaabil (2017)
  9. “Garmi”—Street Dancer 3 (2020)
  10. “Apna Time Aayega”—Gully Boy (2018)

Plan an end-party surprise

Gift a banana to everyone as a thank-you gift. Arrange a cake for the friend who’s birthday is coming next. Since you worked so hard to plan this house party, it should to be remembered till eternity. That’s why you should think of ending the party with a memorable surprise.

Plan the perfect house party

Planning a house party can be fun if you know how to do it and we just revealed to you the best house party planning tips and hacks.

Do you have party planning tips and ideas that we missed out? Share them in the comments section to help your brothers and sister throw the perfect bash.

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